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The preschool years are some of the most rewarding and the most challenging years we face as parents.  Each child is unique, having their own pattern and timing of development and we have the joy and privilege of watching them unfold into who they are and will become.  And yet, though there is uniqueness, there are still patterns common to all children as they grow, and challenges all parents share. 

Long time Children’s Garden Parent Class Instructor, Julie Spangler, will be offering online parenting classes via Zoom this fall to any parents who are interested in rethinking ways of problem-solving with their children.

Through the parenting classes we will learn about supportive language, natural and logical consequences, problem-solving and tools for handling those normal challenges our children bring us daily. 

This is an opportunity to talk with other parents, compare notes and share experiences, learn from each other and from parenting materials created for this purpose and having fun while doing so.

Starting now to develop good communication habits with your children will show great benefits through the anticipated teen years!

This 8 week class starts in late September and meets weekly at 8:30 pm via Zoom on a weekday decided by class participants. 

$250/Family (Parents and other caregivers if appropriate)

We will explore:

Appropriate Expectations for the age and development of your child

How to set boundaries without triggering the Anger/Revenge Cycle

How you can communicate positively with better results

Share your successes and challenges with other parents in the same boat!

How to enhance your parental confidence and maintain a sense of humor and fun.

I’d like to sign up!

Let the office know you are interested in signing up for class by sending your name and email and Parenting Class instructor Julie will get in touch with you. 

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