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From the Mousehole

Hello everybody! We hope you have the best long weekend and that the weather you need to do the activities that you want to do all works out!

An on and off rainy week had some lovely sun breaks, and the children are working hard on preparations for the last few weeks of school, as well as appreciating every moment left on each campus. 

We celebrated Matt’s birthday on Wednesday and went to more lovely destinations with our Honeybee World Culture Reports. 

Our Board of Trustees had their last yearly meeting on Tuesday evening, and we want to send a shout out to all our trustees who volunteer so much time to keep this program running. Thank you, Board!

We can’t believe that we only have 2 weeks of classes left! Please check the calendar to make sure you have the correct ‘last day of classes’ dates and special events remaining. Next week, we celebrate our Dads and can’t wait to share our beautiful campuses with the most important men in our lives. If Daddies, or Grandpas cannot make it, please let us know.

The Honeybees are starting a countdown to our last day of school. At this time of year, we often see lots of emotions in our Honeybees as they realize that their time at The Garden is coming to an end. You might notice the same at home. All of our parents might also be experiencing some emotional moments. For parents, this is such a moment in time! You are beginning to realize the truth in everything anyone ever told you about how things move along in the blink of an eye. Your little one is growing so quickly. We are so grateful that you chose to experience these sweet moments at The Children’s Garden. For those of you continuing at The Garden, we can’t wait to watch the growth of your little one. For those of you moving on, know that your roots are deep at The Garden and we hope that you keep us up to date on your little one’s progress, and when Covid Restrictions ease up, that your ‘alum’ returns to be a big kid helper. 

Read on for Squeaks and Hoots from each cohort!

Squeaks and Hoots from Cara and Matt



We can not believe that there are only 4 more days that these kiddos are Ladybugs.  We read the story The Grouchy Ladybug and then The Quiet Cricket.  We have been discussing with the class how soon they will graduate up to the Cricket class.  We even started to have a morning circle like they will do next year at school.  We have been practicing writing their names which is another daily Cricket task.

We all had so much fun this week in the boat with the new steering wheel taking make believe adventures all over the world to such glamorous locations like “Lake Sammamish” and “the ice cream store”.

We have also been getting ready for our Dad’s Day next week.  Your children had so much fun with their Mom’s at school, and now it is the Dad’s turn.  We cannot wait to see what tricks you have in store for us.



Can you believe that our little ones are going to graduate and become Honeybees?  How did this all happen so fast.   We read The Quiet Cricket this week and then we discussed the life of the Honeybee.  They are starting to make Honeybee necklaces for their big move to becoming a Honeybee.

The children made and dictated wonderful stories in their stamper books with the Little Red Riding Hood theme.  We had so much fun reading them out to the class.  We hope you let your children read their stories to you at bedtime.  We also had a wonderful time acting out the story with the children.  They all desperately wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf.

The Crickets have practiced writing their names again so that they can learn the correct letter order and formation of their name.  They also traced each letter of the alphabet this week because we have made it through the entire alphabet.  We hope that you will encourage your children to continue practicing writing their names and the letters of the alphabet this summer.

The Cricket class really enjoyed having a birthday circle for Teacher Matt on Wednesday.  They watched as Matt walked around the sun 20 times.  He looked pretty dizzy after that many times going in a circle.



Get along little Honeybee cowboys and cowgirls.  We are getting ready for the most fun our Honeybees will have this year.  We have been getting ready for our Honeybee Roundup party.  All the Honeybees have chosen a cowboy or girl name and they fit the personalities of our youngin’s just great.


Thunder Storm Axel

Lightin’ Strike Emerson

Blazin’ Fire Emmie

Moon Shine Eva

Mustang Ridin’ Malcolm

Fire Flame Milo

Dust Bustin’ Owen  (Aude)

Sir Owen (Cook)


The Honeybees learned a new game called Spill The Beans this week.  It is a game where the children roll out 4 beans which have one side white and one side black.  They need to record how many beans were black side up and how many beans were white side up.  Then you add them together.  This is just the beginning of mathematics and is a wonderful lesson in practice writing the numbers.

Our World Culture reports this week were fantastic.  First, we had Owen A take us to Russia, then Owen C took us to Germany, then Axel took us to Sweden, and we finished our reports with Emmie teaching us about India.  I am just amazingly proud of our 8 Honeybees and the courage and intelligence to research a country, practice their report and then present it to the entire class.  Matt is making a YouTube site where you will be able to view all the World Culture reports.

We were sorry to cancel our World Culture Fair this week, but with the big rainstorm that came on Thursday, we were very happy that we postponed our Fair until the following Tuesday.

Next week we look forward to the World Culture Fair on Tuesday, Dad’s Day on Thursday and Friday and Honeybee Roundup on Thursday night.  And then we head into another fun week for graduation.





Squeaks and Hoots from Cari, Thea and Donna


We had such a lovely time on Tuesday. Both Cari and I realized how much these little Bugs have learned about caring for their classmates and sharing with their friends and recognizing routines. They are all so excited about moving forward. We can’t tell you how proud we are of all of them. Nice work, parents!

We are looking forward to sharing our campus and routines with our Dads next week. We can’t wait to see you on Thursday at 8:15! Dads, practice your tricks! Helicopter ride, flipping up on to your shoulders, a card trick, a dance, a secret handshake…whatever you love to do with your little one…we can’t wait to see it. 



We celebrated our friend Lilly’s birthday on Wednesday. So excited to welcome her into her new year. The kids had lots of fun with Teacher Cari on Monday as she subbed for me while I visited my daughter in Denver.

We reviewed the alphabet, after learning about each letter and practiced writing our names. As we trace a ‘yellow brick road’ of our names, we practice with our Crickets – “Where do we start our letters, at the top…” and say each letter as we write it. For example, for ‘Donna’…, “D” a straight line down, starting at the top, lift your pen and leapfrog back up to the top and make a big bump…. Etc. for each letter. Practicing the name of the letter and talking through how to form each letter.

We had fun doing stamper books of Little Red Riding Hood. Please read your child’s stories to them at bedtime. They are silly and they are incredibly creative, and they are an important step in children’s literacy – reading their words back to them…Some of the children are on to the next step where they write their own words, like chicken scratch, on the page. This is a big jump and they are truly ‘writing their own stories’. Please let them read those stories to you. We also ask you to read their news back to them. This is a fun exercise – reading their classroom news to them. It is a first step into community building. Kids can react by saying, “Wow! Jimmy got a new bike?” and parents too, can greet the friend, saying, “Hey! I hear you got a new bike!”  It is a great way for these children to see that their words are important, their words connect, and their words are heard.

We are looking forward to sharing our campus and routines with our Dads next week. We can’t wait to see you on Friday at 8:15! Dads, practice your tricks! Helicopter ride, flipping up on to your shoulders, a card trick, a dance, a secret handshake…whatever you love to do with your little one…we can’t wait to see it. 



What a powerful week we had! Gigi started us off with a trip to Spain, complete with a flamenco dance in full flamenco outfit, and then we went to Italy with Maddie! Madison wowed us with fun facts about her country. On Wednesday we went to Ireland with Max, who showed us lots of sports and animals of Ireland, and Matthew took us to Greece. Matthew showed us pictures of him as a young toddler in Greece and Ellie took us to Australia. Ellie used such a big and confident voice. Each of their reports made us want to travel to the places they told us about. They did such a good job! Can’t believe that these kiddos have come so far in this past year – what a crazy year it has been, and they have done such a great job! You guys are going to love seeing their presentation boards next week at our World Culture Fair on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30.

Next week is a big week – we have no school Monday; World Culture Fair on Tuesday, and then on Thursday we have Dad’s day before our Honeybee Roundup!  We are looking forward to sharing our campus and routines with our Dads next week. We can’t wait to see you on Thursday at 12:15! Dads, practice your tricks! Helicopter ride, flipping up on to your shoulders, a card trick, a dance, a secret handshake…whatever you love to do with your Honeybee…we can’t wait to see it. 

And then we have our Honeybee Roundup Thursday evening. You guys, this is such a fun event. Not to take away from Dads Day, which is awesome, but the kids will go home with the dads…maybe take a nap, and then return to school at 5 pm for a fun dinner, (cheese pizza and mac n’ cheese) and an evening of activities and a movie by the campfire.

Have a great weekend, Bee families! See you in the playground after this long weekend! Xo




End of Year Honeybee Events

The World Culture Fair flyer has been updated to reflect out new date. Here’s looking to catching some better weather for this event!

Click flyers to view, download and/or print

Dad's Day at The Garden

Ladybugs and Honeybees – Thursday, June 3 during class time.

Crickets – Friday, June 4 during class time.

Join us for a special Father’s Day celebration at school.

Dads will walk with us to campus at drop off and hang out with us for class! We plan on the session being about 90 minutes, and students will leave with their daddies at the end of our celebration. If you cannot attend, please chat with Brin on alternative scenarios. In the past, a special uncle or grandfather has come when Daddy cannot attend, and of course, if you have to leave a little early, we can adjust to that as well. We sure love our Dads and can’t wait to celebrate you all!

Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Honeybee Events

Tuesday, June 1 – World Culture Fair
Thursday, June 3 – Honeybee Roundup
Friday, June 11 – Honeybee Graduation

Memorial Day

Monday, May 31 – No school

Dad’s Day at School

Ladybugs and Honeybees-Thursday, June 3
Crickets-Friday, June 4

Last day of school for each class

Crickets – Wednesday, June 9
Ladybugs – Thursday, June 10
Honeybees – Thursday June 10

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

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