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Enrollment Reminder

If you have an incoming Honeybee, Cricket or Ladybug for the 2021-2022 school year, your prepaid June 2022 enrollment fee will be posted to your Brightwheel account next Tuesday, May 18. 

From the Mousehole

What a lovely sunny week we had here at The Garden! The staff have finally removed their long underwear, and some have even ceased wearing socks! :0) The mornings are still chilly, but the layers are starting to come off of the children as they run and warm up throughout the day. 

With just 4 weeks left at school, we are beginning our end of year routines, final days on each campus and Honeybee graduation preparations. The teachers are madly trying to tie up all our loose ends on projects started and continuously thinking of activities that we still have to squeeze in somehow! Dads’ Day invitations are being created and Honeybees continue presenting their World Culture Reports. 

Thank you for filling out the Fall Programming Survey! Now that we have announced what our program will look like in the fall, please enroll your Gardener for the 2021-2022 school year and let Brin know by this coming Monday if you are planning on returning and want to save a space. 

Have a great weekend everyone and read on for Cohort Squeaks and Hoots.

Squeaks and Hoots from Cara Matt, Thea and Cari


Wasn’t this week just amazing!  The kiddos enjoyed the sunshine on the playground and ran around with Teacher Matt and Teacher Thea.  We made Little Ms. Muffet books and acted out the nursery rhyme.  All of the children took turns being Little Ms. Muffet and the spider.  It was adorable to see their acting skills.  We have also been busy working on the Dad’s Day at school invitations.  I have mentioned to a few of you Dads that there is a part of the day when Dads and children do a little trick.  This can be anything from holding their hands as you spin them around, letting them climb up your legs and do a flip at the top, to anything you would like to do.  This is all just fun and games and a good way to get to know each other.  We have had a dad and child dancing with each other to their favorite song or watching how high the dad can through their little one up in the air.  

We also had each child trace their name this week.  You should have seen it in their folder.  We are just curious which children know the letters in their name, can hold a marker correctly, and can trace over the yellow line.  We have not practiced any of this before and do not expect the children to have these skills.  When they start as a Cricket next year, we will be working on tracing their names each day.


Oh my goodness.  What a busy week.  We read 2 different versions of a story called The Three Wishes.  It is quite a silly story and the children had fun listening to it and could list many details that were different between the two versions.  We asked them to share what their three wishes would be if they could have anything in the world.  We have sent home a synopsis of the book and a list of all of the children’s wishes.  Then on Friday they got to create a funny art piece using their picture.

We have also been getting ready for Dad’s Day at school.  This is such a special day for all of the children to be able to show their Dad’s their wonderful school.


As many of you noticed, your Honeybees came home on Thursday with a shiny face and some white flecks in their hair.  We are starting to create a gorgeous piece of art for them to show case during graduation.  We only have 4 weeks of school left and the end of the Honeybee class is always filled with fun.

We start World Culture reports on Monday, and we are all really excited to see your confident child stand up in front of their peers and let us know what they have learned about their chosen country.  Of course, there are no wrong interpretations, and we make it all about fun.  

Each child painted their country’s flag this week to help get them more excited about doing their report.  We wish that all the parents could join us for these reports, but we have found that when a parent is in the audience, it changes the dynamics of the event.  We will video your child doing their report and send it to you so that you can share it will all your family and friends.

We have been talking a lot about how amazing it will be to have the dads on both campuses to see where their children have been exploring, laughing, hiking, playing in the mud and chasing Matt.  You will receive the formal invitation next week in your folders.




Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Cari and Thea


Our Bugs had fun in the forest! They were excited to return to the new Ninja Course that they saw for the first time on Moms’ Day. They also enjoyed playing with the African Animal families that were on the Nature Table. 

We started creating our invitations for Dads’ Day (June 3rd similar schedule to Moms’ Day), and learned a new nursery rhyme, “Little Miss Muffett”. We decided to try some writing practice to see where our little Ladybugs are with pencil grip and letter tracing. You’ll notice in their tote bag folders that they tried tracing the ‘yellow brick road’ of their names. Next year in the Cricket class, we do this activity a few times each week as they learn the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make. The children were excited to do this.

The children love hiking and we did several loops of the Adventure Trail. The wild bleeding hearts are in full bloom and we are trying to impress upon the children that if we pick them all, the forest won’t be as beautiful, and the flowers hold the seeds to the plant and they need to stay there so that they can grow again next year. We promised to put a few pictures of them with the flowers in the Gazette this week so that you can see the bleeding hearts at home.  We reviewed our phrase, “If it’s living or green, leave it to be seen – if it is dead and turned brown, you can knock it down.”

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you on the Playground next week!


The Crickets were ‘hopping’ this week – with the sunny weather and the new Ninja Course. All of that activity must have built up an appetite as several of our Crickets were finished with all of their snack by Wednesday! 

We came up to the forest to discover lots of new growth, bleeding hearts, mushrooms, and lovely fiddleheads of ferns. We’ve been talking to the Cricket class about respecting the living things in the forest so that it continues to be a beautiful place for us to spend time in. There was quite a bit of ‘whacking’ the living things with sticks and we reviewed our phrase, “If it’s living or green, leave it to be seen – if it is dead and turned brown, you can knock it down.”

The Crickets learned about X and Y this week and did rainbow letters and wrote the letters on our snack stumps with chalk. We also read a second version of our folktale, “The 3 Wishes”, and created our own pictures of ourselves with sausages on our noses. On Friday, we made stamper books based on the tale.  Please read your Cricket’s stamper books back to them. They love to hear their words, often silly, read back to them and it is an important step on their pathway to literacy. 

We also began creating our invitations to our Daddies for Dads’ Day (June 4th, similar schedule to Moms’ Day) The kiddos are looking forward to showing their dads around their campuses. 

Have a great weekend everyone, and we will see you on the playground next week!


 Oh, my goodness! What a lovely week we had. The afternoons were sunny after the morning cloud cover and mountain shadow left us. It was a treat to see sun hats, sunscreen and short sleeved shirts up in the forest. 

The Bees were treated to the bravery of Merritt! Being the first to do her World Culture Report on Tanzania! She did such a great job, that we ‘lent’ her out to the other cohort to present her report to them as well! We can’t wait to hear everyone’s report in the next two weeks.

Merritt left town to be a flower girl at a friend’s wedding in North Carolina, and Madison is finishing out her time in Arizona visiting family. They will both be quarantining next week. Maya’s family is travelling to Pennsylvania to be with family this weekend, so we are down to only 5 students next week! We miss our sweet friends and hope to be reunited with them all very soon. 

The Bees practiced writing 2, 3, 4 and 5 this week. They wrote their numbers on their snack stools and then went to find 5 things that were the same to put on their stools. It was a fun exercise that the children did, not even knowing that they were learning math!

Gigi was one of the first kiddos to recite the poem about Mommies that we sent home last week. Way to go Gigi! We had a lovely picnic snack on the climbing tree trail. Max even chose to have his snack up in the climbing tree!

We finally finished our Pin Poking Earths, pin poking out the 7 continents. These kids worked so hard at this, a Montessori exercise that promotes good pencil grip and fine motor concentration. They did a great job. 

The Bees have had a wonderful school year of learning how to appreciate the beautiful natural setting that we are blessed to have our classes in. They love to add slugs, beetles, snails, and different pinecones, seeds and leaves to our nature table. We’ve come a long way from the fall when we had to teach them our phrase, “If it’s living or green, leave it to be seen – if it is dead and turned brown, you can knock it down.”

We celebrated Miss Maya’s 6th birthday on Wednesday! We hope you all had a great time at the park celebrating our friend Maya. It is so sweet to participate in these Honeybees birthday circles, to read their sweet words in her birthday book, and to watch everyone respond at birthday circle time to wanting to sing their best for the birthday girl, wanting to sit close to her and rooting her on as she circles the sun. Maya is the final birthday of the school year. We hope everyone had a wonderful birthday celebration and will hold on to their birthday book for years to come. 

We are sad to find out that Maya’s Grandpa in Pennsylvania has been diagnosed with cancer and Maya’s family is travelling there to support Grandma and Grampa through the diagnosis. We wish them all well and hope to connect with Maya over zoom for the next few weeks of school.

We started creating our invitations for Dads’ Day (June 3rd, similar schedule to Moms’ Day), and began talking about Graduation. The staff is still figuring out our plan and schedule for graduation for both cohorts and will let you know as soon as we know the final details. Graduation is June 11th, during the day, details will follow soon. 

Have a great weekend everyone and we will see you on the Playground next week!




Save the Date - Dad's Day at The Garden

Ladybugs and Honeybees – Thursday, June 3 during class time.

Crickets – Friday, June 4 during class time.

Join us for a special Father’s Day celebration at school.

Dads will walk with us to campus at drop off and hang out with us for class! We plan on the session being about 90 minutes, and students will leave with their daddies at the end of our celebration. If you cannot attend, please chat with Brin on alternative scenarios. In the past, a special uncle or grandfather has come when Daddy cannot attend, and of course, if you have to leave a little early, we can adjust to that as well. We sure love our Dads and can’t wait to celebrate you all!

Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 31 – No school

Dad’s Day at School

Ladybugs and Honeybees-Thursday, June 3
Crickets-Friday, June 4

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

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