Garden Gazette – August 24, 2020

The Garden Staff has been at the school a lot of the past week, planning curriculum, protocols, classrooms and community building. In this Gazette look for news about our Work Party, New Family Get-together and upcoming parenting classes.

Work Party

Please join us for our Annual Children’s Garden Work Party as we prepare for Branching Out. This year will be a bit different as our work party will be spread out over several days and we limit the amount of people on campus at one time. Please be prepared to work in masks if your area has more than one person. Sign up here

Ladybug and New Cricket and Honeybee Families-save the date!

Look for an email in the following days inviting one parent from each Ladybug family and one parent from each new Cricket and Honeybee family to gather at Teacher Donna’s home for a Garden parent get together.  This adult only event will give one parent per family the opportunity to meet other parents, the teachers and staff get oriented to the Garden School and take care of any remaining paperwork.

Save the date!
New Parent Get Together at Teacher Donna’s

September 9th 9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

New Crickets and Honeybees
September 9th 1:00 -3:00 p.m.

Parenting Classes

Each year The Children’s Garden offers parenting classes to our Garden Community with our long time parent educator Julie Spangler. She is a WA Licensed Certified Counselor and mother of four (all Children’s Garden graduates). Julie has been with The Children’s Garden since 1997. 

Classes start in October and meet via Zoom. Parenting classes offer the opportunity for parents to push pause and have those elevated conversations with other parents in the Garden Community and ensure that what you do at home has some congruency with what is done at school and vice versa.

Look for sign up information for Parenting Classes after school starts.