Garden Gazette June 7, 2024

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4th of july

 4th of July

Join us as we parade down Front Street. Spruce up your non-motorized wheels in red, white & blue to parade down Front Street with The Garden staff.  Wave to the crowds lining the street to cheer you on while making your way toward the Issaquah Community Center.

We will line up as a group on Rainer Blvd. at 10:45am. Immediately after the parade we’ll gather on the steps of Issaquah City Hall for a group picture.

Visit Issaquah’s website for more information about Issaquah’s Down Home 4th of July celebration.

2024-2025 Calendar

We’ve been busy working on updating our calendar for next year. Please see our calendar for
  • 9/5 Ladybug and New Parent Luncheon
  • 9/7 All School Work Party
  • 9/9-12 First Days of School
  • 9/13 Apple Fest
  • 9/27 Homecoming
  • Winter and Spring Breaks
  • 5/2 Auction
  • and more!
Winter Celebration and Art Show dates are TBD pending facility rental confirmation.  We will let you know these dates once they are confirmed!
last day of school gazette

Last Day of School

Please join us 10 minutes before pickup on the last day of class to gather for a slideshow and final closing circle for the year.

Crickets-Monday, June 10

Honeybeess-Monday, June 10

Ladybugs-Tuesday, June 11


The Mousehole

The teachers started the week unsuspecting that the students were all in summer mode already! LOUD! JUMPY! So fun and oh, so energized! As the rain slowed down and the sun peeked out, we felt as if we turned a corner of being able to spend more class time outdoors for the remaining sessions.

On Wednesday evening, we had an end of year Board of Trustees party at Jen and Andy Carpinito’s lovely home. We heaped our love and appreciation on our outgoing president, Ali Lapinsky, and outgoing board members Erika White and Tara Martin. We are thrilled that Erin Carpinito is going to take the helm as Board President and we initiated two new board member, Stephanie Mantz and current board member Taylor  Phillips. Thank you to everyone for your impressive time, ideas and support for our program.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Just one more class for each of our students.


Read on for class news.


On Tuesday, we had Sloane’s mum helping us out in the classroom and we made our Cricket necklaces and finished up our Cricket cut outs. These kiddos are ready for the next step!

We celebrated Lillian’s summer birthday on Thursday and cleaned out our cubbies, sent home extra clothes and any classroom décor that they made. We also sent home their little goodies for their daddies. One more Ladybug class next Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!


We started the week celebrating Lowen’s 4th trip around the sun. It was so lovely having Papa and Yaya and Mom and Dad all here for the birthday circle. We assembled our portfolios to send home and wrapped our gifts for our dads and grandpas. We traced and wrote our names one final time for the Cricket year, just to see where we were with our name writing.

We recorded our fun circle dance, “Rocket Ship Run”, for our final Cricket closing circle next Monday, and we had a blast singing our insect body part song, “Head, Thorax, Abdomen” at several different speeds.

It is the same each year that we recognize that our Crickets are aptly named! They are loud! They are jumpy! They are ready for summer!  We read Eric Carle’s “Very Quiet Cricket” to them and had to quiet them down two or three times during each page to hear the words of the story.

On Wednesday, these Crickets came home wet and dirty! Boy! The sun comes out and the water play increases! We had car washes for all of the sandbox trucks, along with the pots and pans from the mud kitchen and the dinosaurs and animals from the Dino Den. We read a fun book called “See You Later, Alligator” and the kids had fun guessing the rhyming words as well as making up some new ones. “See you in socks, Mr. Fox”  “See you in a towel, Mr. Owl”. We also said goodbye to Ellie as she will miss the last couple of days of class for a family trip.

On Friday, we cleaned out our cubbies, extra clothes and any classroom décor that the kids made. We will see you on Monday for our last day!


The Honeybees also had a loud start to our week. You can feel the ‘buzz’ of excitement in the air. On Monday, we voted for pizza to be our meal for our Roundup for Friday night. On Tuesday, we celebrated James’ 6th birthday and Teacher Kali’s last day. It was a very sweet circle as we went around and asked each student to share what they are grateful for Kali for.

We came up with our cowboy names – which are adorable! – made some special videos for our Graduation ceremony and had fun playing in the water and having fun with our Honeybee hivemates. We cleaned out our cubbies, sent home extra clothes, our portfolios from this last semester of school, our Dad’s gifts, classroom décor that we made and got ready for our Roundup.

Tonight is our Roundup! We can’t wait to share ‘all the news that’s fit to print’ from our evening of special cowpoke fun.

Board Initiation




Gratitude Corner

Thank you to our amazing Families! We love you all. We know that you place amazing value on your preschooler’s education and firmly believe that social-emotional education is the best foundation for an exceptional school experience. We love how you enjoy building your community, and how you treasure these moments in time.

We so enjoy watching you laugh and share stories together about your kids’ behaviors, and our hearts are warmed when we watch you consoling, cheering, and helping, each other. We notice that the after class gazebo stays are lasting longer and longer as you don’t want to say goodbye. This is the best. We treasure that your experience at The Garden is a great starting point for many of you going forward in your volunteer work, your participation with a non-profit organization and your community service and your overall input into your child’s education.

We hope you will continue to have play dates throughout the summer, and throughout your elementary school years and on into high school and college years! Yes! They’re coming! And they are coming so much faster than you know. Start an annual tradition – Reserve a group camp site, meet at Formula Brewery once a month, have a big potluck or bbq over the summer for your whole class, or plan a holiday girls’ night out every December. Start the traditions now. They will all fall into place and easily renew the habit each time.  

Thank you for entrusting your children to us at The Children’s Garden and thank you for being a part of our amazing Garden community. We love you all.

Honeybee Banner

Honeybee Save the Dates!

As the end of the school year approaches, our bees are getting ready to graduate and celebrate!

Honeybee Roundup Friday, June 7 ~ 4-7 pm

This time honored tradition for Honeybee students gives your cow poke an evening at The Garden with their posse for one last class hurrah before graduation.

Honeybee Graduation
Wednesday, June 12 ~ 2-3 pm

Join us for this ‘moment in time’ where we honor you as a parent
and your special child in this ‘rite of passage’ from The Children’s Garden.

RSVP and get the details on our Honeybee Graduation page.

Camp Tree Circle Actions and Information

If you signed up for Camp Tree Circle, please visit our Camp Tree Circle page for information what to do before  and during camp.

Please visit our Camp Tree Circle page for

  • T-shirt size chart to let us know your child’s camp shirt size.
  • Camp dates and times
  • Payment info
  • What to bring and wear to camp


Please mark your calendar with these important dates.

June 7, 4-7 pm: Honeybee Roundup
June 10: Crickets Last Day of School
June 10: Honeybees Last Day of School
June 11: Ladybugs Last Day of School
June 12, 2 pm Honeybee Graduation


Daily Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday  8:15 – 10:45 am

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am

Monday-Thursday 12:15 – 3:15 pm

~ Poems~


School Poems

Part of our daily routine at The Garden is singing or saying a few of our traditional poems.

Find a printable version to our Closing Circle Song, and the poem “We Light This Candle” at the following links.