Our Approach


Our teaching philosophy is to provide a warm and nurturing learning environment, focusing on the personal needs of each child.  The Children’s Garden school believes the following is essential to the personal and academic development of our students:

  • A curriculum designed to encourage each child to experience the world in a very personal, hands-on fashion, through the creative use of art and natural objects
  • Frequent opportunities to discuss, evaluate and learn from personal experiences in a group setting
  • Inclusion of family and home life as an integrated part of the learning experience
  • Encouragement of fantasy, imagination and feelings as rich, important learning resources
  • Physical activities designed to develop large and small muscle coordination, through both structured and free play in our large indoor movement room and spacious outdoor play area


We treat each student as both a unique individual and a caring, cooperative member of the group.  The purpose of our program is to support and encourage the child’s natural growth in a social environment:

  • Instilling a positive attitude toward self
  • Developing a love of learning
  • Respecting the rights of others
  • Joining in group play, problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Treating each child as a rich and powerful resource of ideas that can be communicated and shared in a constructive way
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and choices
  • Respecting and appreciating the natural environment