Garden Gazette June 14, 2024

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4th of july

 4th of July

Join us as we parade down Front Street. Spruce up your non-motorized wheels in red, white & blue to parade down Front Street with The Garden staff.  Wave to the crowds lining the street to cheer you on while making your way toward the Issaquah Community Center.

We will line up as a group on Rainer Blvd. at 10:45am. Immediately after the parade we’ll gather on the steps of Issaquah City Hall for a group picture.

Visit Issaquah’s website for more information about Issaquah’s Down Home 4th of July celebration.

Cuream Sunset by Jo Arlow

Crane Truck Circus

Bring your family and friends to Brook & Mick’s home in the Children’s Garden School gravel parking lot on July 24. for a magical evening of circus wonder! 

Featuring a portable stage truck, a live baby grand piano, and a 30’ hand-cranked crane for aerial acrobatics, this one-of-a-kind experience promises whimsical performances from aerialists, musicians, acrobats, clowns, and illusionists.

Arrive early to set up your chairs, blankets, and picnic, and prepare to be amazed by a show that’s as heartwarming as it is jaw-dropping.

To RSVP by July 15 and get all the details: 

2024-2025 Calendar

We’ve been busy working on updating our calendar for next year. Please see our calendar for
  • 9/5 Ladybug and New Parent Luncheon
  • 9/7 All School Work Party
  • 9/9-12 First Days of School
  • 9/13 Apple Fest
  • 9/27 Homecoming
  • Winter and Spring Breaks
  • 5/2 Auction
  • and more!
Winter Celebration and Art Show dates are TBD pending facility rental confirmation.  We will let you know these dates once they are confirmed!

Gratitude Corner

With every day that we are blessed to spend at this wonderful preschool, we are so very thankful to our founder, Bonnie Steussy. Her leadership, her love of education, her mutual respect of all members of our community, and her very deserved pride of the program she has created. We are always impressed by Bonnie’s skill at remembering every graduate’s World Culture Report country, knowing where their parents went to school AND! how they met, and quickly figuring out the name of the 5 to 10 people who run up to her on every grocery shopping trip, every stop at Costco, or any of her walks through town. To know Bonnie is to love her – her joie de vivre, her twinkling eyes, and wide grin and her deep hugs – along with her ease of talking about her love of education and her excitement at the continuation of her program.

In the 1970’s, Bonnie and David were working in South Carolina in an urban junior high school where their students had struggles in life, and many were in and out of the legal system. They started a program of parent education for the parents of their students, having sessions where they could all work together and problem solve, teaching them how to set boundaries and communicate respectfully with their children and each other. All of the parents who took the classes said that if they had an education program like that when their children were preschoolers, in their formative years, they would not have had so much trouble with their elementary and high school children. Bonnie and David were out in Issaquah visiting family and were told about a school that was for sale. They decided to go for it, walk the walk that they had talked about for years, and used American Express Traveler’s Checks to make a downpayment on the property and start the Issaquah Valley Family Education Association, and open a school called “The Children’s Garden”.

From the humble beginnings of The Children’s Garden, Bonnie has always told the staff and the parents that ‘who a child is when they are 5 or 6 is who a person is when they are 45 or 46’. When parents see us years later, they ask us how we knew their child so well, how we predicted who this child was going to be when they got older. As Bonnie says, “The child shows us who they are. We just need to listen, look in their eyes and see it.” 

Because of her vision, from the very beginning, the mission of the school was always to treat each student as both a unique individual and a caring, cooperative member of the group. The purpose of our program has always been to support and encourage the child’s natural growth in a social environment:

  • Instilling a positive attitude toward self
  • Developing a love of learning
  • Respecting the rights of others
  • Joining in group play, problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Treating each child as a rich and powerful resource of ideas that can be communicated and shared in a constructive way
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and choices
  • Respecting and appreciating the natural environment

What an amazing bucket list she set out as the mission of The Children’s Garden School! Bonnie has also always known the value of community and building community. The program provided many opportunities and events throughout the year to build community, not to mention the quaint gazebo at the end of the walkway. In this gazebo parents share common bedtime struggles and victories, offer some childcare relief or meal trains, plan play dates, set up auction projects to work together on and schedule end of year celebrations. Through each of these small gestures, lifelong friendships are being formed. Ask the staff members who went through The Garden program as parents – we are still friends with the parents from our kids’ classes. We did summer “Mom and kids Camping Trips”, we had Moms’ getaway weekends to Vancouver and Dads had poker nights, golf games and fly-fishing weekends. We are now going to weddings and baby showers of our kids’ classmates. To find a group of parents who share the same values of preschool education, social emotional skills and community building, all going through the same developmental stages of childhood at the same time as you and your kids? Priceless!

What an amazing program and how grateful we are to be a part of it!! Thank you, Bonnie! You inspire us, you lead us, you continue to share your ideas with us and listen with keen interest to new ideas!

We are so grateful for your vision, your kindness, your deep passion for education and your love.

We love you, Bonnie!

Office Notes

Camp Tree Circle Actions and Information

If you signed up for Camp Tree Circle, please visit our Camp Tree Circle page for information what to do before  and during camp.

Please visit our Camp Tree Circle page for

  • Camp dates and times
  • Payment info
  • What to bring and wear to camp


Please mark your calendar with these important dates.

5/4 Issaquah Kids and Pets Parade
5/15 RSVP for UP, UP, UP
5/24 UP, UP, UP Crane Truck Circus

9/5 Ladybug and New Parent Luncheon
9/7 All School Work Party
9/9-12 First Days of School
9/13 Apple Fest
9/27 Homecoming4


Daily Class Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday  8:15 – 10:45 am

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15 – 11:15 am

Monday-Thursday 12:15 – 3:15 pm

~ Poems~


School Poems

Part of our daily routine at The Garden is singing or saying a few of our traditional poems.

Find a printable version to our Closing Circle Song, and the poem “We Light This Candle” at the following links.