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View, download and print weekly curriculum for the Ladybug, Cricket and Honeybee class.

January 18-22 2021

Honeybee My Hero p1
Honeybee My Hero p2
Honeybee Opening Circle Poem We Light This Candle

January 11-15 2021

Ladybug Book Jack and Jill
Cricket J practice sheet
Cricket J six color
Honeybee N practice sheet
Honeybee N six color
Honeybee Poem Dreams

Honeybee Poems from Previous Weeks

Honeybee Poem The Wind and the Leaves
Honeybee Poem Winter is Coming
Honeybee Poem The Months of the Year
Honeybee Poem Days of the Week
Honeybee Poem Long Creaky Windy Stair
Honeybee Poem I Heard a Bird Sing
Honeybee Poem Last Song