Parking Lot Practices

Gazette Parking

From arriving and parking to exiting the driveway, we have some parking lot practices to help make drop-off and pick-up safe and smooth.

Always hold hands with children in the parking lot.

When you parking please observe:

  • start by the forest: please fill spots from the farther forest side first so entering cars can see empty spots.
  • stay in the lines: to maximize parking areas we have painted lines on the gravel. Please park within these lines.
  • back in: we ask you to back into a spot for clearer line of site  and smoother exiting.
  • resident driveway: it is a safety issue to retain access to the residence by not  having unattended cars blocking the space. Please do not park in this coned off area.
  • overflow: if spots are full you can park along the sides of the lower lot.

Exiting the School
Left and right turn lanes onto Issaquah Hobart Road

When you exit the school, please use width of the driveway to form two lanes, a left turn lane and a right turn lane, creating smoother traffic flow out of the school.