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Ladybugs (2.5 – 3.5 year olds)

Tues & Thurs : 8:15am-10:45am
Tuition is $4300 per year. (payments can be broken down into 10 equal monthly installments of $430)
Class Size is 14-16 children

The Ladybug program is designed to offer very young children a gentle, simple introduction to the school experience. Much of the fall revolves around mastering the challenges of separating from parents and care providers. Children also begin to familiarize themselves with peers, routines, and how to organize oneself in a classroom full of exciting materials and opportunities. Whatever the style of separation and however long it takes, the children gain a sense of trust in themselves and in the adults. The structure of the day is deliberately simple: children enjoy an hour of “open choice”, where they are free to tour the activities in the room: permanent play materials such as blocks, pretend food or the climbing structure, and rotating projects in the art, play dough, sensory and manipulative areas. Teachers guide the children through a brief clean-up time, a group music and movement time and a shared snack. The last 30 minutes of the day are spent outside or in the movement room, depending on weather. Throughout the day, teachers facilitate learning experiences and look for spontaneous moments to teach concepts, ideas, language, social skills, self-regulation, values and more.  The teacher-child relationship forms the core of the Ladybug program, as children acclimate to an educational setting and develop the key skill of trusting new adults to help them. As children grow up and into the program, favorite materials and peers begin to play a larger role. Traditionally classic nursery rhymes are introduced and dramatized. Teachers remain at the center of the action, but children begin engaging in simple, physical play with each other.  By spring, many children are sharing imaginative play scenarios together.  Throughout, teachers encourage the children to explore, discover and enjoy.