Garden Gazette December 8, 2023

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Events, opportunities and resources for our Garden community.

Winter Celebration Gazette

Winter Celebration Tonight!

Winter Celebration
Friday, December 8
6:30-7:30 pm

For details and directions, please visit our Winter Celebration page.

December 11-15!

Every day is Pajama Day the week before we go on winter break.

Children are invited to wear their cozy pjs to school. We will continue to outside for play so be sure boots and coats can be worn over pajamas.

~ The Mousehole~

We want to wish you all a Happy Hannukah – our next celebration of light during this winter season. May this festival of lights bring you and your family much happiness and joy. If there is anyone in our community who would like to come into the classroom next week to talk to the students about Hannukah, please let us know! We love to learn about and share all of your family traditions throughout the year.

We are so excited for you to see the performances of our students tonight at the Winter Celebration! You don’t want to miss this memory making special event. The children are invited to wear their special occasion clothes and good dancing shoes. We ask that they do not wear heavy boots or rain boots as there are a lot of fast kicks, smooth moves and tip toeing and we have found that boots hinder the kids. If you are unable to come tonight, and you have not already let us know, please send us a quick text so that we can adjust our ‘dance partners’ accordingly.

This week at The Garden, we read stories about elves and made each of our Gardeners into an elf with their own story! We sent home the news from all three classes and included it here in the Mousehole as well. We hope you enjoy reading these stories!

We watched the creek rise and played in the rain, and we loved how all of you sent your kids so well prepared for the weather.

We celebrated Brin’s birthday, and we finished up our family Holiday Gifts, wrapped them and got them ready to deliver to you all at the Winter Celebration tonight. Please don’t unwrap it at Issaquah Middle School, as some families might choose to wait until later to open their gift. They are very precious, and we hope you find them as adorable as we do.

Next week, the kids are invited to wear their pajamas to school! Of course, we will still be going outside, so send them in good outside shoes, with some good layers for this wonderful Washington weather!

See you tonight! Have a great weekend!

Read on for this week’s news from all three classes.

Honeybee Buzz

Ada -Ada the Elf lives up a hill. A little hill, with her mommy and daddy. They like to play computer games, and them goes outside to see if anyone is walking their way. If someone is walking their way, they slam the door and go inside because they are worried the humans will open the door and see them. If they do see them, the family of elves runs away very quickly. No one can see them when they run- they run so fast!

Adrian – The Mean Elf-  He sneaked into a different school and took their table! Then he took all the stuff at the school. He shoved it all in his closet! He was gonna use it later. He will make an elf hat out of all the stuff. 

Cali – Sparkle Elf lives at my house, in the kitchen. She likes to cook pancakes. She feeds the pancakes to her friend Snowflake, she is also an elf. Sometimes they get into mischief. They eat unicorn sprinkles!  When my sisters can’t find the sprinkles they look for them. I know the elves ate them, and I tell them! My sisters believe me. But the elves do good things too like turn on our Christmas tree lights. 

Charlotte – This is Charlie the Elf. She lives in my bed. She wakes up at night, and she plays with my toys. She likes to play inside. She never gets into mischief. She helps my mom and dad do the dishes at night. They don’t know about her though- so it’s a mystery to them!

Cooper – Turtle the Elf lives in my christmas tree. Every day he plays with the ornaments on the tree! He only plays with the wood ones. He knows not to play with the fragile ones. There are a couple fragile ones- but I forget which ones they are. Mom knows he lives there and I think she is nervous about that. 

Dylan – Charlie the Elf lives in my house and sleeps in my room! Every night he sneaks around and every morning he goes back to his spot because he doesn’t want me to know he’s alive!

Eddy – Pepe the Elf used to live inside a T-Rex’s mouth. He flossed for him, but he quit his job, and ran away because he wanted to steal my cookies! He found our house, Santa told him the code, and he sneaked in. He found Eddy’s cookies and locked himself into the cabinet. He stayed there for the rest of his life. Now he is dead. 

Harper –  My elf lives in a shoe, in a house that walks on shoes. This is at my house. 

Jack – Coco SeeSee the Elf lives in a broken shoe from a person who died. He sneaks out into the classroom at the Children’s Garden and he snacks on cookies. He do’s this on Sundays and then he goes back to his shoe house. Then he stays in his shoe house until the next Sunday.

James – James the Elf lives in my Christmas tree. He went to a pool one time but there were too many piranhas. So he went to a different pool, but it was too cold. So he went to his bed. The problem was there was a shark in his bed. So he laid on the floor for a while and then it was morning. So he went back to the pool- NO  Piranha fish! So he went swimming for a while, but then the piranha fish came in and he got out of the pool and had breakfast. 

Liam – Liam the Elf lives in my backyard under the patio. He lives with his dad and one other kid elf. They water their garden for their job. Liam is a daddy elf, his wife’s name is Porchia. They like to fix cars together. He brings Porchia to “Bring your elf-wife to work day.” then she brings Liam to East side Elfs-copy on “Bring your elf-husband to work day.”

Maverick- Maverick the Elf, lives in my mom’s shoe at my house. When he wakes up, he has coffee and oatmeal and then he makes shoes. He makes sneakers, and they all go on my shoe rack, they look really good. He likes the color blue. He plays go fish at my house with Jack. He’s good at card games. 

 Mira – Pooka Elf lives in the microwave. She mostly just eats the leftover crumbs the people left in there. Her favorite crumbs are salty rice! Just like me! I’ve never seen her there. Mom and dad dont know she is in there either- i don’t know what they would do if they found out. Pooka has airplane friends, they fly over and pick her up whenever she wants! 

Olivia – Olivia the Elf lives in my Papa’s Office. Do you know where? On the ceiling! You have to poke a hole in Olivia and then put a hook on the ceiling and hook her on! Every day she just watches people walking in and at night she just keeps awake to see if Papa comes in. If he comes down, she says “Don’t come in here! Go away! Make me breakfast!” 

Scout – Scout the Elf lives in the school tree house. She tries to rip off old dead leaves from it to make it look nicer. She eats wrapping paper and her best friend’s name is Ada. 

The Cricket Chirp

Ainsley – Ainsley the Elf lives in the North Pole.She lives with Santa. Every morning she likes to eat a plain bagel. Santa only eats cookies. After breakfast she likes to play in the snow.

Audrey – Audrey the Elf lives in Renton with Mama, Buba and Gaga. Every day she plays with legos. Until one day, another elf came and tried to eat me! Audrey Elf ran as fast as she could run to the closet! She yelled oh man oh man! Buba Elf is trying to get me! She shooted a pretend gun and scared Buba Elf away. Buba Elf said “oh no! She is coming to get me! And Buba elf went and hid inside his clothes! And Audrey Elf went and saw a pile of clothes, and thought it was just a pile of clothes and she stepped on it! But the pile of clothes was Buba Elf and he ate me! (but just pretend) 

Bella – Was absent this week

Claire –  Socks the Elf lives in the snow. It lives with Bella and Maddy. Other people are on their way to join them. They are riding unicorns from winter to summer! That is a long ride! Its not dangerous. The friends all have their own unicorns. They are fast and riding them is exciting. Thye go to magical places. One time they rode over the rainbow. 

Ellie – Ellie Elf lives in Mirrormont in MY HOUSE! She lives in my Christmas tree, but when the tree is gone she sleeps in my bed. She is a good snuggler. Every day, she wakes up and eats breakfast. She eats dinosaurs that Santa catches in the forest. She likes to put spaghetti sauce on them. Spicy spaghetti sauce and spicy dinos! Then she plays until its quiet time- and then she either goes into the tree or my bed! 

Johannes – This is Blippi the Elf! I don’t know where he lives. He is a mischief elf, Im gonna tell my mom! 

Julius – This is me! Julius the Elf! He lives at my moms house in the world! Every morning he likes noodles! And then I play with my cars! Sometimes I make mischief and scare bears away with my electric Orbi Gun! He also likes to play with Johannes Elf!

Korzen – This is Pepe the Elf! She lives in the snow with mama, dada and brobro. She types on computer “I love you mom” and has her own computer!

Lowen – Lowen Elf lives with Santa. He just helps him bring presents to everyone he wants to. He not shy. He also just stays home and relaxes with Santa. He is best friends with Santa. Every day he eats healthy stuff for breakfast, I don’t know what that is. 

Maddy- Maddy the Elf lives at the North Pole! She lives with her friends. When she wakes up in the morning she opens presents to see what they is. Then she eats oatmeal. She helps Santa by making presents. She loves to make Christmas Barbies! She plays with the Barbies too! 

Mason – Mason the Elf lives in the North pole. Jingle Bells Jingle Bells. Time to play!

Maya – Maya Elf lives here at school! She lives on the shelf. Every morning she wakes up puts stickers on her tummy and eats breakfast. She plays with the Cricket class. She plays with me. She is my friend.

Oliver – Oliver the Elf lives in the WIld Forest With Me, Mommy and Daddy. He wakes wakes up in a nest in a tree hole. And comes down to say hi to my family. He plays in the forest, and does not have a job. He is happy. Sometimes he get in trouble. He does crazy things people don’t want him to do. 

The Ladybug Log

Araianna – I saw an elf at my house! I got a beetle at my house! 

Cambrie – We have a elf at home! I have a big bear that is like this big! He’s bigger than Arianna legs! 

Camden –  Elves live on ships! 

Coco – I don’t  know what an elf is. Santa is pink and a fun person. And Santa funny! Santa made me doggie treats for my doggie! 

Elliana –  Santa wears red. He has reindeer and they fly! They fly to my house!

Hudson –  Elves! Olof! Santa rides a train! He rides the train down.

Koa – I know about elves. This is an excavator. Elves look more like a person. They live in the North Pole I think. Santa lives with the Elves. He’s got reindeer and something else. He’s got big beard and says Ho Ho Ho!

Lillian – Elves like lights. They like Christmas lights. They live around here. Merry Christmas! Santa lives on a train.

Lily – Santa Claus lives in the North Pole! He lives there by himself. Polar Bears live there too.

Madison – I have a christmas tree! We have presents in my Christmas tree! Santa lives in my garage! He makes me christmas presents! He makes everyone Christmas presents!  I have elves that live in my garage too. They live in a little house- the same house as santa. They are friends. 

Max- I don’t know about Santa! I don’t know about elves! They have a long pointy hat! 

Peyton – Was absent today

Quentin – I know what an elf is! It’s a kid! They make shoes! They are friendly. I’ve seen one. Santa brings presents to Quentin! Santa lives at his house, and plays house with Camden. Grandma is back home at her house. I’m happy. 

Sana – I know about elves! I like unicorns. I have a makeup table at my house and it has unicorns. Sometimes my dad takes away my makeup. I get mad at him! I say “Daddy! Give that back!”

Sloane –  Olof is a elf. He lives with Elsa. I have Santa Claus at home! He is staying with my babies! 

Wells –  Santa Claus is coming to my house. Because he’s coming down the chimney! Because he’s gonna get me a play set! He looks like a Ho Ho Ho. The Grinch is Santa Clause! He steals the presents!




~ Gratitude Corner~

Heart Icolated

Issaquah Food Bank

Wow! We are so grateful to all of you who donated to our Community Cornucopia food drive! We have an overflowing trunk-full to deliver to the Issaquah Sammamish Project tomorrow. On behalf of the Issaquah Food Bank, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your generous donations will support those in our community who are struggling to put food on the table.

Thank You Winter Celebration Volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to help set up, bring treats or help with cleanup. It takes many hands for this big wonderful event and we appreciate you for helping!

Note of gratitude from Brin

Thank you all the classes for a truly amazing birthday celebration! Your generosity warmed my heart and made my day.

Special thanks to the Walton and Reyes family for making some pretty amazing birthday gifts from the classes.

Cricket Korzen, alum Makodyn and their mom Jazz made a delicious latte and equally delicious and beautifully decorated cake packaged in a one of a kind artwork box. 

Honeybee Adrian and his dad Joell shopped and packaged a lovely and generous gift basket from the classes.

And wait..there’s more! I was gifted a special office visit with birthday song singing from each class. WOW! What an amazing community! 

Thank you!



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The 2023-2024 Garden Directory is here!

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~ Calendar~

Please mark your calendar with these important dates.

December 8: Winter Celebration 6:30-7:30pm Issaquah Middle School
December 11-15: Pajama Days!
December 18-January 1: Winter Break

January 2: First day back from Winter Break
January 15: no school for Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance
January 19: 12:30pm Open House for new families interested in enrollment


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