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The health and wellness of our students, staff and community are always a priority at The Garden. The Garden adheres to all health guidance published by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as applicable to schools and childcare facilities. The Garden also observes all WA state and local King County mandates and recommendations as they relate to COVID-19 safety practices and protocols.  

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Safety Practices

There may be situations when the School temporarily recommends or requires wearing well-fitting masks, such as in the case of a student returning to class on days 6-10 after testing positive for COVID, student or staff member is living with someone who is COVID positive, an outbreak in a class, or if our local community level moves to “high” according to Public Health – Seattle and King County.

All teachers and staff members at The Children’s Garden are fully vaccinated. Any substitute teachers that may assist with classes during the year are also required to be fully vaccinated.

All indoor classroom spaces operate with operate air purifiers and open windows to increase outside airflow throughout the day. The main classroom additionally utilizes a centralized HVAC system with HEPA filter.

Stay Home if Sick
Preventing exposure to COVID-19 is the first line of defense against transmission. Students, children, and staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 are required to stay home and should get tested. Follow the DOH What to do if a Person is Symptomatic flowchart. The Children’s Garden accepts a negative rapid antigen test or PCR test. 

In addition, if a household member has symptoms of COVID-19, students must remain home until a negative COVID test result has been obtained for the household member.

If a household member tests positive for COVID student can come to school if they test negative the day of class and have no symptoms. They would need to test every 3-5 days after exposure and continue to mask indoors during household exposure and 10 days after the exposure to COVID is over.

If the test result is positive, the student must observe the isolation and quarantine procedures outlined in our Health & Safety policies.  In addition, families are required to notify the School of a student’s positive test result for our outbreak tracking purposes. All test information should be sent to Brin Hamilton in the office.

If a student is ill with symptoms differing from those associated with COVID-19 or receives a negative test and symptoms are still present, we ask that families follow standard illness protocols and keep the student home until he/she has not vomited and has been fever-free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications. 

Daily Health Screen
While we will no longer require a daily health screening via the Brightwheel app, all families are required to screen their student daily for symptoms of COVID-19 before coming to school each day. If a student has any symptom of COVID-19, families must keep their student home until they have obtained a negative test result (rapid antigen or PCR test OK) for their student. Please note our “Stay Home if Sick” policies for symptoms, even if a negative test is received

Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease (HFMD)

Hand, foot, and mouth disease is common in children under 5 years old, but anyone can get it.

The illness is usually not serious, but it is very contagious. It can spread quickly at schools and day care centers.

View the King County Department of Public Health Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease (HFMD). 

Other information can be found on the CDC website.


Lice can happen to anyone. They are difficult to detect and see, and not everyone has the same symptoms (itching, lack of sleep etc.).  As our children’s schooling continues, a good rule to follow is… once a week – take a peek! Lice could be an issue all the way up through middle school.

If you know or suspect a member of your household has lice, please examine all household members, and treat anyone infested. Please notify the office when your student has received treatment for lice.

View, download and print the King County Department of Public Health Lice information sheet.

Here are a few locations where you could get your family checked:
Lice Clinics of America:
Lice Knowing You:
The Lice Clinic:

Here is some information on lice:

Facts and Information:


Air Quality

AQI-Children are typically outside for up to 45 minutes. If the AQI reaches upwards of 150 we will hold class indoors with limited to no outdoor time. Air filters will remain on and classroom and office windows will be closed until AQI is under 100, and the smell of smoke/very visible poor air quality has passed. Parents can choose to mask their child due to the decreased ventilation but masks will not be required.

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