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Our live Roots of Resilience auction event is Saturday, April 17.

We’re looking forward to celebrating our community at the Auction on Saturday, 4/17.
Thank you for your support of The Garden! 

Register Here.

It is really important that you register in Auctria prior to the event so you can bid on the live auction items and raise the paddle. You can’t participate without first registering. 

View the Auction Website Here

Get all the details on the Roots of Resilience auction including live event schedule.

View the Catalog Here

There are lots of great experiences, art projects and more!  5 of the items will be auctioned off live at the event on Saturday:

  1. Dino Day with Brin and Thea!
  2. Fairy Day with Donna and Cara!
  3. All-School Garden Platter!
  4. Painting Class with Ricco DiStefano!
  5. Twice-monthly CSA box!

Camp Tree Circle at The Children’s Garden

We are so excited to offer two sessions of Camp Tree Circle. 

Wild Things: June 14-17,  9 am-12 pm

Force of Nature: June 21-24,  9 am-12 pm

Come enjoy a week of forest fun with Teachers Thea, Donna, Cara, and Brin! Students in all of our classes are welcome to enroll for either session.

Become nature masters and stewards of the forest by:

  • playing games in and about nature as we run, hide, play tag, jump, dance and enjoy the wonder of the forest

  • continue to practice our mutual respect for each other and the animals and plants of the forest by using teamwork to identify plants without picking them and walk like predators to pass through the forest quickly and quietly 

  • learn which summer berries and leaves we can eat, how to pick and eat them safely, and which ones are the yummiest! 

  • discover all that our own backyard can do for us from curing nettle stings to making natural pigments for  tie-dye and so much more!

Look out for links to our Camp Tree Circle website and registration information to be sent out early next week.

Health and Safety Reminder

If any unvaccinated household members traveled out of state and/or were in close contact with an unvaccinated visitor over spring break, you must:
1.  Provide a negative PCR test result in your student’s name taken at least 3-5 days after returning home while completing a 7 day self-quarantine without symptoms before returning to campus.
2. Complete a 10 day self-quarantine without symptoms before returning to campus.  
In ALL cases, families should be monitoring all household members for symptoms a full 14 days following any travel/visitation regardless of vaccination status.  We are only able to accept the results of PCR testing given the accuracy issues associated with the rapid test at this point in time

From the Mousehole

What a glorious week of weather for our return to school after Spring Break! We hope you are all registered for our fabulous auction tomorrow night! Jaz and Rose, our amazing auction chairs, are all set to put on an exciting auction, full of great items, fun activities, and a few surprises. The staff have loved seeing the class art projects and baskets coming in. We can’t wait – the social hour alone is going to be a fun opportunity to gather and interact together as we build the excitement for the live auction! Make sure that you register before the live auction so that you can join us for the social hour and receive notifications and reminders throughout the live and silent auctions.

With the beautiful weather, we have been bringing the easels out to the campuses so that the kids can paint whenever the spirit moves them. You will notice their paintings in their folders each week. Wasn’t the Art Show so sweet? Not just the first opportunity to get out of your cars to socialize with each other, but to see the children standing proudly, holding their favorite piece of art. The Children’s Garden Art Show is one of the staff’s favorite events, as we hold art so dear. Our annual theme is “Art Completes Us”, because, well, it does! We hope you have found a wall of honor in your home to display some of your favorites of your young artist!

We hope you all had a lovely spring break with your family. We are loving being back to school, and catching up with our kiddos and their news. They all seemed to grow a couple of inches! And we are extremely excited to participate in this year’s auction. The annual auction is an amazing community builder (even online!) and such an important support and the main fundraising effort of our program. We so appreciate all of our families enrolling in The Children’s Garden and signing up for the fundraising that is such an important part of our program. We could not do the Branching Out Program, or even the Art Show, without our fundraising. We hope that you all find some wonderful bidding opportunities, great bargains, and inspirational purchases at The Annual Auction. Let’s keep this important program going!

Our next big focus is on Mothers’ Tea, the week before Mothers’ Day. Details will follow as we clarify the CDC and State guidelines, but we are positive that this is an event that you will not want to miss.

I spent my spring break cleaning out my 26-, 30- and 32-year-old kids’ childhood closets – found lots of Children’s Garden Art, matchbox cars, American girl dolls and lots of concert and play programs and wonderful little memories. I saved everything! – including this poem that my mother sent me, called “Looking for the Moon.” It’s dated, with old fashioned references, but I do love the sentiment. It is so true. I always felt as a parent of toddlers, little kids, tweens and teenagers, that the days were often long, but the years flew by – and here I am, sitting amongst boxes of easel paintings, mother’s day cards, report cards, macaroni necklaces and Happy Meal Toys –  while my kids all live in their own homes, in three different cities, and in varying degrees of vaccinations, we excitedly look for a chance to reunite after more than a year apart!  :0)

Before we had children

We went out to dinner

We caught lots of movies

(I’m sure we were thinner)

Our house was not messy.

There were few stains to scrub.

And I’m sure there was no rubber duck in our tub.

We slept in on weekends,

We slept through the night.

But we didn’t blow bubbles and

We didn’t fly kites.

And we never saw Santa,

Or hid chocolate eggs.

We never played peek-a-boo,

Or made tunnels with legs.

There’s so much that we’ve gained,

And so much that must wait.

(There’ll be few lengthy novels,

And more video tapes.)

But they’re right when they tell you,

Children grow up too soon.

So tonight we’ll count stars,

And go look for the moon.

                           -Linda Dodge

Read on for Cohort News:

Squeaks and Hoots from Matt and Cara

Oh my goodness. What an amazing week of sunshine we had. The children had such a good time on the playground this week. We engineered a new bucket and pulley system on the bridge which enables children to pull water up from the creek and use it in the play mud kitchen. They had so much fun pulling up bucket after bucket. And what an amazing week for Brook. Her little baby is doing so well and the family is all having special bonding time together.

We celebrated Leo becoming as he became big brother to a new baby sister. Congratulations to the Williams family!

I hope your little ones came home this week reciting Humpty Dumpty. They got to make a little booklet this week and we also acted out the nursery rhyme. Many of them would stand up on a little wall and recite “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.” Then they would all jump off and lay on the ground. The other students would pretend to be the kings horses in the kings men and they would rush over to see if  Humpty Dumpty was OK. It was so cute to watch them acting out this nursery rhyme.

You have probably noticed that there’s more artwork coming home. We have the paint easel set up on the playground so the children can paint whenever they want to. They have such amazing time getting so focused on their painting. We were also able to make some beaded bracelets and necklaces. These are all optional activities and if your children didn’t come home with any beaded jewelry or paintings, it just means that they were interested in doing something else that day.

Our crickets had a very active week out on the playground. The weather was perfect and the children were able to freely paint at the easel or make beaded jewelry. It’s great to see them run around in big social groups and then be able to go off and have a little bit of focused alone time doing an art project. If your child did not come home with any paintings or beaded art it is because they chose to do other activities that day.

This week we read Henny Penny to the class. They all thought it was really funny and they like all of the characters names. There was Foxy Loxie, Lucy Goosy, Ducky Lucky, Henny Penny, and Turkey Lurckey. They all said that they wanted to act out the play but when it came to volunteering to be the actors they all shied away.
Many of our students made Stamper books this week as well. They were based on the Jack in the Beanstalk story that we had read last week. We love all of these beginning literacy projects where the children are writing their own stories. We also love to have the children bring in any books that they would like to share and read with the class. It’s fun to read the Stamper books with your children at night at bedtime.

The letter of the week was T. We practiced writing T and came up with some fun words that started with the sound. We also like to have our little ones bring in pictures of things that they know start with the letter T.

The Cricket class was the first class to help us set up the bucket and pulley system over the creek. They now can drop a bucket over the side of the bridge and pull the rope up to bring a bucket full of water up. They always love to play with water and during these non-rainy days it’s still wonderful to see then being able to enjoy the cold water in the creek.

Our honeybees were as busy as bees this week. It is amazing the high spirits that all of them have with this beautiful sunshine. We have many different activities available to them on the playground this week. They could take time and paint at the easel or play with their friends doing some puzzles. They absolutely loved playing with the bucket, rope and pulley system that collects water from the creek. They would fill up buckets and water the plants or watch it slide down the slide.

We’ve been talking more about the continents on the planet and all the many many countries. This is getting them ready to choose a country that they are going to do their world culture report on. I am certain that you’ve heard the continents poem many times in your house. It is quite a catchy tune. They have also been working on a Montessori type pin poke project making a globe.

Next week is Earth Day and we started talking about the many ways that we could be kind to our planet. The children came up with many brilliant ideas about how we can be kind to our planet. Axel said that he wants the earth to have clean water from the ocean. Milo said we should make more trees. Emmie said we should plant flowers, make soil for plants, make water and throw more seeds around. Malcolm said we should grow ferns and cut down all the ivy because trees grow air. We need to make sure that we don’t kill fish. When we dump stuff in the garbage, it can go out to the ocean and kill the fish. Emerson said that we should make sure we are using the garbage can. Eva said that we should rake the grass and make sure we throw away our garbage. Owen C said that we should drive electric cars. And Owen A said that we should make safe trails for people who want to hike.

This week the kiddos practice the letter Y. Next week is our last letter of the alphabet. We will have a type of alphabet party for them to celebrate learning each of the letters.





Squeaks and Hoots from Thea, Cari and Donna

We so enjoyed the sunny weather, even though it was still cold. We only had 3 students on Tuesday, as a result of vacation quarantining, car trouble and sniffles. Although we missed our kiddos, the three that were present were very verbal and had fun interacting with their classmates more than they usually do. It was a fun opportunity for our students to let their voices be heard.

For the kids that have not done ‘This Little Piggy’ books, they completed theirs, and the others worked on ‘Humpty Dumpty’ books. Next week, we start working on our focus on Mothers in preparation for our Mothers’ Day celebration.

Some of our Bugs have recognized the map of the world hanging up in our shelter, that we have for our Bees.

We painted, we read books and we went on incredible hikes! We listened to news from our students about their spring break and their Easter baskets! A fun week!

Oh my goodness, what a lovely week to return to Luna’s Forest! We had a smaller class this week, with families quarantining after travel and sniffles, boogers and allergies acting up! Thea and I are so sad that we did not get to your Egg Hunt at Kensie’s house on the Friday before break. Right after the Art Show, we did our planning for the weeks following Spring Break and planned on getting to the event at 2. We received communication from Room Mums that as we were leaving for party that you guys were already on your way to celebrate Easter Weekend and Spring Break! So disappointed to miss you all. Heard you had a lovely time! Thank you Kensie’s family for hosting.

We discovered a lovely new hike that led us to the Creekside of the same brook that runs under the bridge to the playground, and we enjoyed revisiting some favorite hikes to climbing trees and wishing wells.

We started working on Mothers’ Gifts and enjoyed having the easel up in Luna’s Forest. We also started a new folk tale, Henny Penny, and enjoyed heading down the hill to feed the chickens and listen to the story at circle time on the deck. We heard two different versions of the story, along with our Crickets own version that we started at snack time on Monday…Once upon a time, there was a fox named Foxy Loxy…We went around the circle having each Cricket add their details on what happened next. It was so fun to watch the wheels turn as they came up with the next thing that happened in their story.

We brought the easel out to the tree circle and wrote news and practiced our letter of the week.

Our bees are so fun to spend time with. We found a new trail that led us down to the creek and we found so many deer foot prints! David, Brook’s dad, has set out a motion activated nature camera along the side of the creek and told us that he enjoys seeing all of the wildlife, along with the kids throwing rocks into the creek! One of our bees asked why deer have such weird footprints. I responded that I’m sure the deer are asking the same about our footprints!

The kids were so taken with this new space, that we decided it would be a lovely spot for a picnic snack.

We are not sure what set off this ‘virtual’ display of dance moves, ski skills and ATV turns, but this week, Thea and I so enjoyed watching these kiddos show us their ‘moves’, while sitting on their snack stumps…usually shy students got up and ran around showing us dance pirouettes, breakdance moves, ski jumps and slaloms, and skateboard tricks. It was lovely to see everyone have a little more boldness and asking for everyone to pay attention to them, as they sat on their stumps, or raced around, or perched on a branch and spent 2 or 3 minutes, completely acting out a complete race, song,  or drive and proudly explained each and every movement.

We started looking at continents and began pin-poking to make our continents and globes – Can’t wait to begin planning our World Culture Reports with our Bees.

Can’t tell you all how thrilled we are to be back in class with our Bees. It is hard to believe that we only have 8 weeks of school left with these sweet students.




Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Auction dates to know

April 17, 2021

Roots of Resilience Virtual Auction Live Event

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Honeybees parents, please join us for Tea with the Teachers Friday, March 5 at 1:00 pm.

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

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