Garden Gazette – October 23, 2020

Message From Teacher Brook

On Monday, one of my students asked me “Teacher Brook, are you wearing a utility belt under your jacket?”  and at that moment I realized that it was time to share some happy news with the school community! No, I was not wearing a utility belt, but I am delighted to announce that I am carrying a little baby girl under my jacket. Our little one is due to make her entrance into this world in mid-April. I feel incredibly supported by both The staff and Board, who are working diligently to make sure the staff transition goes seamlessly while I’m on Maternity leave this spring.

Squeaks and Hoots

What a crazy weather week! Next week is supposed to be sunny and very cold. We will be celebrating Halloween on Thursday and Friday, so dress warm under your costumes! No face masks, only Covid masks, and no weapons or accessories. Wigs and hats are fine. We will be doing a few fun activities to celebrate the holiday, but nothing tooOOOooo spoooOOOoooky! Thank you Carpinito Brothers Farms for the donation of pumpkins for every student to decorate!

Lots of kiddos are coming with gloves. We ask that you send a couple pairs of gloves in their bags for them to put on if their hands are cold. We wash hands right after drop off, right before snack and right before lining up to go home, and several times in between when the kids get dirty or use the potty. The gloves are great to keep hands warm, but when it is wet and rainy and muddy, they just get wet!

Everything is going so well, everyone. We are thrilled with the success of our program and the safety precautions that we are all adhering to, so that we can continue the social emotional work that we are doing with the kiddos in our Branching Out program. Thank you so much for your cooperation. We are all sooo done with Covid, but it is not done yet, and we have to keep on keepin’ on!  You’re doing an amazing job! Thank you!

Donna so appreciates Brin and Cari filling in for her Monday and Tuesday as she got hit with a head cold over the weekend, lots of sniffles and sneezing and watery eyes! She thought at first it was allergies, but switched to cold medicine by Sunday and felt so much better on Tuesday night. It is so great to have such capable subs.  If any of our parents are interested, or know of someone who would like to be a part of our sub list, please let us know!  We realize without our typical drop off and pick up routine, we rarely get the chance to talk to parents and get to know them and their interests. Do we have teachers out there? There may be a day when Cari or Brin can’t fill in and we would love to know if there is interest out there!

Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Thea and Cari

Ladybugs: We had fun jumping over the candlestick, just like Jack Be Nimble! We also read lots of stories, one of our favorites, “Applemouse” – a very old story book about a little mouse who makes a house out of an apple, but eats windows, doors out of the apple and finally eats through the roof! We will be doing apple art projects next week on the playground.

Crickets: We loved making Apple Books with the crickets and reading the story “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle. The Crickets also had fun playing with our turtle toy collection at the big table in the middle of the tree circle.

Honeybees: The Bees all got stars for their poem, “I am a Salmon”, and “ 1,2,3 4 5” Nice job, Bees! They have a new poem coming home this week to add to their poetry binders and practice.

We started jobs this week and the kids are great at doing their tasks. We read “The Tiny Seed” as we begin learning about the plant life cycle, and we took a big hike to find maple trees that we will ‘tap’ in February or so to collect sap to make maple syrup! Each Bee took a small red flag with their name on it to identify a maple tree on our Luna campus. Ask your Bee about the tree that they chose!

We had our first encounter at the tree circle with a deer today! All of our Bees got a chance to watch it run through the forest and up the trail.

Squeaks and Hoots from Brook and Cara

Ladybugs: we continue to be amazed and delighted with our hardy Ladybug group! Our students have proven to be resilient in the weather and warm and inviting towards our new students. This week our Ladybugs enjoyed reading the classic book Apple Mouse, the story of a little mouse who makes his house out of an apple. The children delighted in the photos in the book and had a wonderful time making some apple mouse art, and apple printing. We also enjoyed learning the rhyme Jack Be Nimble and practicing jumping over our electric candlestick.
Crickets: Our Crickets had so much fun this week. They enjoyed reading Apple Mouse, the story of a little mouse who makes his home in an apple and befriends a snail. We made some apple mouse inspired art the children will bring home next week as well as some apple print art. We were kept busy Friday keeping warm, and had a blast playing 5 little monkeys, and red light green light.
Honeybees: Our Bees all got stars for reciting their poems. They have been having a blast socially and we truly couldn’t be more proud of the hard work these kids have been doing navigating social ques, self advocating, and very interactive play! 




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