Garden Gazette 2-12-21

Parent Teacher Conferences

Please sign up with your child’s teachers. Parents meet with teachers during their child’s class time. We will not be holding class during conference time. The teachers will assign which of them gets to meet with each family. There are two sign ups available per time slot. Please choose one time slot from your child’s class. Please contact us if you need to discuss alternative conference scheduling. There will be no school for all students on Monday, March 1, for conference planning

Ladybugs – Thursday, March 4 – No school for Ladybugs.

Crickets – Monday March 8 – No school for Crickets

Honeybees – Thursday, March 11 – No school for Honeybees

From the Mousehole

Wow! Can you believe it is our second winter break already? We hope you all have a wonderful family time and take the opportunity to reset, rewind, and relax with your loved ones!

Jaz and Rose planned and hosted such a wonderful Auction Kickoff last weekend. We could not get over the great turnout and we are so appreciative of all of you for showing up and also for all of your great ideas of items and projects to auction off! Keep the ideas coming! You guys are doing great in this crazy and challenging year! Thank you Rose and Jaz for such a fun kickoff and such a creative art project to kick us off!

We are totally in the downhill run of our school year with several special events coming at us all in a hurried sequence! Please note the dates of our special events on your calendars.

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Week and enjoyed welcoming a couple of new Ladybugs to our community. Enjoy opening your sweet Home-made greetings this weekend and know that your Garden staff absolutely loves you all. Thank you to Jenna Badu-Antwi for providing our teacher greeting cookies, and to Thea for designing our teacher valentines. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all this weekend!

Over the last weekend, Dan Lapinsky, one of our Cricket Dads, volunteered a big chunk of his weekend, figuring out how to install propane heaters on both campuses, and then, with David Edfeldt, took the time to do so! …and just in time! We had such a cold week and loved having a space to go to feel cozy. Thank you, Dan, and David!

Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Cari and Thea

We decorated our Valentine envelopes and learned “Old Mother Hubbard”. We also had fun painting at the easel. When we return after break, we will take turns acting out this nursery rhyme and have fun playing the dog who looks for the bone.  We did a great circle project for our art portfolio and are continuing to learn about colors. After reading “Mary wore her Red Dress”, we took turns dancing about our clothes and then danced with a partner at our circle time.

We had some wonderful circles where we watched puppets learn how to use our strong voices to say “Stop, or No! I don’t like that” and also, how to invite ourselves to join someone in play.

The Bugs are really beginning to use their words and have matured over the first winter break to ask for what they need and work with their classmates to tell them what is ok and what is not ok. 

We hope you have a wonderful Winter break and we can’t wait to see you back at The Garden soon!

It was so much fun to have snow on our campus on Monday! The kids had fun running marbles down the gutters through the snow, finding ice in the water slide and kitchen sink and watching their boots make fun tracks.

What a fun week on the playground we had with our Crickets! We had fun painting at the easel, and spent some time with our Second Step curriculum, learning how to read each others’ faces and recognize their feelings. Our Crickets are really working on learning how to use their words to express their feelings and learning how to read each other’s faces to understand how they are feeling.

We decorated our valentine ‘mailbox-envelopes’ and continued to learn about days of the week, letter of the week (N) and read several versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. It was fun to compare and contrast the different versions of the story, including one story, which was written by ‘A. Wolf’, that told the story from the point of view of the wolf, very defensively! The kids had a fun time telling their feelings about whether the wolf’s story was to be believed or not.

We celebrated Max’s 4 and ½ trips around the sun

We had fun decorating our valentine envelopes and several of the crickets practiced drawing hearts and notes of love.

Soooo great to see our Honeybees, use strong voices to present their Honeybee Hero Report presentations. We saw such growth and great pride in who they chose as their heroes. The teachers are very proud of them all.

From the first day that our students are ladybugs, we work with them to find the eyes of who they are talking to, and we invite them to be confident in sharing what they know…be it a nursery rhyme, acting out a fairy tale, using our voice to say ‘stop, I don’t like that’ or asking for a turn on the swing…we are all about using our voice to ask for what we want, or presenting what we know! The reports that the Bees do are the culmination of three years of practicing these skills.

We had fun decorating our valentine envelopes this week, and reciting our “Love Poem” “I love you more than a horse loves to run”. Each of our bees did such a great job learning the poem and standing in front of their peers and practicing the poem.

We have had a great week this week and are excited to return after winter break to rolling into our exciting end of school year activities! We’ve got a lot of them! Please check your school calendars and mark your ‘save the dates!’ The honeybee year is so special and we don’t want you to miss any of the celebrations!




Squeaks and Hoots from Cara and Brook

Love it is the air and our adorable Ladybugs sure were having fun with it.  During our Valentine’s Day party, they each made a festive hat and then hunted for their Valentine’s envelope filled with love messages from their classmates.  Our Ladybugs went on several hikes during the week and are really able to show their sense of grit and adventure.  Even when they fall down, they get right back up, brush off any dirt that they can and continue on with their fun.  We continue to see a change in the children we have today compared to them in September.  Our outdoor program has been extremely successful in many ways.

Wow!  This class can locate the one mud puddle on campus, play in it (even roll around in it) and laugh the whole time.  One of the best parts of my day is seeing the expressions on the parent’s faces as their children emerge from the forest looking quite different than when they were dropped off.  Just leave the dirty, wet, messy, loud, and crazy activities to us.  We gladly have fun with them doing whatever they feel like they want to do, so that you can rest the rest of the day knowing that your child has already had their fill of outdoor adventures. 

We all had a lot of fun acting out The Three Little Pigs at school.  Try to do this same story at home with your family.  I am certain you will have a great time.

This week we worked on the letter N and came up with words like noodle, nest, nine, and more.  See if you can find words that start with the letter N around your house.  The letter after break is O and we encourage all of you to draw pictures of as many “O” items that you can think about and then bring it to school on Monday to share with their classmates.

Yes!  Love is in the air and our Honeybees are sure feeling it.  They created Valentine hat masterpieces, hunted for their envelopes, and gave out their love wishes to their friends.  The news this week was all about someone that they love and why they love them.  Have fun reading these during bedtime on Valentine’s day.

Emmie and Owen A shared their Hero Report, and we all were so impressed by their courage and knowledge of their hero.  Emmie choose Kamala Harris and Owen choose Dr. Suess.  Way to go Emmie and Owen!

We have been working more on our social emotional curriculum. This week we focused on thinking about the Group Plan.  Ash your children about the relay race we had on Tuesday where each student had to follow along with the Group Plan to make sure that they relay race was a success.  Everyone did a wonderful job.

After break, our letter of the week is “S”.  We encourage all of our Honeybees to draw as many items as possible that begin with the sound “s” and bring it to school on Monday.  This will be fun to share with the class.

We are really going to miss Jenna after this week.  Jenna has been doing part of her Kindergarten supplement with The Children’s Garden and now that her kindergarten class is back in school, she is no longer able to do both programs.  All the Honeybees drew a picture for Jenna letting her know what they liked best about her.  Good luck Jenna and please come back to visit us.




Mark your calendar with these Garden happenings.

Calendar of Special Events

To view all our special events for the year please visit our school calendar here or on our website.

Winter Break

There is no school Monday, February 15 through Friday, February 19

Tea with the Teachers

We will not be in school for our regularly scheduled Ladybug Tea with the Teachers. We will meet with all Ladybug parents the following week, Friday February 26.


Enrollment forms were added to your Brightwheel account this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted your forms already. If you’d like to enroll your child for the 2021/22 school year, forms are due Friday, February 26.


Monday, March 1 – Conference Planning. No school.

Thursday, March 4 – Ladybug Conferences. No school for Ladybugs.

Monday March 8 – Cricket Conferences. No school for Crickets

Thursday, March 11 – Honeybee conferences. No school for Honeybees

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