In-House Priority Enrollment

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In-House Priority Enrollment

For current and alum families, the admissions process is simple. You let us know you’d like a spot in class next year, via In-House Priority enrollment, and you have it.

We start in January with registration and end in April by finalizing enrollment.

Registering your child lets us know you will be joining us next year and holds your child’s spot in class prior to finalizing enrollment.

Steps to In-House Priority Enrollment

Registration Form

Complete and submit your child’s registration form for next year. Forms can be found:

Registration Forms are sent to all registered families in January and are due in early March.

Registration Fee

A $100 non-refundable registration fee will be added to your student’s account in late January for all in-house families who submitted their form. 

Registration Fees are due in February.

Tuition Agreement

Finalizing enrollment starts with submitting your Tuition Agreement. Like the Registration Form, your Tuition Agreement  will be available via:

Tuition Agreements are sent to all registered families in March and due by April 1.

Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fees are due in March. Paying the enrollment fee is the the last step in the admissions process and finalizes your child’s enrollment for next year at The Children’s Garden. 

The Enrollment Fee is prepaid 10% of the yearly class tuition.

How your 10% prepaid tuition Enrollment Fee to your yearly tuition is applied.

  • For families who pay their student’s yearly tuition in full in September, your 10% prepaid Enrollment Fee will be deducted from your child’s yearly tuition total.
  • For families who pay their child’s yearly tuition in 10 equal installments, your 10% prepaid tuition will be applied to your June tuition payment.

Enrollment Fees are added to your student’s account in March and due in early April.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What I’m not sure we’ll be enrolling for next year. Should I wait to register until I know my plans for next year?

A: We get it. Life is full of opportunities and adventures. If you are not sure of your plans for next year, please let the office know.  We encourage you to register your child to hold their spot while you finalize your plans for next year and we can work to accommodate you while plans fall into place.


Q: We missed the deadline! Did we lose our spot?

A: We value our current families and we will reach out to you before we open your child’s spot in class.