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Cultural Exposure

In a world that is so rich with traditions, flora and fauna, architecture, and natural beauty The Children’s Garden feels that it is extremely beneficial to introduce our world’s different cultures to our students.  The more that people realize we as people are more similar than different, the better our world will be to live in.  It is important to celebrate all the differences between countries and people in our world. Beginning appreciation and respect for different peoples and cultures is an important part of The  Children’s Garden curriculum.  We feel Children, families, and teachers have the opportunity to learn from each other.

The Children’s Garden celebrates our worlds cultures in many different ways.  First, we honor each traditional celebration in all cultures of the world.  We invite our families who celebrate a tradition from their family to share it with our students at school.  For example, we have had families share Hanukkah, St. Lucia, Chine, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Passover, Kwanza, and more.  The children enjoy learning about how other children around the world explore family life, arts and culture, customs and festivals.

Another way that The Children’s Garden embraces world cultures is by having each student in the Honeybee class present a World Culture Report at the end of the year.  They get to choose any country in the world and then research facts such as geographical specialties, architecture structures, holiday traditions, education, foods, music, arts, currency, government, and more.   It has been a highlight of the Honeybee year to see the confidence that each child has grown as they stand in front of their peers and teachers and give a fun and interesting report.

The world is becoming increasingly diverse and includes people for many religions, languages, economic groups and other cultural differences. It is clear that in order to build communities of love and respect we need to understand and appreciate many cultures around the world.

Important Dates

In the next few weeks we will be embarking on World Culture Studies in class. Each student will have the opportunity to choose a country, research information and give an oral presentation to the class.

Some dates to remember:

February 15 – March 10
Children will choose their country and prepare for travel (Passports, Visa, and Packing Bags)

March 11-28
Daily class World Culture Report presentations.

April 1 at 3pm
World Culture Fair



Sample Reports

Fascinating facts, a captivating story all topped off with a spontaneous all class River Dance!  Alum, Porter, inspired our Honeybees with an encore presentation of the report she presented last year. 

View the presentations from last year’s Honeybees, Penelope and Declan.

World Culture Fair

Join us April 1, 2024 at 3pm our World Culture Fair

Student World Culture Report Display boards will be set up and you’ll have the opportunity visit with each student as we celebrate the completion of this fabulous unit!