Garden Gazette October 27, 2023

~ Bulletin Board ~

Events, opportunities and resources for our Garden community.

Halloween Celebrations

Our low key approach to Halloween puts the emphasis
on ‘fun’ not ‘scary’.

Children are welcome to wear a simple costumes that have ease of movement for classroom activities and being on the playground.

please, no weapons at school
guns, swords, etc.

Monday, October 30-Crickets
Tuesday, October 31, Ladybugs and Honeybees

Thank you Carpinito Brothers for donating pumpkins for each student to color and take home!

Picture RETAKE Day Gazette

Our long-time photographer friend Nigel Cooper sent out emails to everyone who ordered pictures. 

If your child was not here on Picture Day or if you’d like to retake their picture join us:

Monday, November 27

You are welcome to stop in anytime during his Picture Retake time.

Thank You G

Thank You, Thank You!!!

We are overwhelmed with gratitude! Belleamie’s Birthday Gifts was a resounding success. Thank you to all who gave so generously to our program. 

With your support, we raised over $8,100! It is truly amazing to see how our community has come together in support of our teachers and students.  

We are so grateful for the generous support of our community.

Curriculum Days

Come discover exactly what your child experiences in a day at the Children’s Garden. 

Teachers will hold a Curriculum Day for parents the last hour your child is in class on the following dates:

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Crickets: 10:15-11:15 am

Thursday, November 30, 2023
Ladybugs: 9:45-10:45 am
Honeybees: 2:15-3:15 pm

Older/younger garden student siblings are welcome to play on the playground with their sibling during curriculum time.

~ The Mousehole~

Oh, my goodness, how can we be at the end of October already?! I know you have all heard this before, but for parents of young children, (and for preschool teachers!), the days go so slow, but the years fly by!

We had fun in October, teaching our students about the lifecycle of the salmon and then having Larry Franks come to the school to show us two of our Issaquah celebrity fish, up close and in person! We switched from salmon to leaves as our theme and had fun raking the playground leaves into piles to jump in! Teacher Donna had amazing birthday circles as did all of our Libra friends. Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes, notes, gifts and the amazing tray full of my favorites! I Loved it all and am so appreciative of your thoughtfulness! I used the gift certificate at Lucky You and purchased a couple of nice warm ‘shackets’ and did a little bit of early Christmas shopping too! Thank you everyone.

Belleamie also had some wonderful birthday circles! We had our monthly Board meeting, our monthly fundraising meeting and a successful Belleamie’s Birthday Gifts fundraiser! What an amazing group of families we have here in our community! It’s because of all of you that we can continue our program! We also want to shout out to our alum students whom we have seen several of this past month as ‘big kid helpers’ in the classroom. We are so proud of each of you and how much you have matured since you were here at The Garden just a few short years ago.

We had our Ladybug Check-ins and Cara, Cari and Donna had such a nice time getting to know our Ladybug parents a little better as we talked about our Littlest Littles. Overwhelmingly, we heard from our newest families what an amazing community we have here at The Children’s Garden. Thank you to all of you for continuing our reputation here at this little preschool of welcoming new families, supporting each other, and reaching out and making community so fabulous for all – playdates, support, friendships, and growth. You guys are wonderful.

Now as we prepare for our Halloween celebrations next week, we have switched to spiders and bats! Speaking of Halloween – wasn’t our Pumpkin Patch trip to The Carpinito Brothers’ Pumpkin Patch the best?! The staff took a makeshift attendance and realized that only 7 Garden families were unable to join us. We loved having such a lovely time visiting with the adults and seeing all of our wonderful students at one event! It was so great for the staff to be able to join you all. Three cheers for the room parents that organized this outing!

We’ve had several absences this month- and although a few of them were for travel, most of them have been illnesses. Thanks for reading your kiddos and keeping them home when you know they are sick or just not themselves. The teachers have been tag-teaming with some bugs as well. We are all in this together!

We want to let you know that we don’t allow running and chasing games around the courtyard. The bricks get slippery when damp, the gardens get pretty muddy and we have had sooooo many of our students and siblings get hurt – bumps, bruises and broken bones. Please help us and remind your kiddos that after school, we go to the gazebo and then we can have a playdate at the park or at our home. Thank you!




~ Office Notes~


School Directory

We will be sending out a hard copy and link to digital copy of the School Directory next week.

We use the information you provide in Brightwheel to create our directory. Please visit your student’s profile in Brightwheel this weekend and be sure your address, email and phone numbers are all up to date. The office will print out the directory the next week.

~ Gratitude Corner~

Heart Icolated

Thank you Honeybee Eddy’s and Ladybug Coco’s dad Mick (and landlord team member extraordinaire) for your generosity in hosting class coffees on the deck! We appreciate you for creating the opportunity for parents to mingle after drop off. 


~ Calendar~

Please mark your calendar with these important dates.

October 27: Cricket Parent Teacher Check-In
October 30: Cricket Halloween celebration during class.
October 31: Honeybee Halloween celebration during class

November 3: Honeybee Parent Teacher Check-In
November 16: Honeybee Harvest Feast during class time
November 17: Cricket Harvest Feast during class time
November 22-24: Thanksgiving Break (no school for students and staff)
November 29: Cricket Curriculum Day (last hour of class)
November 30: Ladybug and Honeybee Curriculum Day (last hour of class)


Daily Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday  8:15 – 10:45 am

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am

Monday-Thursday 12:15 – 3:15 pm

~ Poems~


School Poems

Part of our daily routine at The Garden is singing or saying a few of our traditional poems.

Find a printable version to our Closing Circle Song, and the poem “We Light This Candle” at the following links.