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Auction Donation Deadline

Thank you to everyone who has turned in donation forms! Deadline for all forms is April 1st. For more info and printable forms visit Auction 2021 

You’re Invited!

Our live Roots of Resilience auction event is Saturday, April 17.

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From the Mousehole

Well, Top o’the mornin’ to you all! It was a lovely Leprechaun week at The Children’s Garden! Everybody came to school decked out in their finest green and hunted for their lucky gold! It is definitely one of our ‘high holy days’ here amongst the staff.

We also lucked out with sunny bright weather for most of the week, though it was very chilly. Good job, parents, in sending the kids to school ready for any weather!

Our beloved ‘Art Show’ is right around the corner. After we announced the original dates, we heard from several families that they would not be able to attend, with Kindergarten testing and post Spring Break travel quarantine, so we decided to do it before our Spring break. Our plan is for each cohort to do something at the end of their class in the gazebo on Thursday and Friday, the 1st and 2nd of April. We’ll figure out the time for each cohort and get those to you next week.

On those same days, April 1st and 2nd, we will be having an ‘egg hunt’ for each group during class time. This year, the kids are going to paint their own ‘eggs’ (rocks) and be able to take their beautiful creations home, where you can place them in your garden or bring them out every spring to add to your décor. Everyone will also be bringing home some lovely spring/Easter art.

We are loving the beautiful class art projects that are in progress. Those are going to be hot items at this year’s auction! Thank you everyone for your help and support and thank you Jaz and Rose for your auction leadership. What an amazing community we have here at The Garden!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Read on for Squeaks and Hoots.

Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Thea and Cari


The Bugs had a great week finishing up their Art Show pieces and starting their Easter project. We made rainbows on Tuesday to attract the Leprechauns, and it seemed to work! Every little Ladybug was able to find a big chunk of gold on Thursday that the Leprechauns left behind!

We didn’t write news with the ladybugs this week, as we spent the time getting their biographies ready for their “About the Artist” piece for the Art Show. We hope you have as much fun reading these little life stories as we did when we wrote down their words. We typically ask the children for the age of all of those in their family. One of you looks very good for being the ripe old age of sixteen hundred!

We made “This Little Piggy” booklets and the children had fun playing the nursery rhyme with their fingers. We read a cute book by the Woods, called “Piggies” that Teacher Donna brought from home.

Thea was in for Teacher Donna on Thursday, as I strained a muscle in my back. I decided I’m loopy enough for the kiddos, without coming to school on muscle relaxers! :0)

We’re missing Giulia, who hopes to return next week, after quarantining post travel.


Oh, what a fun it is to be in the Cricket class on Leprechaun Day! Every one of these little cuties found a lucky piece of gold hidden on the playground. There were green footprints all along the bridge, leading us to a note written in Leprechaunese! Fortunately, Teacher Thea knew how to translate the note and could read it to us.

The Crickets are practicing telling us their favorite songs and some are standing up at circle and singing. Talk with your little one about some favorite songs that you had when you were younger, or that you guys like to sing in the car. We are getting quite a few songs from “Frozen”. Their voices are joyous and beautiful, and their confidence and comfort are growing each day. Of course, we have several who are not there yet, and we are all working on feeling better about sharing at circle time.

Teacher Donna left class early on Wednesday and Brin covered for me. Thank you so much Brin! I strained a muscle in my back on Tuesday and wanted to get to the doctor for some pain relief. I’m so glad I got to see the big Gold Search before I went!

We finished up most of our Art Show pieces this week, as well as our Easter Art and adorable Leprechaun hats and leprechaun news. We didn’t do regular news this week because we did our special “What do you know about Leprechauns” paper and we are still finishing up the biographies for our “About the Author” pieces.

It was fun talking to a few of you at the Friday Tea with the Teachers last week. We chatted a bit about the Crickets’ comical answers on their biographies. When we ask the children the ages of all of their families, we never know what they are going to say! All of our Cricket Parent ages fall somewhere between 5 and 126 years old! :0) Just like their weekly news, we listen to their answers knowing that they miiiiiiiiight not be 100% accurate! We leave out details that we think might be inappropriate or that you might not necessarily want to share. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did when we were asking the children questions about their lives.

Q was a hard letter of the week to think of words to start with! Some of our students are bringing in drawings of items that start with the letter of the week. Next week should be easier with R as our new letter. Please help your look around the house or anywhere that you are at! for items or words that start with R. Have them draw a picture of what they find and bring it in to share. We’d love to see it!


Well, we just know that you are going to ‘flip’ over your Honeybee’s artwork that they bring home on Art Show Day. It is always fun after they work so hard on a piece, to hold it up in front of them to marvel at what they just did! Their eyes widen and then twinkle as they get a big smile on behind that mask! They are impressed themselves at what beautiful things they can do!

The Honeybee year is such a moment in time, from their Art Show pieces to that added depth of understanding around our annual Special Events. They were talking all week about Leprechaun traps and looking for mischief and magic on the playground.

On Tuesday, the shade was so chilly, and the sun was so warm that we decided to have another Parking Lot Picnic at snacktime! We planted flower seeds around the chicken coop, fed the chickens and then went up and washed our hands before we fed ourselves. The Bees just love to picnic.

On Tuesday, we also had a first for this group..every one of our Bees stood up at circle and recited a poem or a song that they knew. Thea and I almost cried; we were so proud of them all being so brave.

Wednesday was Leprechaun Day and we made adorable Leprechaun hats, wrote some leprechaun news and followed some green footprints across the bridge to find that we must have startled one of the little critters into leaving his gold behind! Each Bee took home one giant piece of gold! Have fun talking to them about what they might buy with that treasure!

Our letter of the week was U, and next week we move on to V. Please talk with your Honeybee about words and items that start with the ‘V” sound. They can draw a picture of the items and bring it in to share at circle next week.

Matthew celebrated his upcoming birthday with 5 trips around the sun at his birthday circle on Thursday. Happy birthday this weekend Matthew!

Teacher Cari covered for me in class on Thursday as I left work early on Wednesday with a strained back muscle. My doctor gave me some muscle relaxers and I spent the day resting and feeling loopy!

No regular news this week as we are finishing up our Art Show Biographies. We can’t wait for you guys to read all about your artist in his/her own words. These Honeybees have great ideas for the future!

*Special Request: Honeybee parents, please email or text a “mom” selfie and a “dad” selfie for your child’s reference in creating mom and dad portraits.

Next week, we are up in Luna’s Forest! Have a great weekend.





Squeaks and Hoots from Cara and Matt

Matt had a wonderful first full week at school and the children have had a blast chasing him around the forest, playing freeze tag and lava monster and many other fun and goofy games.  It is great that Matt has so much experience working with children and is a natural born teacher.


Our little leprechaun ladybugs had such a fun time at school preparing rainbow drops to help them catch a leprechaun and then to come to school on Thursday to see that an actual leprechaun came to Luna’s forest and left each one of them a piece of gold. 

The children enjoy filling up the plastic jugs with water and bringing it over to the mud kitchen to make mud soup or forest salads.  They found many water puddles this week and enjoyed jumping around in them to see how muddy they are their friends could get.

We noticed that most of the children still do not know each other’s names.  We will send home another sheet with all of the children’s names and pictures.  This is developmentally normal for our Ladybugs but by the end of the year we like them to have memorized more of the children’s names.  We know that it is especially difficult this year because the children can not see each other’s entire face.

We are also doing some role playing at circle time to show the children appropriate actions to use if another student does something that is upsetting.  Many of our little ones are still pushing others or just crying if another student does something that they dislike.


We are absolutely loving the books that they children are bringing in to “read” to their classmates.  Charlie read a wonderful book last week and this week we had stories read from Teddy and Iris.  Your children are becoming comfortable standing up in front of their peers to read their stories.  This builds confidence and the love of literacy.  I am hoping that more friends will bring in a book that they have memorized or just want to tell the story by looking at the pictures.

The children on Wednesday had been transformed into red-bearded leprechauns by the end of the day.  We started to tell a story on Monday about how a leprechaun had come up to Luna’s forest to see the children from The Children’s Garden.  Luna wanted to catch the leprechaun, so she put some fake gold in her big nest.  When she finally saw the leprechaun, she flew down and tickled the leprechaun so much with her wings that he started to jump around and lose all the real gold in his pockets.  He was in so much of a rush to get away from the tickling Luna and he picked up the fake gold but left the real gold for the students to find.  Their eyes were wide open when they found their precious gold.

The Crickets have been working on several art show masterpieces that will be delivered to you on our Art Show date.  Please look for details in the Gazette.

The letter of the week was Q which I know is hard to find objects to draw pictures of.  The next letter is R and I know there are many more words that your little ones can think up for the week.


What a fun and highly active week we had up in the forest this week.  We went on long hikes, threw rocks in the creek, worked on art show projects, pulled ivy off endangered trees, worked on the letter v and much more.  However, my favorite part of the week was that each Honeybee brought in a book to read this week.  I am so proud of all our children that they stood up in front of their peers, used a loud voice, introduced themselves and read their books.  When everyone applauded afterwards, their smiles were priceless.  Please keep bringing in books to read each week.

Leprechaun day was so much fun this week.  They made leprechaun hats and were so excited to find real gold left behind by the tricking little leprechaun.  Many of the children started to trade pieces of gold with their friends.  We have quite a group of business bargainers already.

The letter of the week was “V” and we had lovely drawings from Malcolm, Owen C and Owen A.

*Special Request: Honeybee parents, please email or text a “mom” selfie and a “dad” selfie for your child’s reference in creating mom and dad portraits.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and we look forward to playing on the playground next week. 




Travel Plans?

Although it feels as though March has only just arrived, we are reminded that Spring Break is now less than a month away on April 5-9.  We want to take this opportunity to remind families of our travel policies at The Garden, helping to ensure that all Spring Break travel plans align with our school policy and community expectations.

Washington state continues to observe the essential travel mandate issued by Governor Inslee in November, 2020, that was again renewed at the end of February, 2021.  The current state travel guidance requires a 14-day quarantine for any travel outside the state of Washington.  The Children’s Garden continues to follow this state guidance, asking our families to observe the required 14-day self-quarantine upon return from any out of state travel.

We also know that in some cases, although families plan to stay close to home, newly vaccinated relatives and friends may be traveling from out of state to visit.  While we are thrilled at the protection vaccines are shown to offer recipients, it remains unclear how easily vaccinated individuals can carry and inadvertently pass the virus to unvaccinated individuals when social distancing measures are not in place.  As we know that all our children remain unvaccinated at this point in time, we ask that if your family comes in close contact with vaccinated individual(s) that are not part of your household, you observe a 14-day self-quarantine and keep your child home from school accordingly.

We thank you for your continued efforts to uphold our community commitment.  We are looking forward to Branching Out with warmer days and all that spring has to offer.

Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Art Show

Children’s artwork will be presented as your child shares about themselves during this socially distanced event that takes place toward the end of class. Details to follow!

April 1- Honeybees  and Ladybugs

April 2 – Crickets

Auction dates to know

April 1, 2021
All forms should be returned to the Children’s Garden Office no later than April 1, 2021

April 17, 2021
Roots of Resilience
Virtual Auction Live Event-Email invitations will be sent closer to event date.

Spring Break

We will not have school April 5-9.

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Honeybees parents, please join us for Tea with the Teachers Friday, March 5 at 1:00 pm.

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

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