Garden Gazette 5-7-21

Save the Date - Dad's Day at The Garden

Ladybugs and Honeybees – Thursday, June 3 during class time.

Crickets – Friday, June 4 during class time.

Join us for a special Father’s Day celebration at school.

Dads will walk with us to campus at drop off and hang out with us for class! We plan on the session being about 90 minutes, and students will leave with their daddies at the end of our celebration. If you cannot attend, please chat with Brin on alternative scenarios. In the past, a special uncle or grandfather has come when Daddy cannot attend, and of course, if you have to leave a little early, we can adjust to that as well. We sure love our Dads and can’t wait to celebrate you all!

From the Mousehole

Oh my. We cannot thank you enough for all of your words, lunches, caffeine doses, delicious treats, flowers and cards for Teacher Appreciation week. We are so blessed to have such an amazing community of students, parents and grandparents. Please know that all of your love and appreciation comes right back at you all. We are all pretty proud of what we have accomplished this year, and we couldn’t have done any of it without you. 

We celebrated the most important women in our lives this week, our moms. We hope you truly understand how much your kiddos truly love you and how much heart they put into your celebration how much love they put into their gifts for you. We love you Moms. You bring the heart to our program and we are so glad that you had the opportunity to tour our campus and see through your child’s eyes where they spend their days. 

Next week, we begin our Honeybee World Culture Reports. Our Crickets and Ladybugs are beginning to dabble in Honeybee and Cricket routines, more time at circle, more writing practice, and a little more responsibility during class time.  They have matured and are ready for it!  Can you believe there are only 6 more weeks of school?  

Happy Mothers’ Day Moms! We love you! Have a great weekend.

Read on for Cohort Squeaks and Hoots.

Squeaks and Hoots Cari, Thea and Donna

We welcomed May this week by making beautiful ‘Happy May’ crowns, full of butterflies, birds and flowers. Weren’t they so cute? The bugs drew pictures of their mommies and told us all about them. We hope you enjoy reading their ideas as much as we enjoyed writing them down. It turns out, what most of these little ones love the most is playing with their mommies. 

On Moms’ Day, we shared with you our wake-up circle, Open, Shut Them, danced with our Mommies and then performed a lovely little song about changes through the seasons and how the seasons go around so quickly. A tour of both campuses with your little one and a few of our favorite hikes rounded out the day. We hope you enjoy your beautiful new jewelry made with your child’s fingerprints and treasure it for years to come. 

We welcomed May this week by making beautiful ‘Happy May’ crowns, full of butterflies, birds and flowers. Weren’t they so cute? We did our May calendars, news and practiced writing our letter of the week, “W”. The Crickets drew pictures of their mommies and told us all about them. We hope you enjoy reading their ideas as much as we enjoyed writing them down. 

On Moms’ Day, it was our goal to have our Crickets introduce their mothers to us at circle, and tell us what they enjoy doing with their moms. Without having parents on campus this year, I think they did a great job. Of course, there was shyness, but this was the first time that they have ever had the opportunity to speak to a group of adults that they are not completely comfortable with or familiar with. Please let them know what a great job they all did!  We did our wake up circle, heard introductions and then we shared one of our favorite ‘call and response’ songs, “You are Amazing”.  We are not kidding! You are! A tour of both campuses with your Cricket and a few of our favorite hikes rounded out the day. We hope you enjoy your beautiful new jewelry made with your child’s fingerprints and treasure it for years to come. 

Several of the Bees made May crowns on Monday to welcome our beautiful new month. We also did our May calendars and started practicing writing our numbers, now that we have gone through the alphabet. We read a few books about how people around the world are the same and ways that they are different. One book told us that people who live closer to the equator have darker skin than those that live further away from the equator, because the melanin that we all have in our skin is more active. Knowing each of our Bees’ countries that they are researching for our World Culture Reports, we looked at the globe and guessed if the people in that country would have darker or lighter skin, depending on how close they are to the equator. It was so interesting! We also started looking at the flags of each country and will begin to make flags this next week. We can’t wait to hear our World Culture Reports! Let us know if you have any questions. 

We loved having you all for Moms’ Day. Currently, we are waking up our bodies in Spanish. Earlier in the year we learned the names of our bones. After wake up circle, it was our goal to have each Bee recite a poem. After the crazy year that we have all had, I think they did such an amazing job. Just to stand up at circle in front of a bunch of adults that they have not spent a lot of time with is very brave. Thea and I are so proud of them all. Finishing off our circle with the classic love song, “Skinnamarinkadinkadink” hopefully let you all know how we truly feel about you!  A tour of both campuses through your Bee’s eyes, with some of our favorite hikes, was a day that we hope you won’t soon forget.

Your portrait was drawn with love and care by your child. Just like their self-portrait, each student has one on one time with the teacher to look at a photograph, and then decide on the shape of the face. We then add the neck and shoulders. Next comes eyes. The children study the photograph that you sent in and with the teacher, decides on the placement of the eyes. They then draw their almond shape ( a squashed rainbow, and then an upside down rainbow), the retina and pupils (a circle that touches the top and bottom of the eye), add lashes and eyebrows. Noses are tricky and they come next. We look at their practice sheets from before the Art Show and all of their sample noses. They choose the one that they think looks most like Mom’s and put that on the face. They then decide if they are going to show teeth or not and draw the mouth just like they did on the practice sheet of mouths. They then add dimples, freckles, and ears if they show, and then the hair. Painting is fun and is done in two separate sessions – pastels and watercolor first, acrylics for hair last. They are all quite amazing and somehow, all of the teachers know exactly who each one is, without knowing who painted it. Somehow, they have captured your essence, your personality and we hope you treasure them and hang them in a place of honor.

We’ve got a zoom call this afternoon with you Honeybees! 

We hope you have a great weekend and Happy Mothers’ Day! 

Thanks again everyone for all of your appreciation! Have a great weekend! We will see you next week up in Luna’s Forest!




Squeaks and Hoots from Cara and Matt

This has always been a very active time of year at the Children’s Garden and this year is no exception.  As we bring in the new month of May, we made Happy May Day Crowns with many of our bugs.  They sure do love to glue and cut anything on the table (including the table sometimes).  

We have also been getting ready for the Mother’s Day celebration on Thursday.  Our little ones have been so excited to have Mom’s join them as they walked up the path to the forest.  They have been practicing introducing themselves as well as their Mom’s.  We love to do as much public speaking practice as we can with our 3-year-olds because it is something that will continue on not only in the Cricket and Honeybee classes but for their long lives ahead.

The Mother’s Day celebration was perfect.  Their energy was high, and their excitement was clear to see.  We loved watching all of you dance with your little ones and listen to the many giggles.  We hope you enjoy your gift that your children made with clay.  Their little fingers will grow, but these little prints that they pressed into your necklaces will always remain tiny.  Thank you so much for being such wonderful Mother’s and enjoying a morning in the forest and on the playground with your little ones.  I know it was really nice for you to meet each other and to see where your children have been spending so much time this year.

Happy May Day!  The forest is jumping with so many signs of spring and celebrating this time of year was perfect.  Each morning during our wake-up circle, we listen for our friend Robin the bird.  We are noticing many new sprouts coming out on the trees and many new flowers pooping up.  The children traced their numbers on the calendar and worked on decorating the picture.  We talked about the letter W and noticed how close we are to the end of the alphabet.

Wasn’t Mother’s Day so much fun!  I know that all the kiddos were excited to show their Moms the forest and the playground and I also know that many of our little ones were a little nervous to speak in front of the larger group of people.  They had so much fun introducing their Moms and singing Skidamiraink A Dink A Do.  It is such a silly song and our 4-year-olds really love being silly.  We hope you treasure the gifts that your children made for you.  They pressed their little fingers in the clay and made everlasting prints of how small and precious they are at the age of 4.  We all love the “All About my Mom” papers to see what they children think you do and who you are.

Wow!  Wasn’t it great to be able to experience preschool with your children at The Garden.  We have been so excited to show you the forest and all of the trails as well as the many fun things to do on the playground.  The children have been counting down the days until Mom’s Day.

The week started off by talking about May Day and how great it is to experience the world changing into spring.  The birds are chirping, there are butterflies in the air and the trees and flowers are pooping out all over.  The Honeybees were just way to busy to make May Day crowns, but they still enjoyed the discussion.  They all were able to decorate a May calendar to take home.  Now that we have finished practicing writing the letters, we have started to practice writing the numbers.  2s and 3s can be particularly challenging so we started writing those this week.

We are so excited about the diverse group of countries that our Honeybees chose to report on this year.  We have been reading many books about how children play in different ways when they live in different environments and how their skin is different shades due to where their ancestors were born.  When you live closer to the equator your skin has more melanin and therefore can help protect you from the heat and the sun.  We also started to look at the many different flags from our countries and what their colors and symbols represent.  The children sketched their flags this week and will paint them next week.  Cara will be giving a sample World Culture report next week so that the children can see how fun they can be.  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your children’s reports.  We hope that you have fun, and all learn something new.

Mother’s Day was so much fun!  I know there was a lot of energy in the air and the children loved showing off their friends, their school and how much they enjoy teasing Teacher Matt.  They have all been working on memorizing and reciting numerous poems this year and they choose to recite as a group their 3 favorite poems.  I am sure that everyone in your homes have also memorized these same poems.  And the portraits of their Mothers were outstanding.  They really took the time to look at the pictures that you sent in to study the shape of the face, eyes, and mouth.  They first sketched the portraits, then used watercolors for most of the painting and finished it off with using acrylic for the hair.  I know many adult alumni’s who still have the portrait that they made for their Mom’s for our preschool.  And the ”All About My Mom” page is so entertaining to read.  

Thank you so much for being such an amazing support to our school and we hope you are enjoying your last year at the Children’s Garden.  On Wednesday, the children were talking about how they are excited about going to kindergarten next year and who might be in their class.  One of the students look up at Cara and said, “Don’t worry Cara, I will never forget you.”  Of course, this brought tears to Cara’s eyes.




Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Dad’s Day at School

Ladybugs and Honeybees-Thursday, June 3
Crickets-Friday, June 4

Calendar of Special Events

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Tea with the Teachers

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1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
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4th Fridays – Room Parents

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