Garden Gazette September 24, 2021

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Parenting Class

Our yearly parenting class, a decades long tradition, has brought hundreds of Garden families insight, invaluable parenting tools and support. View our Parenting Class page for more information or to sign up. Registration will close next week.

Larry the Fish Man
Wednesday October 6

Long time Garden friend, alum parent and o”fish”al salmon ambassador, Larry the Fish Man will visit our Cricket and Honeybee classes and give a salmon presentation with a real salmon as children learn about the Salmon life cycle.

Picture Day

Ladybugs and Honeybees -Tuesday October 12
Crickets – Wednesday October 13

Our long-time photographer, Nigel, will take pictures during class time. This year, he is offering digital packages exclusively for $35 plus tax and include the full resolution digital image of your child and class photo families can download directly from the gallery. Look for a flyer in kidmail next week.

COVID Testing

 Please note, negative COVID test results provided for the return to school need to be from a molecular (RT-PCR) test. Antigen (Rapid Tests) are not accepted. View the FDA’s COVID Testing Basics information to learn more about the different types of COVID tests. Visit our Health  and Wellness page for all of our health safety practices and protocols.

From the Mousehole

I can’t believe that we have only been back in the forest and classroom for 2 weeks.  All the kiddos and teachers seem like our program is running like a well-oiled machine.  We have been blessed this week with sunshine which makes for the transition back to school a little easier.

If you happen to be running late at drop off – no worries.  Please check in with Brin in the office.  She will gladly walk your child to their classroom and help them with their backpack and hand washing.  Often the Outdoor Class will go on hikes at the beginning of class and Brin is able to walkie-talkie to the teachers to find out where they are.

All the children came home this week with a flier discussing the opportunity to take our wonderful Parenting Class.  It is a great chance to learn the same language and disciplinary strategies that we use with the children to reinforce the style and language that the staff use at The Children’s Garden.  This parenting program dovetails perfectly with the developmental approach that the staff uses with your children each day.



Our little bugs are acclimating so nicely to their first experience with preschool.  Even though there were a few tears at the beginning of the day, the children usually found their courage and smile within the first minute.  Typically, is takes about 6 weeks for some children to fully acclimate to a new school program. They are not just learning that they will be OK without their parents, more importantly they are learning to bond with new adults where they will be loved and safe.  This is hard work for our Ladybugs (and our parents) but they are all successfully making this large step in this appropriate developmental stage.  Please click here to learn more about the importance of learning attachment. 


We were so happy to celebrate Ada and Tillson’s birthdays this week.  Wow!  Such big 3 year olds.  And …. Big News ……. Harper became of big sister this week.  We hope all the best for the Spero family.

We had a lot of fun learning our nursery rhyme this week “Jack Be Nimble”.  Each child got to jump over a candle stick, and we changed the poem to say their name instead of Jack.  The joy of jumping over a candle was quite contagious.  

In the theme of apples this month, we sang an adorable song called “Farmer Brown has 5 Red Apples”.   We also did some apple stamping and drawing stems and leaves on their artwork.  We will be sending those wonderful art pieces home with the kiddos next week.



We are already running at fast speed with our Cricket class.  We started doing our sound of the week basket and our number of the week basket.  Thank you Cassie and Ava for bringing in such fun objects that start with the sound A.  I realize that the number basket wasn’t super exciting this week – with only the number being 1- but I am certain that it will get more and more exciting as the weeks go by.  Thank you Tommy and Seri for bringing in one of your favorite objects.

We have been learning about apples, apple trees, apple songs and apple art this week.  Everything is just coming up apples at The Children’s Garden.   One song that the kids learned this week was “Farmer Brown has 5 Red Apples”.  Please ask your kiddos to sing this song for you and you will hear what a fun counting song it is.  

We also read a fun story called “Caps for Sale”.  We acted out the Peddler and all of the Monkeys in the tree.  We are also going to be doing a really fun art project with the kiddos that looks like the characters from this book.

And more good news!!!!!  Caven became a big brother this week.  We are so excited for the Moon family and wish all of them a happy time during this amazing time in their lives.



The Outdoor Cohort is now a full class of 10 kiddos.  We are so very happy to have Anya and Aadit back at school with us.  Both Anya and Aadit were with us for our Ladybug class, and we missed them last year for our outdoor Cricket Class.  However, it feels like our whole family is back together and we are now complete again.

We are so very proud of our Honeybees this week as many of them stood up in front of their peers and recited the two traditional Children’s Garden poems – We Light this Candle and May The Long Time Sun Shine.  One of the transitions between the Cricket Class and the Honeybee Class is growing a stronger sense of confidence in public speaking.  This is something that can not be just taught – it needs to be acquired.  

Thank you to Calla and Charlie for bringing 5 objects from their homes that started with the sound A.  And thank you Toren and Teddy for bringing 1 object from home for the Number basket.  We know that this can be a fun activity for the whole family to participate in.

This week each Honeybee came home with their Honeybee Poem Folder.  Each week our Honeybees will be bringing home a new poem to memorize.  They will be asked to stand in front of their peers to recite the poems.  Some of our Honeybees are nature performers, while some of them are more bashful.  Of course we will never push or intimidate any of our kiddos to do something that they are afraid to do.  However, even for our more bashful students, the desire to stand and recite a poem can be very appealing and desirable.  We have heard from many kindergarten teachers that they can always tell The Children’s Garden students from the others by how confident they can stand in front of their classmates to share their homework.

We have been doing many activities around apples this week.  Please ask your kiddos to sing “Farmer Brown has 5 Red Apples” or to tell the story about how many creatures live on and around an apple tree. We will continue to concentrate on apples for another week and will hopefully have an apple party sometime in the near future.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward another fun week at The Children’s Garden.




Daily Garden Quick Guide

For parking, exiting and all things drop off and pick up view our Quick Guide for parents to help with the daily Garden routine around bringing and picking your child up from class.

Mark Your Calendar

Please mark you calendars with the following important dates. You can view these dates and more at our online School Calendar.

Larry the Fish Man – Wednesday October 6

Picture Day
Ladybugs and Honeybees -Tuesday October 12
Crickets – Wednesday October 13

Daily Class Schedule
We start the week off with our Cricket class on Monday morning, Honeybees Monday afternoon and Ladybugs on Tuesday morning. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and get hands washed.
Ladybugs -Tuesday and Thursday  8:15 – 10:45 am
Crickets– Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am
Honeybees– Monday-Thursday 12:15 – 3:15 pm

School Phones

We have updated our school phone system. When you call in you have options to reach the office, report an absence or leave a message with one of the teachers. 

Please press 10 to bypass all menu options and go straight to the office.

Health and Wellness

Is your child: Traveling out of state? Have a runny nose?

We have adjusted our programming and incorporated additional health safety practices and protocols to directly address the continued health concerns associated with COVID-19. Please view our Health and Wellness page for our health safety practices and protocols for the 2021-22 academic year.  

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