Garden Gazette October 22, 2021

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Teacher Cohorts

As we work toward giving our students and staff the opportunity to spend class time together, we have created a schedule that gently starts the process of teacher cohort shifts.

Please click the Teacher Cohort Message button below to go directly to a message from the teachers.

School Directory

Our yearly school directories are a great way for us to reach out and stay connected to our fellow Garden families. The school creates the directories using the contact information from Brighthweel.

Please review your name, address, phone number and email as it is listed in Brightwheel and make any updates before November 1. We will print and distribute the directories the first week in November.

Postcards To Space!

Your child brought home a postcard this week to personalize and return to school so it can be sent to Outer Space! 

On it, your child can write or draw their vision for what they think the future of life in space will look like—or any other message they’d like to send to space.

Delivery your postcard here at school in our Rocket Launch Mailbox by November 12!

The Blue Origin Club for the future will put your postcard on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and launch it to space. Upon your postcard’s return from space, it will be stamped “Flown to Space,” then mailed back to you as a special space-flown keepsake.

Many thanks to the Chertkow family (Porter-Cricket Class) and Blue Origin’s Club for the Future for providing our students this amazing opportunity!

Harvest Celebration

The teachers are brainstorming some ways for us to celebrate being thankful together as we get ready to embark on our Thanksgiving Break. While we think of a special activity,  please save the date and plan to join us for the last 15 minutes of class to celebrate together in cohorts.

Crickets-Monday, November 22
Ladybugs and Honeybees-Tuesday, November 23


From the Mousehole

Oh what a stunning autumn week it has been! 

Thank you Carpinito Family for the amazing burst of orange pumpkins that surround our campus! Each student will have fun choosing, decorating and taking home a pumpkin next week.

Thank you to Makodyn’s family for the donation of the lovely white and green pumpkins that adorn the steps in front of the gazebo! Between the changing fall colors of the maple leaves and cheerful splash of orange the pumpkins bring we simply couldn’t feel more in the season!

With the change of the season comes cold hands! Check out amazon’s selection of rechargeable hand warmers – try to find one with a strap so that they can be looped into a zipper pull.

Another consideration with the change of the season, is your child’s snack. Please check with your kiddos if they like/have enough/ have too much snack. We have some kiddos still hungry after their snack and we have some kiddos struggling to eat all of the snack that is packed, feeling that they cannot close their lunchboxes until they eat every last bite. Ask your student how they are feeling about their snack. On cold days consider sending your child with a warm thermos of tea!

We imagine you have heard by now about the awesome opportunity our students have to send their artwork to space! Thank you to Cricket Porter’s family for the once in a lifetime opportunity! Each student brought home a postcard with further information this week, please drop the post card with stamp in the decorated rocket mailbox near the parking lot by November 12th.



18 little spiders climbed up the garden path, down came the rain so they jumped and danced about, out came the sun and dried up all the rain and the 18 little spiders danced around again. Our Ladybugs have mysteriously transformed into adorable creepy crawlies during an absolutely spider-ific week! 

We had a slow introduction to Spiders with Little Miss Muffet with your little ones having lots of fun acting like spiders to scare their Little Teacher Muffets sitting on their tuffets, logs, chairs, benches, and leaf piles. These little spiders loved singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider, amongst other holiday songs, getting ready to read and color their story books during our Halloween celebrations next week, it will be so fun it’s spooky! Acting like spiders and finding lots of them around in the fallen leaves and forest pathways, we learned how to treat spiders with kindness, how even though they can be scary, they are still animals who help not only us but other animals too! 

Next week we will each get to pick out one pumpkin to decorate and take home, graciously provided by the Carpinito families! To make it even more exciting we have been teaching them a fun twist on 5 Little Monkeys called 5 Little Pumpkins with wonderful Jack O Lantern faces who get up to all sorts of mischief while perched on their fence. 

We are very excited to celebrate Halloween with your little ones, they are more than welcome to come dressed in costume if they would like, Teachers will be dressed up in fun costumes too! With our smallest Gardeners, we want to make sure their costumes are still practical for all their play and bathroom needs. Please make sure Halloween school outfits are just as beautiful as they are easy to remove for quick potty access. We also ask please no weapon accessories be brought along with costumes and any masks worn are left at home or very easy for them to see out of. 

A huge congratulations to the Carpinitos as they welcome a new little one into their family and to Mira as she becomes a big sister! We are so happy for your growing family! 

With new siblings, travels, and quarantine needs, we have been experiencing smaller class sizes the last few days, it has been rad to get to spend quality time with all our kiddos and introduce them to the concept of variation in peers and why their friends might not be here every day. We love seeing your kids at school and know they are missed greatly when they need to be kept home and we really appreciate all your efforts to follow all of our Covid-19 guidelines to keep you and your fellow garden families as safe as we can. 

Thank you all for such an incredible week, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Fall is in full swing here at the garden, it seems to have rained yellow and red overnight! The Crickets have been having the best time playing in the leaves, finding particularly pretty ones, and getting to make all sorts of art with them! We have made leaf prints with lovely fall colors, and beautiful negatives by sponge painting around intact leaves, and even getting our fall art show project started! 

We kept your Crickets quite busy this week with our current fairytale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We read several different versions of this story and got to have lots of fun spotting all the differences in how the story is told and how the pages look! They all got to put not only their actor hats back on and act out the story, taking turns being the Billy Goats, the Troll, and lovely audience members, but also their author hats getting to stamp and tell their own version of the story! 

This week each class had a special Wednesday visitor with Teacher Donna and Teacher Cara switching spots to spend time with the other classes. We had come to the decision to make the switch permanent for the next 6 weeks but after some thought and really wonderful insight from parents, we have decided to do a sort of freaky Wednesday where two teachers with switch, just for the day, and spend some time with the other class to do school work, art projects, playtime, and more! We are very excited for this change as it will mean every teacher gets to see all the students more often, but there will always be one consistent teacher in the class. 

An enormous  thank you to the Carpinitos for their generosity this Halloween season! Their donation of sugar pumpkins is incredibly generous and will make this fun holiday celebration even more special for all of our Gardeners! They are also hosting all of our crickets at their pumpkin patch on Friday in lieu of class, all crickets and cricket parents welcome! All the Cricket Teachers will be in attendance, we can’t wait to see you there!!

Pumpkins have been quite the theme for these crickets, making some pumpkin art, getting to choose their pumpkins to decorate next week, and learning the fun story of the 5 Little Pumpkins. 

Speaking of 5, we had wonderful number baskets from two wonderful kids from our two classes, showing us 5 of one of their favorite things. We also had letter baskets showcasing 5 fun things that start with the letter E! 


This week was brought to you by the letter E and the Number 5. We found many ways to celebrate the # 5 between Kenzi’s 5th birthday and the hundreds of Maple leaves swirling to the ground ( identified by the large size and 5 points). 

This was a perfect week to study leaves and we did many leaf inspired art projects as well as learning about their form and function. it is hard to think of a more magical time of year then when the gusts of wind blow hundreds of cheerful crunchy leaves to the ground. The children delighted in chasing and attempting to catch them. What a magical place to spend our days!!!

We tackled our most difficult poem to date with October is a Grumpy Man, written by 4 time alum dad Tom Nelson. This week our bees learned new vocabulary such as “weathered” and “wither” and we also learned about duets and trios as the children got up in 2’s an 3’s to recite- this practice is wonderful for boosting confidence and creating a team feel amongst the class. It is so sweet to hear the children ask their fiends if they would like to join them in reciting poetry! 

This week the children will bring home The Long Creaky Winding Stair poem! This is a long time seasonal favorite we. are sure you will enjoy!

It is so fun to see the grandparent reports trickling in. Although they were not due this early, we decided to go ahead and have the student report on them when they bring in their posters, so the information is fresh.  Miles and Reagan were the first to present their Grandparent Report this week. What an amazing job they did: using a pointer, using a loud voice, talking about their grandparent, asking for questions, choosing their peers who are sitting with a quiet hand, and choosing those that are being a ‘good audience. Equally awesome was the classes ability to be a  great audience, paying attention to detail, asking questions, and giving constructive feedback.

We had such an incredible week, we can’t wait to celebrate Halloween with all the kiddos next week! Costumes are welcome and encouraged but of course not necessary if your child doesn’t feel like dressing up. If they do choose to come in costume, please just make sure it is easy to take off for any potty needs, masks are either not included or very easy for them to see through, and that any weapon accessories are left home. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!




Halloween Celebration

Halloween at The Garden is a low key and fun tradition. We will celebrate Halloween during class with pumpkin decorating, games and uncomplicated costumes.

Many thanks to the Carpinito family (Penelope-Cricket Class) and Carpinito Brothers for their generous gift of pumpkins for the whole school!

The emphasis will be on ‘fun’ not ‘scary’ while the children participate in some of our traditions such as apple ring on a string and pumpkin coloring.

Children are welcome to wear a simple costume to school. We ask that their costume have ease of movement for classroom activities.  Sometimes a child will wear part of their costume or start out with the whole thing and then put some of it away in a labeled paper bag for safekeeping. 
please, no weapons at school guns, swords, etc

 The Ladybugs and Honeybees will celebrate on Thursday, October 28 and the
Crickets will celebrate Friday, October 29.

Note about Apple Ring on a String: As we will be offering each child the opportunity to reach for and eat a sliced apple ring dangling from a sting (each child will have their own), please let us know if this is a food you would NOT  like to child to have. We are happy to offer a parent provided alternative.

Teacher Cohort Message

Hello Garden Families! 

We are winding down the first quarter of our school year at The Children’s Garden. Hasn’t it been lovely? From Larry the Fish Man to our Apple Sing-a-Long party, we have hit the ground running. We have completed our apple and salmon themes and are moving on to Autumn Leaves, Spiders and Harvest themes, as we approach the holiday season. 

The teachers strongly feel that our Cricket and Honeybee students should work with each of the staff members, with the possibility that cohorts might blend or interchange at some point during the school year, if COVID guidelines flex and allow that. We feel that the Ladybug cohort staff should remain consistent at this time, as our youngest Gardeners are still adjusting to separation from Mum and Dad, and learning the all important skill of ‘attachment’.

Cara and Donna switched Cricket classes this past Wednesday and had a lovely time learning about those students new to us and reuniting with kiddos that we had in our cohort last year. We had so much fun, but feel that the cricket cohorts still need some consistency, so starting November 1st, we are going to have Guest Teacher Wednesdays! Every Wednesday class, two of the teachers will trade cohorts. 

In the Honeybee class, beginning November 1st, Cara and Brook will trade cohorts and then, Honeybees also will have Wednesday guest teachers. In this way, we feel that we are going into the next six weeks getting to know all of the Bees and having the Bees getting to know all of the teachers. With substitute teachers and art projects, Thea’s grandparent report and our feeling circles, the kids are already getting to know each of the staff. Our students have such fun calling across the decks, “Hi, Thea!”, “Hi, Cara!” “Hi, Brook!” “Hi, Ellie!” “Hi, Cari!” “Hi, Donna!”, and we so love interacting with the students that we had in our cohorts last year, but we also understand the importance of keeping one consistent teacher from the first quarter moving with the cohort thru the second quarter of the school year.

We are looking forward to switching things up in the first week of November! The Cohort Teachers will do a little bit of moving around right after Halloween and will re-assess during Winter Break about our next shuffling.

November 1st, our cohorts will be as follows:


  • Belleamie (Hybrid) Ladybugs – Cari and Donna
  • Luna (Outdoor) Ladybugs – Thea and Cara


  • Belleamie (Hybrid) Crickets – Thea and Cara with Wednesday visits from either Donna or Ellie
  • Luna (Outdoor) Crickets – Ellie and Donna with Wednesday visits from either Thea or Cara


  • Belleamie (Hybrid) Honeybees – Cara and Donna with Wednesday visits from Thea or Brook
  • Luna (Outdoor) Honeybees – Thea and Brook with Wednesday visits from Cara or Donna

Parent/Guardian drop off and pick up routines will not change. We are looking forward to working with all of your kiddos. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for being such an amazing part of our Garden Community.

Mark Your Calendar

Please mark you calendars with the following important dates. You can view these dates and more at our online School Calendar. Visit often as we update our calendar regularly as our special events get scheduled.

Halloween Celebration
Ladybugs and Honeybees -Thursday, October 28
Crickets – Friday, October 29

Our virtual Homecoming fundraising event will run November 4 – November 13. Stay tuned for communications via email and the Gazette.

Veterans Day-Thursday, November 11
No School in observation of Veterans Day

Postcards to Space due November 12
Brin will be emptying the Rocket Mailbox on Friday, November 12 and sending the postcards on their way to Outer Space!  Please turn in your postcards on or before the 12th.

Harvest Celebration
Last 15 minutes of class. 
Crickets-Monday, November 22
Ladybugs and Honeybees-Tuesday, November 23

Thanksgiving Break – November 24-26
There will be no school Wednesday, November 24-Friday November 26. Happy Thanksgiving!

Daily Class Schedule
We start the week off with our Cricket class on Monday morning, Honeybees Monday afternoon and Ladybugs on Tuesday morning. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and get hands washed.
Ladybugs -Tuesday and Thursday  8:15 – 10:45 am
Crickets– Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am
Honeybees– Monday-Thursday 12:15 – 3:15 p

Children’s Garden Book Club

For families interested in ordering books through Scholastic,  you can order online through The Scholastic Children’s Garden Book Club! Books will be shipped to your home.

Children’s Garden Class Code: YM6GP

Health and Wellness

Is your child: Traveling out of state? Have a runny nose?

We have adjusted our programming and incorporated additional health safety practices and protocols to directly address the continued health concerns associated with COVID-19. Please view our Health and Wellness page for our health safety practices and protocols for the 2021-22 academic year.  

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