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No School Reminder

Conferences start next week. There is no school on Monday, March 1 for teacher planning. There is no school for you class on your conference day.

From the Mousehole

Welcome back Gardeners after a great winter break – a time to recreate, relax and renew – and rejoice in the snow! How fun!

The teachers were so excited to see the students again, and each other! Like we said at Auction Kickoff, we love our jobs, we love our students, and we love our co-staff members. We all have roots in The Garden!

The students are all reporting signs of spring – with salmon berry blossoms, crocus and hellebore popping up from the ground, days with both sun and rain, and the tiniest of sprouts starting from the maple ‘helicopter’ seeds. And our Honeybees and Crickets are all excited to see the maple sap filling our empty water jugs and eager to sample the sweet syrup that we will make! 

This week, we celebrated Teacher Cara’s birthday, and finished out the month of February. We did student assessments and self-portraits to prepare for our upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences. 

With our seasons changing and the snow (mostly?) gone, it might be a good time to send in extra clothes for when clothes get wet, rather than cold/warm clothes…and a reminder, when you send your kiddos with rain pants and rain boots, make sure the rain pants are OVER the rainboots and not tucked inside. 

Teacher Brook’s dad, David, and husband, Mick, worked long and hard on Sunday, getting our tarps up and ready for the rainy weather all week. (The tarps were taken down so that the weight of the snow would not rip them) We had a board meeting Tuesday evening, and a fundraising meeting, Monday evening, and Brin is continuing to enroll students and families for the 2021-2022 school year. 

We are entering the busy season of spring at The Garden, and there are lots of special events coming up, and lots of opportunities to sign up on committees to help the program and help build your community. Keep an eye out for details for something you are interested in and mark your calendars with our upcoming special events. 

Please read on for Cohort Class News!

Squeaks and Hoots from Brook and Cara

Thank you so much for all your happy birthday wishes.  It does not matter if you are 3 or 53 – birthdays are so much fun!


As always, these little ones continue to amaze me.  They are so very sturdy and are less negatively impacted by the cold and rain.  They just have fun with each other no matter what is happening in mother nature.  We read a book from Mara that talks about having fun no matter what the weather is.  Thank you Mara!  All of the children were screaming by the end of the book, “I LOVE THE RAIN!!”  It was perfect!

Our shape this week was triangles, and we made a fun art piece with triangles.  We looked for triangles on the playground but did not find many.   The kiddos created a fun art piece of a snowman this week and we all talked about how much fun they had with the recent snow.  I heard a lot about funny snowmen and sledding trips.  We also read a fun rhyming book.  They are getting good at rhyming words.  This is an important step in literacy.

The Ladybugs are learning a lot about self-advocacy and using their strong voices to help solve their social challenges.  For example, this week there was a child playing with 2 dinosaurs.  Another child came up and took both dinosaurs from the other child.   The first child got very upset and started to push their friend.  We spoke to both of the children how to say, “NO!   I don’t like when you take my dinosaur.”  It ended up with both children in a big hug.  We also discussed this at circle time.  This is the work of the Ladybugs and they are doing a great job practicing their strong voices.


It was wonderful to have a sunny day this week and all of us started to think about Spring.  We went on an adventure walk to look for clues of spring and then started to create a beautiful art piece with crocuses.   We did another session of our Second Step where we discussed how different friends like to play different games at different times.   We practiced what to say to a friend.  “When you are done swinging on the swings, would you like to play freeze tag with me?”  All the kiddos worked on the letter “O” which they said was so fun because they are so easy.  Next week will be the letter “P”.  Please have your kiddos draw a picture with as many items that start with the sound /p/ and bring it to share with the class.  The children love to stand up in front of their peers and share their drawings.

We have had so much learning about maple trees, maple water and in the end – maple syrup.  It was fun having the parents and the children taste maple water and then boiling it down so that each child could take home a little bit of the syrup.


We had fun celebrating both Owen A and Malcolm’s birthday this week.  I can not believe these boys are 5 years old now!  Time is going by so fast.

Thanks to teacher Donna and her vision of collecting maple water from our forest and then making maple syrup. The children tapped the maple trees, collected the water, were offered a taste, and then saw how we boiled it down to make syrup.  The poem for this week was attached to the syrup and is also written out in Donna’s section about.

The children did such a great job with their My Hero Reports, we decided to do a My Friend Report.  Each child got to choose a friend and write up a report that they shared during circle time.  Please ask your child to tell you their report at home.  This was another wonderful way to practice standing up in front of peers, using a large voice and confidently communicating to the group.  All the children did a fantastic job!  

Thank you, Owen A, for bringing in your drawings of several “S” words.  I am hoping that next week even more students will bring in drawings with objects that start with the letter “T”. 




Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Cari and Thea


We missed our friend Giulia this week, and hope she can join us next week! We welcomed our new friend, Clay, to our class this week, who easily joined in and laughed and giggled at stories, enjoyed dancing about his green coat, and loved hiking on our many adventures. Welcome Clay, and Mom and Dad, Rosa and Jeff, and Clay’s new twin baby siblings! 

Our ladybugs had a rainy Tuesday in the forest but enjoyed a new book that one of our trustees and fellow Ladybug mom, Andrea Shull, gave to us, “Do You Want to Play Outside?”, a Piggy and Elephant book. It was a very fun story about Piggy who did not like the rain, until learning how fun rain play is! Then Piggy was sad when it stopped raining, but Elephant used his trunk to make it rain over Piggy to save the day! 

We had fun feeding the bunnies and we all drew self-portraits for conferences and worked on assessments. We made our “Old Mother Hubbard” Nursery rhyme books, took turns acting out the nursery rhyme as Mother Hubbard’s dog, and had fun dancing at circle time with our friends and dancing about our clothes.

On Thursday, the rain held off for us to have a dry day and our very first big hike up to our wishing well. We are so proud of how sturdy our class has become! They marched right up the hill, encouraging each other along the way…”We are almost there!”, “Good job!”, “just a little farther!” So sweet.

We have our Tea with the Teachers Zoom this afternoon, and no class next Thursday so that we can have our spring Parent Teacher conferences.


No school next Monday for Parent Teacher Conference Planning! We will see you Wednesday!

We celebrated Max’s 4 ½ trips around the sun and enjoyed tasting our maple water sap from our trees. On Friday, we all took home some maple syrup to try on our pancakes this weekend! We can’t wait to hear everyone’s news next week about how they liked our “Garden Grown” Syrup!

We had fun checking our maple syrup taps and hiking throughout the forest on the different trails. The kiddos found a new ‘balance beam’ on a fallen tree and enjoyed drawing pictures and doing assessments for our upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences. We are amazed at the growth of the students in their artwork, looking at the drawings from the fall to their drawings just 6 months later…so much detail, so many descriptive words. We can’t wait to share this with you all at conferences. 

On Wednesday, we had several kiddos dive into their Friday snacks as they were still hungry. They have growth spurts and skip breakfasts and might just see something that really catches their attention in the next day’s snacks. When we let you know at pick up time that your child might need an extra snack for the week, don’t be alarmed. 

Our sound of the week is O, and we had fun making rainbow Os. We also had fun feeding the bunnies, dancing at circle and reading lots of stories. 


No School on Monday for Parent Teacher Conference Planning! We will see you Tuesday!

Well, we had a fun fab 5 this week as some of our friends are quarantining, and others are still travelling. We missed Mila, Maya and Ellie this week. Our friend, Nolan, has moved on to a Kindergarten program that better suits his and his family’s needs. 

What an exciting time at The Garden for our Bees to finally get to taste the maple syrup that they have been talking about since the fall. Back in October, each Bee ‘tagged’ a maple tree, recognizing the leaves and the bark. Before break, each Bee tapped their tree and attached an empty water jug to collect the sap. This week, we tasted the maple water before boiling it down to the syrup stage. On Thursday, we each took home a little bit of the beautiful syrup with our poem for the week:

“Tap, Sap, Lap”

I was tap, tap, tap, tap, tapping.

Trees are sap, sap, sap, sap, sapping.

Soon, I’ll be lap, lap, lap, lap, lapping.

My very own maple syrup!

We are excited to hear everyone’s news next week to see what they thought of their sample and how they enjoyed it.

Our Bees are continuing to do reports at circle time – this week, we each interviewed a friend and then did a friend report at circle, telling us their friend’s favorite food, favorite color, favorite activities, and what they are good at! It is so lovely to see their confidence grow, and their strong voices telling us what they know. 

We had some great hikes this week, enjoyed playing at building bridges, pretend making syrup, and exploring the forest campus by ‘bushwhacking” new pathways through the salmon berry bushes that are just about to pop! We’ve noticed lovely bird songs, watched hawks circle over head and were happy to see the red squirrels get busy again. Spring is on its way!




Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Conferences-No School

Monday, March 1 – Conference Planning. No school.

Thursday, March 4 – Ladybug Conferences. No school for Ladybugs.

Monday March 8 – Cricket Conferences. No school for Crickets

Thursday, March 11 – Honeybee conferences. No school for Honeybees

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Tea with the Teachers

Honeybees parents, please join us for Tea with the Teachers Friday, March 5 at 1:00 pm.

Each week we meet with a different class/group.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
4th Fridays – Room Parents

Enrollment Deposit

Enrollment deposits ( 1 month of tuition applied to June 2022) will be added to Brigthwheel next week. As always, payments to the school can be made in Brightwheel or via check to the school.

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