Start of School Guide

Table of Contents

Leaving Home

For many children, The time spent at The Children’s Garden School is their first time away from parents or family. This is a huge step for both children and families. 

You can read, print and download this wonderful article about the attachment learned, and connection made, as children take small steps toward independence throughout their childhood.

Visit our Curriculum page to read more about Attachment and Bonding and view our yearly curriculum.

Start of School Check List


Your child will bring their backpack to and from school daily.  Please choose a backpack that won’t be too large or heavy for your child and print their name on it so it is easy to identify.

  • Water Bottle: labeled with child’s name
  • Snack: No nuts-we are a nut free campus. If you send a sunflower butter snack please let us know it is nut free.
  • Outdoor Gear (weather determined): rain suit, hat, gloves/mittens  etc.

Please check their backpack after every session, for changing out wet or used clothes, and beautiful art work or news from the class.

Drop-Off and Pick-up

  • Drop-off: Enter through the gazebo, wash hands and wait in the courtyard area until the teachers ring the bell. This is time for kids and parents to visit, but please no running, or building up high energy before they go to class.
  • Pick-up: Carefully enter the parking lot and back into the your space. Starting at the far end of the lot next to the forest, please take the next available spot without leaving an empty parking space leaving the spot adjacent to the office free for resident use. Wait in the Gazebo for your child to be dismissed from the classroom.

    The children will be dismissed one at a time to greet their adult. The children will be excited to walk down the brick path to meet you. They many be exhausted, as they held it together for the whole session. They might greet you with tears, yawning, or an ear to ear grin. The teachers will use this gathering time to share with the group what we did during session today, and might take you aside if they want to talk to you about your child individually. As the year progresses, and you read the news each week and get to know the children in your class, it is a great modelling exercise to comment to the other kids. “I hear you got a new bike!” “Welcome back from your trip to Disneyland!” etc. Modelling interactions with each other and community building.

    Running late? It happens sometimes. Please call or text the school at (425) 392-1563 and let us know if you are running late.


Driving in and Out of the school


Our parking lot has spots for family parking and an open area near the hillside that serves as the driveway for the residence. The residence driveway needs to remain unblocked and is not used for parking. 

The parking lot is a busy space at the beginning and end of class and requires back in parking to help keep this area safe.

When you park be sure to:

  • back in: we ask you to back into a spot for clearer line of site  and smoother exiting. 
  • resident driveway: it is a safety issue to retain access to the residence by not having unattended cars blocking the space. Please do not park in this area.

Create 2 Lanes Exiting the School- Left and right turn lanes onto Issaquah Hobart Road
When you exit the school, please use width of the driveway to form two lanes, a left turn lane and a right turn lane, creating smoother traffic flow out of the school.


Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class. Being on time allows for an easy flow with their classmates to the start of school. If you come too early, their energy can get wound up in the car seat, as well as their anxiety. Although things happen to make us run late sometimes, habitually late arrival is a disservice to the student, and the flow of the day.

Please be careful in the driveway and parking area. Upon exited your car  HOLD HANDS with your child in the parking lot.

Class  Schedule:

  • Ladybugs-Tuesday and Thursday. 8:15 – 10:45 am
  • Crickets-Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am
  • Honeybees-Monday-Thursday. 12:15 – 3:15 pm

Name it!

Please write your child’s name on everything! From backpacks, lunch boxes and water bottles to spare clothes and outdoor gear, labeling your child’s items helps prevent confusion over similar items and identifying items left at school.

While we do our best to reach out to classes when we find items that have been left behind, our lost and found is filled with many very nice but unclaimed, unlabeled items.