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You're Invited

Please join us this Saturday, February 6th at 7pm as we kick off the Children’s Garden 2021 Auction!

This is a virtual cocktail hour to officially ring in the auction season and begin procurement.  We will reveal the theme of this year’s auction, hear from members of staff about what the Garden means to them and why this main fundraising event is so important, and will have a fun activity for us all to remotely collaborate on (don’t worry, you won’t have to leave your couch or do anything embarrassing!)

We recommend joining with a PC (or having a second device handy), as we’ll be asking you to use a program separate from Zoom for our shared activity.

From the Mousehole

What a crazy weather week! One day we had rain, sleet and hail! All within an hour. We want to thank all of our students for being amazing at ‘going with the flow’ with our weather. We know that so many of our kiddos would rather be in a nice cozy classroom, as the teachers would also like that sometimes, BUT! We are having so much fun … splashing in puddles, sliding down muddy hills, and standing under a downspout to wash the mud off of our raincoats! One of our Ladybugs had so much fun slip sliding up a hill repeatedly belly flopping in the mud and laughing so loud!…it was contagious! It truly is early spring weather and we are excitedly looking forward to the result of tapping our maple trees, watching our forest begin to bloom, and getting ready to do some beautiful spring art projects.  

All weather aside, we had a fun week collecting our valentines from everyone and beginning to decorate our valentine mailboxes. Several classes started to learn about the “Three Little Pigs” and we all continue to learn about shapes and colors. 

We welcomed back some friends from a while ago and we said goodbye to a few friends who will join us again in the fall. Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is going full steam ahead and we are almost full in all three classes! We are excited to welcome young siblings, new families, and friends and relatives to our community. 

This Saturday, we are excited to join Jazmine and Rose, our auction cochairs, in our auction kick off. These ladies are so awesome and have been working so hard to do a community building gathering, online, and are ready to blow your socks off! What a challenging year for these dynamos to take on the auction leadership…and we couldn’t be more excited with what they are doing. Please join us on Saturday evening and get revved up to continue the community building that The Garden is so famous for.

Squeaks and Hoots from Brook and Cara


We started to discuss with the Ladybugs how to use their own strong voices when confronted with a social challenge. We brought out our loved puppets Squirrley and Luna. Squirrley was playing with a ball and Luna came over and took the ball away. Squirrley was very upset and pushed Luna. This is some of the role-playing that we do to demonstrate a problem and then we discuss how we fix that problem.  We give them vocabulary to use and we all practice it together.  So, you might hear at home, “Stop Mom!  I don’t want to eat my broccoli!”  Of course, this is not what we are teaching them exactly, but we tell them, now that they are 3 years old, they are strong enough to solve many of their social upsets on their own.  This is just the beginning of our social/emotional curriculum at school and it is so exciting to see our little ones finding their strong voices.  We also worked on circles this weekend and you can see their beautiful circle art that they brought home.  Next week is triangles – so maybe you can start talking about triangles at home.  We were so happy to celebrate Leo turning 3 and Jamyson turning 3.5 this week. Happy Birthday!!! Next year you will (hopefully) be able to see in person our adorable birthday celebration tradition.  


Wow!  We sure were busy this week in our Cricket class.  We started off by making our potato Groundhogs, which they all thought were pretty silly.  They all agreed that they were ready for Spring to start sooner – rather than later.  The letter of the week was “M” and our class came up with many words that start with “M”.  One was marble, so we decided to get a whole bunch of marbles out and make ramps for them on the playground.  The teachers were laughing so hard while watching the children so excited about the marbles that they didn’t even realize that it was hailing.    We have also been working on a few different art projects which you will be able to see a little later on in the year.  We know how much our Crickets love to paint so we have opened up free painting at an art easel on the deck (thank you to the McKown family).   And, our latest fairy tale is The Three Little Pigs.  We have so many different versions of this story and it is fun to see how the children notice the big and small changes.  We are so excited to celebrate Valentines day next week.  Thank you for bringing in your valentines early so that the children can take home their love notes at the end of the week.


The Honeybee year is always busy, and we really experienced a lot this week.  Your children did an amazing job with their Hero Reports.  Here are the heroes that our Bees choose:  Emerson – Maya Angelou, Eva – her doctor, Dr. Stanos, Owen C – Joe Biden, Axel – Donald Trump, Malcolm – his favorite cousins, Milo – Henry Ford (his dad), and Jenna – a Baker.  We are looking forward to seeing Owen A. and Emmie’s reports next week.  They all gave wonderful and courageous presentations.  This is important practice for our Honeybees to be able to stand in front of their peers and discuss their heroes.  After each presentation, the presenter would ask for any questions and then feedback.  Along with weekly poetry recitation, these children are getting comfortable with public speaking which will benefit them throughout their lives.  Speaking of poems, our class is doing very well with their poetry recitations.  Our new one is all about love and will hopefully be fun to memorize.  We also talked about Groundhog Day (did you love the potato Groundhogs?) Most of the children also made a stamper book about heroes, which we read out loud in front of the class with the student standing at the front of circle.  These are wonderful tools for starting literacy with our Bees.  Please have your children tell their own version of their books to you at bedtime.  Just because you cannot read the words in a book doesn’t mean that you can’t tell a story.  We look forward to having our Valentines party at the end of next week and share our cards and treats and thoughts of love with all their classmates.  The sound of the week was “Q” and even though that can be a tough sound to come up with words, we were able to write down many on our word chart – including quadrilateral (Emerson and Emmie).  Way to go!




Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Cari and Thea


Our Ladybugs had so much fun playing in the mud, taking several hikes through the forest and making playdough on the deck. We learned about circles and squares and Old Mother Hubbard. Some of our bugs had fun with the number mat and practiced tracing the letters in their name. We read some stories about colors, including “Mary Wore Her Red Dress” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?” We collected everyone’s Valentine Greetings and look forward to decorating our envelopes and distributing our valentines next week on the playground. Hope to see you all at the KickOff on Saturday evening!


We welcomed Cameron to our class this week after Kensie went to a different program. Cameron came in easily and made friends quickly. We missed Loni and Barrett this week as they are quarantining after visiting with their Grandparents who flew in from out of town. They will be back the middle of next week, in time to celebrate Valentines with us. 

We made our February calendars, and made some rainbow “M’s” as our sound of the week. We made circle books and had fun showing Cameron around Luna’s forest on the different hiking trails and climbing trees. We celebrated Jaxson’s 4th trip around the sun on Wednesday and had fun feeding Timothy Hay to the bunnies. Next week, we will decorate our Valentine envelopes and distribute our greetings while we are on the playground. We are also looking forward to celebrating Max’s half birthday before Winter Break. Hope to see you all at the Auction Kickoff, Saturday night on Zoom.


Our Bees have had an exciting week! After we learned the names of the bones in our skeleton for our wake up song, Thea and I decided that it would be fun to begin to learn the Spanish names of our body parts. So fun! We also started to hear our Hero Presentations. It is so fun to see the wide ranging variety of Heroes that our Bees have chosen. This is not just an exercise that helps our presenters learn how to use a big clear voice, to engage their audience and to ‘flow’ from picture to picture on their poster, but it is also great practice for our audience! We review good listening posture, and how our eyes are watching, ears are listening, mouth is quiet and body is still. After the presenter finishes, he or she takes questions from the audience. We review that it is okay to say “I don’t know the answer to that question, but I will look into it and report back tomorrow”. Once the questions are all finished, we ask for constructive feedback. It’s really a great activity for all and a warm up activity for our World Culture Reports. 

Our sound of the week was “Q” this week and that is a tricky one to think of words for! We had several kids get their stars on the poetry chart for the Jack Frost poem, and this week, we are sending home a poem about Groundhog Day. Didn’t you love those Groundhog potatoes? Did your groundhog see it’s shadow? Most Bees reported back that their groundhog potato was just like Punxsutawney Phil and saw their shadow as well. 

Even with a few more weeks of winter, we are excited to have started the process of tapping our maple trees. Back in the fall, we went around and identified the maple trees in Luna’s forest by looking at their bark and their leaves. Each Bee put their name on an orange flag and staked it by ‘their’ tree. On Thursday, we began ‘tapping’ the trees to collect the sap. Over the next few weeks, we will collect the sap, letting the kids taste the sugar water, watching us boil the water to reduce it down to syrup and then enjoy a delicious taste of our homegrown maple syrup! We are so excited to share this process with the Honeybees! 

Next week, we will be on the playground, as we decorate our valentine envelopes and distribute our valentine greetings. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the virtual auction kickoff this Saturday! 

Have a great weekend!





Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Tea with the Teachers

Honeybees please join us this afternoon, Friday, February 5 at 1:00pm for Tea with your Teachers. Your teacher will send you the zoom meeting invite.

Children’s Garden Auction Kickoff

Please join us on Saturday, February 6th at 7pm as we kick off the Children’s Garden 2021 Auction!

Valentine’s Day

Class Celebrations
Ladybug and Honeybee’s -Thursday, February 11th

Crickets Friday, February 12th.

Winter Break

There is no school Monday, February 15 through Friday, February 19


Enrollment forms were added to your Brightwheel account this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted your forms already. If you’d like to enroll your child for the 2021/22 school year, forms are due Friday, February 26.

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