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Curriculum Corner

Did you know that a rich Garden curriculum is the foundation of all the activities and play your child experiences here at The Children’s Garden.

Look for monthly installments of Curriculum Corner in the Gazette. To view an overview of The Children’s Garden curriculum as well as each Curriculum Corner installment view our new curriculum page here.

Join your teacher via Zoom for a 20 minute check-in. While directed toward Ladybug and new families, all Garden families are invited to sign up.

For details and sign up links scroll down or click button.

Apple Celebration

We are happy to invite you to come to pick-up a little early at the end of next week to enjoy our Apple Sing-Along! Watch your child’s merry face as they sing apple-themed songs with their class and celebrate the delicious fall-time fruit! 
Ladybugs: Thursday the 7th, 10:35AM (10 min early)
Crickets: Friday the 8th, 11AM (15 min early)
Honeybees: Thursday the 7th, 3PM (15 min early)


Photo Release

Thank you to everyone who signed the photo/video release sent to you via Brightwheel. Please complete photo release by Friday October 8.

From the Mousehole

Wow! This weekend, we enjoyed a typical PNW week with sun, drizzle, rain, wind, cold and warm! Thank you for sending your kiddos well prepared for anything that Mother Nature throws at us!

The teachers are excited to celebrate all things ‘apples’ next week! The kids have been learning about the life cycle of an apple tree and lots of songs and poems about apples! Next Thursday and Friday, come to pick up about 10 minutes early and we will celebrate apples together at an impromptu apple party!

Typically, by mid-October, the teachers have had time to observe and work with your child and learn about their strengths and challenges. We like to check in with the parents of our Ladybugs and new students at this time to find out how the school year is working for them, how the community is building for the parents and to discuss how best to work on challenges and learn more about your family. Please check out our ‘Check-In’ sign up for Ladybugs here and Honeybees and Crickets here. Although this is directed at new Garden families, we also extend the invitation to anyone who would like a 20 minute check-in regarding their student.

Now that our daily routines are almost fully established, the teachers turn our attention to sinking into our curriculum! There IS a method to our madness! During your tour with Brin, you learned about our history and why we do what we do. Check out our ‘Curriculum Corner’ starting next week, as we introduce the philosophy and value behind our curriculum and why we do what we do.


These little bugs are rocking and rolling in their third week of school, there were no tears in sight when it came time to say goodbye to moms and dads each morning! They wasted no time getting right to work on the important business of exploring the joys of gravity with our rainbow assortment of whiffle balls, rolling them down the slides, chutes, hills, and while digging in the sandbox. There were some really amazing opportunities for the kiddos to learn about sharing and how to be a good friend this week with the first of many enticing art projects, dancing about our clothes during circle, and playtime with our playground star, the excavator. It can be difficult for ladybugs to grasp the concept of turn taking and toy sharing but learning to use our words with lots of reminders to talk to our friends rather than scream or cry has them on the right track to being the best friends and people they can be.

We are so excited to invite all of you to our very first Children’s Garden event of the year, our Apple Party! The bugs have been hard at work learning songs “Tall Tall Tree” and “Farmer Brown has 5 Red Apples”. They have learned all about apples and how they grow not just by reading books but getting to color their very own “Apple Tree” books, and make Salt Dough apples they will get to bring home after our apple party which will take place before our usual pickup time on Thursday. We can’t wait to see you there and let your wonderful kids show off their skills!


These Crickets have been non-stop this week working hard and playing harder! Caven and Charlotte had our B letter baskets this week and brought a wonderful bounty of B things while Nathaniel and Penelope each brought two of something to share with the class. Awesome job to all four of them! We continued having fun with our story “Caps for Sale” getting to take turns being the Peddler and Monkeys to act out the story as a class. There were also some lovely opportunities to learn more about sharing friends time, toys, and play spaces this week as we practiced using our kind words with all of our friends.

As we prep for our Apple Party next Friday, the kiddos have been learning the songs “Farmer Brown has 5 Red Apples”, “Old McDonald had an Orchard” a fun appley take on a classic, and “Tall Tall Tree”. They have also gotten to transform paper plates by watercoloring and lacing them to look like their very own apples!

Exciting news for next week, our good friend Larry the Fish man has some wonderful salmon he will be bringing to show our Cricket classes! The Crickets have started learning all about the life cycle of salmon and acting it out with puppets in order to be all ready to impress Larry.


We had a wonderful week with our Honeybee class! It really did feel like the first week of autumn, and we took full advantage of the seasonal shift to start talking about one of the most celebrated hallmarks of fall in the Pacific North West: The Salmon! 

Not only did we start reading books about the amazing creatures, but we took out our NW animal toy puppets and acted out their lifecycle. We have been learning about the body of a salmon as well, and explored their build by making fish prints, as well as learning songs to help us all remember their anatomy! 

We will be working on more salmon artwork in the coming week, as well as having our much anticipated annual visit with Larry The Fishman!

Our students continue to learn more songs for our apple celebration sing along next Friday (October 8th). This celebration will be a chance for parents or caregivers to celebrate by watching their young children sing merrily along to seasonal songs such as Old McDonald had an Orchard ee-ey ee-y-o!

This week we continued to read stories about apples. One of the silliest stories is the classic ” 10 Apples Up on Top”. A story of a lion, a dog and a tiger all who try and do fancy tricks while balancing apples on their heads. We took this silly story to make a fun number and art project, where students cut out apples numbered 1-10, and organize them, and then cut out and glue them in order on top of a photo of themselves. The kids did a remarkable job! 

We are happy to report that our poetry chart is full, with every student already having two stars! September is a Lady is the poem going home this week. Please remember to read it with your child, talk about the images you see in your imagination when you hear the words, and talk about the language used. I bet you will be surprised to learn your child knows what color “russet” is!




Teacher Check -In

For Ladybug and new families in particular, the teachers have had time to observe and work with your child and learn about their strengths and challenges. We like to check-in with the parents at this time to find out how the school year is working for them, how the community is building for the parents and to discuss how best to work on challenges and learn more about your family. Families of returning Gardeners,  interested in this informal check-in are invited to sign up as well.

For scheduling purposes, Sign-ups will close Friday, October 8


Teacher check-in will be held Tuesday, October 12 from 7:30 – 10:00 am. There will be no School for Ladybugs that day.

Sign ups are divided by cohort. Please choose a time slot for your cohort so you can speak with one of the teachers that has been in class with your child. The teachers will assign which of them gets to meet with each family. There are two sign ups available per time slot. Please choose one time slot. We will send you Zoom meeting information once sign-ups are complete.

Sign Up for Ladybug Teacher Check-In here


Cricket and Honeybee Check-In

Sign ups are divided by teacher. Please sign up with a teacher from your cohort.

Sign up for Cricket and Honeybee Check-In here

Daily Garden Quick Guide

For parking, exiting and all things drop off and pick up view our Quick Guide for parents to help with the daily Garden routine around bringing and picking your child up from class.

Mark Your Calendar

Please mark you calendars with the following important dates. You can view these dates and more at our online School Calendar.

Larry the Fish Man – Wednesday October 6

Apple Celebration
Ladybugs: Thursday the 7th, 10:35AM (10 min early)
Crickets: Friday the 8th, 11AM (15 min early)
Honeybees: Thursday the 7th, 3PM (15 min early)

Teacher Check-In
Crickets and Honeybees October 11-13
Ladybugs October 12

Picture Day
Ladybugs and Honeybees -Tuesday October 12
Crickets – Wednesday October 13

Daily Class Schedule
We start the week off with our Cricket class on Monday morning, Honeybees Monday afternoon and Ladybugs on Tuesday morning. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in and get hands washed.
Ladybugs -Tuesday and Thursday  8:15 – 10:45 am
Crickets– Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am
Honeybees– Monday-Thursday 12:15 – 3:15 p

School Phones

We have updated our school phone system. When you call in you have options to reach the office, report an absence or leave a message with one of the teachers. 

Please press 10 to bypass all menu options and go straight to the office.

Health and Wellness

Is your child: Traveling out of state? Have a runny nose?

We have adjusted our programming and incorporated additional health safety practices and protocols to directly address the continued health concerns associated with COVID-19. Please view our Health and Wellness page for our health safety practices and protocols for the 2021-22 academic year.  

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