Garden Gazette April 21, 2023

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Events, opportunities and resources for our Garden community.

We’re so excited to see everyone next week at our Party Like It’s 1977 Auction. Thank you to everyone who has purchased their tickets. If you have not purchased yet and would like to join us, TODAY is the last day to purchase your auction tickets!

How: $50 per ticket for a adult only night of food and drinks, fun and entertainment, and an exciting live auction – all proceeds benefit and support The Children’s Garden!

When: Saturday, April 29th 5-9pm

Where: Pickering Barn – 1730 10th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA 98027

Who: current families, alumni families, teachers, friends and supporters of CGS – bring your friends and family! PLEASE NOTE – This is an adult only event.

~ Mousehole ~

News, pictures and videos from the classrooms.

Was that not the best event ever?!! Oh! How the Garden Staff loves the Art Show! We take such pride in showing off the progression of skills from September to now, the dance move development from Winter Celebration to Spring. The children take such pride in their artwork. We love to guide them to create such masterpieces and then have them stand back and look at their work as a whole. Their eyes pop! The same goes for their dance moves. Remember when we wouldn’t let go of hands with our Ladybugs at Winter Celebration? Last night they were disco dancing and showing us their moves! Please hang their art in a place of honor in your home. We teach the children to ‘frame’ their art because it deserves to be framed as a finished piece of art. My home still has Garden art framed and hanging throughout the house, and my Garden Grad is 29 years old. Check out our curriculum page to read about frequently asked questions about The Children’s Garden art pieces.

Learn  more about how the artwork is made and the role it plays in our curriculum on our Curriculum page.

Our spring break was such a lovely reset time with no daily schedule! The auction committee was very busy preparing the catalog and meeting with the auctioneer to finalize details. Brin worked with the auction committee photographing the items for the catalog and making the adorable disco kids hanging in the gazebo. Even when we are on our break, we are all still thinking about our fabulous community and how appreciative we are of all of your support, and your amazing children.

On Tuesday evening, we had our monthly board meeting, where the staff and our trustees discuss all things Garden, what’s going on this month, what needs attention and how can we improve! We so appreciate the staff and board relationship and all that we all do together to keep the Garden going and growing!

Speaking of growing, Happy Earth Day! The spring weather allowed me to get a lot of yard work done and it made me think of our school, “The Children’s Garden”. Did you know that The Children’s Garden is a translation of “kindergarten”, the German word for preschool? We are a ‘garden’ for growing the minds of children. Many families have asked us in the past if we do any gardening here at the school. We do! We annually scatter wildflower seeds along the creek bed (this year, our friend Ava gifted us wildflower seed packets as her birthday treat!), we plant daffodil and tulip bulbs along the driveway for spring color, and we often harvest our native crop of nettles and berries for delicious treats during class time. We have garden gloves for our students (Thank you Stephanie Cryer) to help us weed the courtyard and ‘save our trees’ by pulling ivy from the trunks. Because we are in the shadow of Tiger Mountain, we never get a full day of sun, and we have not had much luck in our several attempts at making a vegetable garden. Any vegetables that we would plant would be ripe to pick in the summer when there are no students here – so we continue to do what we can to help beautify our planet and that includes, as always, growing the minds of our sweet children. We have loved putting out our circle discussion notes each day in the gazebo about what we love about our amazing planet Earth and how we can help to keep it beautiful. We hope you enjoyed reading them at pick up.

Next weekend, Garden Community! It’s time to Boogie on down! We can’t wait to celebrate with you all at our annual dinner and auction, and Party like it’s 1977! Hope you all have your tickets, your sitters and your 1977 outfits! The staff had fun promoting our Staff Dinner auction item. On July 19th or 20th, 2023, Brin, Brook, Cari, Cara and Donna will create and serve a delicious Mediterranean Dinner to 8 guests at Donna’s home. Gather your teams, designate a bidder and get your tastebuds ready for a delicious feast, wonderful wines and cocktails and a delightful night out.

Read on for Class News:


Oh! How sweet to have our Ladybugs back at The Children’s Garden. They are sharing, they are caring, and they are having so much fun together! We started learning about our planet earth in preparation for Earth Day this weekend, and our first question was “What is Earth?” Our answers ranged from ‘blue and green’ to ‘animals’. We started a pretty Earth Day art project and put some finishing touches on our Art Show dance and our visual art projects. Wasn’t their dancing fun to watch last night? And, how about their beautiful art pieces? We hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating your child and please hang their artwork in a place of honor in your home.


Whew! These Crickets have spring fever! The noise level was high, the emotions were deep, and the energy was off the charts! :0) We LOVE our Crickets! We enjoyed hearing about all of the fun adventures over the break, even the kiddos that said “I didn’t do anything. I stayed home and did NOTHING!’ Parents, we hear you. Of course, you had some fun times and some great things happening, but those quiet, stay at home, don’t get out of your pajamas at all days, are soooooo refreshing and so needed. We hope you all had a great Spring Break.

We read a great book about our amazing planet and talked about different names that we have for the Earth – the world, the earth, the globe, the home planet, the big blue marble etc. and we brainstormed things that we love and appreciate about our home and ways that we can help to keep our home beautiful. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Wasn’t their dancing fun to watch last night? And, how about their beautiful art pieces? We hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating your child and please hang their artwork in a place of honor in your home.

We ended our week on a high note with the celebration of Cricket Adrian as he went around the sun four times!


How fun to celebrate our friend Cassie turning 5 on her exact birthday! Monday was a great day to return to The Garden and catch up with all of our friends. With just 28 school days left in our Honeybee school year, we are loving every minute that we get to spend with our classmates. On Monday, we finished up our art show projects and started working on a pretty take-home piece of art to celebrate Earth Day. We hope you enjoyed it. We read a fabulous book about our planet and talked about things that we really appreciate about the Earth and ways that we can help to keep it beautiful. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Wow! Our Honeybees are amazing dancers! The staff were constantly smiling when we watched them prepare for the Art Show and we also smiled just remembering their dancing when we were each in our own homes later in the evening. If you guys are looking for some great moves for the auction next weekend, ask your Bees to give you some suggestions!

On Tuesday, we put the finishing touches on our self portraits and our Biography Board bodies, and we weathered the rapidly changing Playground weather – from sunny warm to almost freezing cold, to pouring rain, cycling through a few times for each group.

Foster and his parents gifted the school with some beautiful shiny wheelbarrows. The Bees had a great time shuttling sand, animals, and kitchen pots and pans all around the playground. It was fun to watch them having so much fun on another day of wacky weather, cycling again through rain, cold, blue skies and warm sun.

Wasn’t their dancing fun to watch last night? And, how about their beautiful art pieces? We hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating your child and please hang their artwork in a place of honor in your home.




Art Show

~ Gratitude Corner ~

We love our community and are so grateful and humbled by the support and love you so generously give! Thank you!

Thank you!

Much appreciation to our board vice president and Ladybug Maddy’s mom, Ali Lapinsky for painting parking lot stripes. We appreciate you for helping to keep order to our busy parking lot!

Much appreciation to board member and Honeybee Ember’s mom, Ellie Vertrees, Honeybee Aliannah and Ladybug Julius’ mom, Celine Opris, Honeybee Elliot’s dad, Kevin Hoffman, Cricket Mira’s mom, Jennifer Carpinito, Cricket Cooper’s grandma Lisa Reinitz and special thanks to Cricket Eddy’s grandparents (and Garden School Founders) Bonnie Steussy and David Edfledt for all your set up help at the art show. Thank you also to everyone who jumped in to help with setup, break down and clean up after the art show. We could not have made this magical event happen without you!

Much thanks to Honeybee Foster and his parents for new shiny red wheelbarrows for our playground. This generous gift has been a fun and popular addition to our playground!

~ From the Board~

The Garden Needs Your Help!

Here at the Children’s Garden we are so lucky to be a part of such a nurturing environment where our children are learning and growing every day, and our tireless teachers contribute their heart and souls. As parents and families of our students, we know that each one of you plays a vital part in weaving together the fabric of this community. We are pleased to be able to offer so many varied ways for you to join us in building these bonds together.

Today we want to announce that we are seeking a new Board Treasurer to join our Board of Directors’ leadership team in July of 2023. Every year, we have new board members join as others complete their service. This year, our dedicated Treasurer is moving on, and it is crucial that we find someone to fill this very important role for our community.

The key activities of the Treasurer include:

  • Work with Brin and our bookkeeper every month (about mid-month) to produce monthly reports/analysis to the board;
  • Lead the annual budgeting process between February and June;
  • Provide insight and guidance to the Board throughout your term as we work through strategic assessments and decisions about program and policies.

The ideal Treasurer has bookkeeping and accounting experience, proficiency with accounting software and Excel, and is a detailed and accurate project manager. They can investigate and analyze specifics as well as link it to the bigger picture for the larger leadership team.

This is an open call to our community and we are very much looking forward to hearing from you and brainstorming or answering your questions.

Board service is so much more than the donation of your time and professional expertise; it’s an opportunity to connect and share in the Garden experience in a unique and special way. Our board terms are three years long, in order to provide as much stability and effectiveness for the program as possible.

If you are interested in joining the Board as Treasurer, or if you have any questions about the position, please do not hesitate to reach out by responding to this email or emailing our board President, Erika White, directly at

Thank you for your consideration of serving The Children’s Garden in this meaningful way.

~ Office Notes~

World Flags

Honeybee World Culture Fair Thursday, March 30 at 3 pm

Mark your calendars Honeybee families and join us for a tour of the world as our Bees show their World Culture Report boards and answer questions.

Egg Hunt Committee

Bring Your Eggs Next Week!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to join us at our

Spring Egg Hunt
Saturday, April 1 at 10 am 

Remember to drop off one dozen hardboiled decorated eggs for each egg hunter you will be bringing on or before Friday, March 31 at 11:30 am.

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April 10-14: Spring Break

April 20: Art Show 6:00 pm at Issaquah Middle School

April 29:  Let’s Party Like it’s 1977! Children’s Garden School Auction

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