Harvest Feast

Harvest Feast is a traditional celebration in the Cricket and Honeybee classes that offers students the opportunity to explore gratitude with peers and family. Please pack a light snack for you child on their Harvest Feast Day.

We begin reading different versions of a Garden classic, “Stone Soup”, the folk tale about a community coming together to make a feast out of very little and to be thankful to gather, and each class will read Thankful stories and we’ll practice our Gratitude Circles.

During the Harvest Feast Celebration, children share a meal they have helped prepare. Each class has a sign up for lists of items to bring for the celebration.

Parents are invited to join us the last hour of class for our Gratitude Sharing.


Honeybee Harvest Feast
Thursday, November 16

2:15-3:15 pm

Cricket Harvest Feast
Friday, November 17
10:15-11:15 am



Earth that gives
us all our food,
Sun that makes it
ripe and good;
Dearest Earth and
Dearest Sun-
We won’t forget
what you have done.


Watch and listen to Stone Soup, read by Thea in 2021 when we were unable to have an in person celebration.