Garden Gazette September 9, 2020

Work Party

Getting ready for the start of the Children’s Garden school year traditionally means a work party of amazing parents volunteering their time and muscles to spruce up the school grounds. This year, with the launching of our Branching Out program, we turned the volume up on our work parties to 11 and boy did our dedicated group of parent volunteers (and the unwitting passerby) rise to the challenge. With heartfelt appreciation we thank everyone who participated in creating beautiful outdoor learning spaces for our children!

Your hard work will be enjoyed by our children as we embark on this new voyage into outdoor education and will enrich our students for years to come.

Thank you thank you thank you to our hard working and amazing work party volunteers!

Arlo Aude
Jake  Barker
James Ellison (alum dad superstar)
Ciera Glenn
Dan Lapinski
Marc Liveratti
Graham McIntyre
Tom McKown
Andy Mursko
Erin and Jason Ritchie
Heather Steiner
Julia TerMaat
Erika White
Breanna Wood and grandpa  Randy Wood

We’ve worked so hard over the summer and have just few more projects to complete!

Please join us for one last work party
Saturday, September 12, from 9:00 am – noon
Drop in at your convenience

We need help with with delivery and placement of gravel (we’re talking to you truck owners) and some trail railings at Belleamie’s playground.

Please help us polish to playground for our much anticipated welcome back to The Garden!

First Day of School
We are excited to finally have all of our students join Belleamie, Luna and their Teachers at The Garden next week!  Please find below a few tips and reminders regarding the first day of classes.

First Day of Classes: 

Crickets & Honeybees: Monday, September 14th
Ladybugs + Parent/Caregiver: Tuesday, September 15th

What to Pack

1. Your child’s personal canvas tote bag and pencil box
All of your child’s items for the day should arrive in their clearly labeled personal tote bag.  This includes the pencil box and magnifying glass that arrived in the mail.  All items should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.  All items will be stored at school in their tote bag and sent home, along with kid mail and art/projects, at the end of each week.

2. A clearly labeled snack pack for the week
The full week’s worth of snack should be packed and brought to school on the first day of class for the week (Ladybugs = 2 snacks, Crickets = 3 snacks, Honeybees = 4 snacks).  Each day should be clearly labeled in a clear bag.  These bags will NOT be refrigerated and will remain on campus for the entire week.  The first day’s snack may contain perishable items, but all snacks for the remainder of the week must be NON-PERISHABLE.  Please remember that The Garden is a NUT FREE school!

3. A clearly labeled water bottle
These will also remain on campus for the entire week.  Water bottles will be refilled by teachers as needed throughout the day/week.  They will be sent home at the end of each week along with the empty snack packs to be cleaned, refilled and returned at the beginning of the following week.

4. Three clearly labeled masks
Children should be sent to school EACH DAY with THREE (3) masks.  This means your child should arrive at school wearing one mask in addition to bringing two masks in a small bag.  If reusable, masks will be returned each day to be laundered and brought to school again the following class day.

5. A spare set of clothes
Please be sure to send your child with a spare set of clothes (underwear/pull-up, pants/shorts, shirt and socks) in a clearly labeled, clear plastic bag that can be kept in their tote bag should they need to change during the week.  This can vary per the weather, but should always include a good base layer of items that can keep them dry and comfortable. 


Drop-off will be different this year!  Please review our quick video outlining the drop-off and pick-up procedure.  

  1. All families should plan to arrive in the parking lot 10-15 minutes before class starts
  2. The upper parking lot will close 5 minutes before class time begins so that health checks can be completed in a timely fashion
  3. To park, you should back into the next available spot on the side of the parking lot assigned to your child’s campus 
  4. You may only exit the vehicle WHILE MASKED on the DRIVER’S SIDE to make any adjustments for your child’s buckling/layers
  5. You must re-enter the vehicle before health checks can begin
  6. You must wait until all children and teachers have left the parking lot before exiting
  7. Late arrivals must wait in the lower lot and call Brin in the Office to let her know you are waiting

Further details regarding arrival, drop-off and pick-up procedures can be found in the Handbook posted on our Branching Out webpage.

Each student has his/her own personal and private Brightwheel account.  Brightwheel will contain all necessary medical/emergency information, the health check information as well as the option to create an online payment portal.  Please look for Brightwheel updates later this week. 

All families will be asked to sign a Community Commitment and COVID-19 policy waiver.  These waivers will be e-mailed late this week and must be signed before your child’s first day of class next week.

Please always feel free to contact Brin Hamilton with any questions at at any time or at the Office phone number: (425) 392-1563 between 8am-2pm, M-F.  

If you haven’t yet, please look through the 2020-2021 school handbook located on our Branching Out page for important information about our Branching Out program. View our Policies and Procedures, Health & Wellness, Emergency Protocols and more.

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