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Save the Date - Mom's Day at The Garden

Ladybugs and Honeybees – Thursday, May 6 during class time.

Crickets – Friday, May 7 during class time.

Join us for a special Mother’s Day celebration at school.

Moms will walk with us to campus at drop off and hang out with us for class! We plan on the session being about 90 minutes, and students will leave with their mommies at the end of our celebration. If you cannot attend, please chat with Brin on alternative scenarios. In the past, a special aunt or grandmother has come when Mommy cannot attend, and of course, if you have to leave a little early, we can adjust to that as well. We sure love our Moms and can’t wait to celebrate you all!

Thank you to everyone who donated during our Roots of Resilience Live Event, Silent Auction and Raise the Paddle!

If you’d like to donate our Raise the Paddle is open through Saturday April 24, 2021.

Donate Here

From the Mousehole

Oh, my goodness! What an amazing auction weekend we all shared! Thank you so much for all of your fun and supportive energy that you brought with you last Saturday night! Isn’t our community resilient?  Thank you, Jaz and Rose, for all of your hard work to put on an unusual online and silent auction. Thank you to Lauren, Garden Alum, for your skillful auctioneering! The ‘Raise the Paddle’ is still open thru Saturday – Please help us reach our goal to continue our program.  

And thank you to everyone who participated!  Cannot believe what we have been through over these last 12 months and look where we are! Car windows rolled down, sunroofs open, and even parents out of their cars in the parking lot!!! We love it! Every week seems to be a little bit more open and freer. Thank you for continuing to follow the safety guidelines – we are not completely normal yet, but we are on our way. Thank you for all of your support!

Did everyone enjoy a win?  A fun scavenger hunt? We so loved seeing all of the pictures from the scavenger hunt! So many creative shots! 

Next week, we turn our attention to Moms. We can’t wait to celebrate you, mothers, and we are excited to be able to have you on campus! We have activities planned, but honestly, the biggest thrill is that moms will be able to walk with their child on campus. Not sure if there will be a dry eye on that day! Watch for your invite next week. 

Heads up! We totally understand if you have a rough morning, or can’t get to school on time, but want to encourage you to arrive on time as the kiddos use those first minutes in deciding what they are going to do for the day, and the parents use those minutes to roll down their windows and visit! 

All three classes talked about our amazing planet, our amazing home – the planet earth. On Earth Day, we celebrate this amazing planet that we call home and we shared at circle all of the different things that we are grateful for and how we can take care of our earth. Each child went home with a tree to commemorate the end of our Roots of Resilience scavenger hunt. Much thanks to our Auction chairs Jazz and Rose for coordinating such a fun event and what a lovely way to celebrate Earth Day! 

Sunny weather led us to start using sunscreen and water bottles! We had fun making pet rocks, learning about continents, and acting out Little Red Hen and Humpty Dumpty. A great week!

Read on for Cohort News.

Squeaks and Hoots Donna, Cari and Thea

We had so much fun on the playground this week. We enjoyed warmer weather, days without snow pants and snow coats, and learning about butterflies. We painted earths, made pet rocks, enjoyed doing Humpty Dumpty books, and started making special surprises for our Mommies. 

Oh, my goodness, what a busy week on the playground for our Crickets! We painted earths, made amazing butterflies, enjoyed creating pet rocks, and other special treats for our Mommies. We learned about the letter of the week, V, and read several versions of “The Little Red Hen”. We enjoyed helping out the Earth by watering our Trees down by the Chicken Coop. Each student pulled water up from the creek to fill their container and then transfer it down to the Chicken coop to nourish our cedars and hemlocks. Each cricket took at least 3 trips! So fun! 

Well, we had a full week of sun and fun on the playground! We learned about the last letter of the alphabet this week, and made some beautiful butterflies with our paints. We are looking forward to celebrating our moms in the next two weeks. 

We made some beautiful earths and celebrated Earth Day on Thursday. We also completed our Mom’s Day and Dad’s Day gifts. 




Squeaks and Hoots from Cara and Matt

Thank you to our entire community for your outstanding generosity during our auction.  All the staff was together at my house watching as the live items were being auctioned off.  We were all cheering and felt so loved.

Our little bugs have become such a tight group together.  They are kind to each other, inclusive with their play and have so much fun with their imaginary group activities.  This week we worked on making butterfly art for our Moms. 

We celebrated Earth Day on Thursday when the children were invited to make pet rocks to symbolize loving and taking care of our planet.  Weren’t they so adorable!

Happy Earth Day!  We celebrated our beautiful planet by sharing which animal on Earth is the children’s favorite.  We also found rocks, gave them a bubble bath, and declared them as loving pets.  When we clean and love our planet (and rocks) the planet is healthier and happier.

We talked about how many wonderful things we have in our lives and we went around the circle and asked each child what they were thankful for.  It was extremely sweet.  Some of our children in the Cricket class are shy to speak in front of their peers, but with the practice we have been doing at circle time, many more friends are feeling brave enough to share their feelings.

We are also doing a lot of artwork these days that the Mom’s will see next week. 

The unbelievable weather we had this week made the energy and excitement in the Honeybee class buzz.  We all enjoyed many hikes up in the forest and a picnic style snack down by the creek. 

The letter of the week was Z, and we all celebrated the completion of studying each letter in the alphabet.  We didn’t get around to doing the rainbow Z, but I sent it home with them.  If they would like to do it at home and then bring it back to school to show the class, I told them that they could get a sticker.

We are all feeling the love in the world right now and we have been talking about how we have so much to be thankful about.  We had 2 Thankful Circles this week where each child could say one thing that they are thankful for and why they are thankful for that item.  Please watch the video of the kiddos sharing their feelings.  One Wednesday, our Thankful Circle was done by each and every student.  However, when I videoed the circle on Thursday, a few students were a little shy.

Earth Day was so much fun at school.  All the kiddos choose a rock, gave it a bubble bath to represent cleaning the earth.  Then they added eyes and loved on them for the day.  We talked about how important it is to keep our planet clean to keep it healthy.  Many children love pulling ivy off of the trees in the forest and Matt has been a big help with the extra large pieces of ivy.  Please watch the video where Matt tries to pull down the biggest piece of ivy ever!

Each Honeybee went home with a folder full of paintings and other artwork.  When the weather is warmer, we are able to do more painting and actually have it dry before they take it home.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to a fun week on the playground next week.




Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Auction dates to know

Saturday, April 24, 2021
Last Day to donate to Raise the Paddle.

Mom’s Day at School

Ladybugs and Honeybees-Thursday, May 6
Crickets-Friday, May 7

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Honeybees parents, please join us for Tea with the Teachers Friday, March 5 at 1:00 pm.

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

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