Garden Gazette March 3, 2020

Let’s Wash Our Hands
The first day of implementing our hand washing practice in the office before heading to the movement room was a huge success! Thank you so much to our amazing community for such a smooth start to this new and important health safety routine!

Please remember that the most important way you can help prevent the transmission of illness in our community is to keep your child at home should they display any symptoms of being sick such as fever, vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours.  We ask that you are particularly vigilant in your assessment of a runny nose, cough or breathing irregularities.

Public Health of Seattle and King County is not advising cancellation of  school closures at this time. Should we be required to close school or cancel events in the future, we will notify the community via text.

The playground committee has been busy meeting with contractors and playground equipment companies to finalize the new playground plans. They are in their final stages of planning and will have more exciting news to share very soon! Stay tuned!

If you ordered a brick during the 2018 and/or 2019 Annual Fund Drive note your brick is being created now and we look forward to having them in place for the egg hunt.

Procurement in in full swing and we thank everyone who has turned in procurement forms. The teacher baskets are in the movement room with sign up sheets for anyone to contribute to these fun themed auction items.

Many thanks to teacher Donna for the colorful visual and heartwarming message she shared with us at the Auction Kickoff Party!

“The Garden is a very colorful place with the kids bringing the red, or the heart of the program, the staff being loyal and true, or the blue of The Garden, and the parent community being the solid gold, the backbone, or the yellow of the primary color wheel. With the blue of the staff working together with the golden parents, we can make some green for The Garden!”





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Camp Tree Circle
Good news! We still have a few openings left for camp. We are lifting the one week per student limit, so if your child is interested in multiple camps we would love to have them!  You know the teachers, now meet the rest of the staff and learn about Camp Tree Circle here.


As we continue to try out Brightwheel, we appreciate the feedback we’ve received from those of you who have signed up, updated their students profile and tried out the online pay. Your input helps us shape the program to best suit The Children’s Garden and decide if and how this program is a good fit for our school.


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