Garden Gazette 3-5-21

No School Reminder

Conferences continue next week. There is no school for Crickets on Monday, March 8  and no school for Honeybees, Thursday, March 11.

From the Mousehole

Oh my, doesn’t that sunshine just completely change your mood? What a lovely week we had at The Garden! The teachers all worked together by zoom on Monday, processing and discussing each of our students, and spent the remainder of the day writing up conference reports for our Parent Teacher Conferences. 

When we returned to school on Tuesday after our conferencing, we all commented on how much these kiddos have grown! Their stamina, their grit, and their social emotional skills – as well as their fine motor skills and large motor sills!  We are sure that you notice it as well. This is mostly because of the time that has passed, but also because of the times that we are in! Our students have been blessed with “Having” to experience and outdoor school program, in the Pacific Northwest and they are thriving! 

Our Ladybugs had their parent teacher conferences yesterday and our Crickets and Bees will conference next week. Each conference is scheduled for 25 minutes, but let the teachers know if you have more questions or would like to discuss things further. We can always make time to chat with you.

Cara and Brook’s cohort are getting ready to wish Brook a happy maternity leave and welcome the amazing Matt as Cara’s teammate, starting this next week. They had a zoom introduction to students and families on Wednesday and it is safe to say that everyone is excited to meet Matt in person!

We are getting ready for Leprechaun Day on the 17th and 18th and finishing up some beautiful projects for our Art Portfolios. With Leprechaun Day around the corner, we are fully immersed in our rush of lovely Garden Traditions and Special Events. Please make sure you mark your calendars with all of the upcoming special dates, so you don’t miss these lifelong memory makers!

Thank you, Kara McKown, for repainting our parking lot stripes, and thanks to all of you for helping us make the drop off and pick up go so smoothly, parking in the lower lot if you are a few minutes late, and waiting until everyone is safely out of the lot before coming up to the main lot. We appreciate those of you who text us about traffic conditions or when you are running late. 

Please read on for Cohort News:

Squeaks and Hoots from Cari, Thea and Donna


We had a great time on Tuesday on the playground. It was cold and rainy, but we got a lot of painting in, some lovely play time with our bin of Playmobil toys, and we got to know Clay a little better in his second week with us at The Garden. 

We didn’t take a lot of pictures on Tuesday, so no photos in the Gazette this week, but we had a lovely time chatting most of the moms and dads on Friday during our Tea with the Teachers zoom, and again during our Parent Teacher Conferences. Aren’t these little ones doing so well with their outdoor school? It is amazing to see how comfortable they have grown, wearing a mask, learning outside, and enjoying themselves outside, rain, snow, wind, or sun! Good job parents, in preparing them for the weather and keeping a positive spin on this wonderful opportunity! 


With only two days this week, we had a great time on the playground, and did lots of fun paint and art projects. Reminder that there is no school on Monday so that we can do our Zoom Parent Teacher Conferences with you. We are so looking forward to chatting with you all.

We read a wonderful story, called “Speak Out!”, talking about all the opportunities to speak out, when you see something that is not right, when you see something that you love, or when you see a stranger or a friend going through some emotions. The kids had lots of questions about the photos of famous people who spoke out in the story…RBG, Nelson Mandela, Malala, and Martin Luther King. 

We started having an early circle with our Crickets to wake up our bodies, talk about our ‘to do’ list for the day and to have some fun singing our favorite songs. Each student is telling us what their favorite song is and after they let us know how it goes, we join them in singing it. Such a fun time for them to have a turn at ‘teaching’ and for us to have fun singing together.

On Friday, we acted out “Three Little Pigs” to culminate all the different versions that we have been reading. Watch for a video of their performance!


We had such a fun week on the playground – The sunny Wednesday was so lovely, that we had a picnic snack time out by the parking lot. We are still missing Mila and Maya as they are quarantining after travel, but we welcomed a new friend, Max, to our Honeybee class, who loves lions, Pikachu, and hearts, and celebrated a birthday circle on Thursday, preparing for his 5th birthday this weekend. Welcome Max and his parents, Mikell and Brian when you see them in the parking lot! 

We finished up some lovely art and painting projects while we had the chance and began working on rhyming words. The children love to play “Willowby, Wallowby, Wonna”, and then answer the rhyming name, “an elephant sat on Donna”, and we realized that they know how to rhyme, but not many know the meaning of the word, ‘rhyme’. We wanted to start with some simple rhymes, so this week, we started with Man, Can, Pan, Fan, etc. Have fun finding simple rhyme words at home.

With Monday being March 1st, we all did a calendar, with of course, a star of March on the picture, a leprechaun. We are starting to talk about these special little creatures and preparing for Leprechaun Day. 

Each of our Honeybees are getting daily practice standing at circle and presenting a poem, a song, something that they know, or a fact. They follow up their presentation with a bow or a curtsy. We are warming up for our World Culture Reports which you will start hearing about in the next few weeks. Next week, we start learning about ‘mapping’ and we will soon start learning about “Where we Live” from our bedrooms to our homes, to our street, to our neighborhood, city, state, country, continent, planet, all the way to our galaxy! And then we learn our ‘Continents’ song. You might want to start talking with your child about a country/culture that they might want to teach us about – perhaps you have travelled somewhere, your grandparents are from a country, or someone travelled to a country on a business trip. Perhaps you have a pen pal or know someone who lives in another country/culture, or you have a special interest in a country or culture. Start discussing different cultures and countries at the dinner table and we will talk more about it at circle. We will ask your child to let us know what they are going to tell us about in the next few weeks. 


Introducing….our Ladybugs! Here is our group of Ladybugs with names so you can get to know your class.




Squeaks and Hoots from Brook, Cara and Matt

While we are sad to see Brook leave our classes, we are so happy to welcome Matt to The Children’s Garden community.  Thank you to the families who joined our zoom meetings on Tuesday.  The children were adorable asking Matt questions and telling him what they like to do at school.

We are going to be making a “Big Brother” book for Eddy filled with pages of advice from all of our students.  If your child would like to make one at home, we would welcome that.  If they could draw a picture of something they feel is important for Eddy to know about how to take care of his baby sister and then you could narrate their words of wisdom.  We will also be doing this in class if they do not want to do it at home.  Thank you!


We had a lovely day in the sunshine on Tuesday with our Bugs.  They were all enthralled with making slug soup.  We have kept the jugs from collecting maple tree water up in the forest this week and it is amazing how much fun children have playing with water.  They would fill up their jug and then watch it go down a ramp, pour it into a pot in the kitchen or water the plants.

Thank you for participating in our Parent Teacher Conferences.  We enjoy talking to parents one-on-one to discuss the developments of their children.  We are looking forward to being on the playground next week and completing many art projects for the Art Show.


Thank you so much for the gift certificate to Lucky You for my birthday.  How did you know that is my favorite store?  I will have fun picking something out and knowing that it is from my little Crickets.

Yes! Your children had a wonderful time meeting Matt on Friday.  It is so fun to see them light up when showing Matt all the amazing places up in the forest and all the fun things to do.  Our Crickets educated Matt on mud soup, Lava Monster and Freeze tag.  They all went home very happy and very tired.  

The letter of the week was P.  Thank you Iris so much for bringing in pictures that you drew with objects that started with the sound P.  I hope to see more children bring in drawings with objects that start with the sound Q next week.  We were going to practice writing out Ps but the game of Lava Monster with teacher Matt out trumped the letter practicing this week.  We thought the bonding with Matt was more important.  We will practice both letters next week.

We wrapped up our Three Little Pigs story and acted out a cute rendition up in the forest.  It would be fun for your family to act out the story at home as well.


Well, I am certain that all of your kiddos came home on Thursday extremely exhausted and thoroughly excited about Teacher Matt.  The kids had a great time showing Matt all of the hiking trails, chickens, slides and about 100 other things up in the forest.  I think I heard, “Matt!  Matt!  Look what I can do!” about 100 times.  It was absolutely perfect.  As I watched Matt play his 8th round of freeze tag I realized why I have been so exhausted each day after school.  At one time, he was a cowboy and was rounding up the kids (you can watch this on one of the videos).  

March is in the air which means the beginning signs of spring and of course – LEPRECHAUNS!   Many Honeybees thought the leprechauns were playing tug-of-war with them while they were pulling invasive ivy off some trees.  Next week we will be making some leprechaun catchers and learning a fun poem.  We decided not to have a new poem this week and asked the kids to practice the Tap Tap Tap poem from last week.  No one was ready to recite that poem this week so we thought we would play catch up for a bit.  Speaking of catch up – the letter of the week this week was “T”.  We were going to practice writing our Ts on Thursday, but the children were having so much fun playing and getting to know Matt that we decided that was more important and let them take their practice sheets home to finish.  Thank you to Owen A and Owen C for bringing in drawings of items that started with a T.  Next week is the letter “U” and we would love to see drawings from more of our Honeybees.

We read a really fun rhyming book on Thursday called Rhymoceros.   We will continue our rhyming work next week as well.  

As many of you know, each year the Honeybee students get to choose a country in the world and do a “World Culture Report”.  We will start to talk about the world and where we live in it next week.  It all starts with living in our own bodies and grows from there into home, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent and planet.  We will also start to discuss different cultures around the world and how they are often attributed to where they are on the planet (countries closer to the equator have different cultures than those closer to the poles).  We will be sending home a lot of information about these reports which will be presented by the students in May.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to having more fun next week with all of your little ones.





Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Conferences-No School

Monday March 8 – Cricket Conferences. No school for Crickets

Thursday, March 11 – Honeybee conferences. No school for Honeybees

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Honeybees parents, please join us for Tea with the Teachers Friday, March 5 at 1:00 pm.

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

Teacher Brook’s Last Day

Next week will be Teacher Brook’s last week before starting her maternity leave after school Friday March 12. 

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