Garden Gazette 12/4/20

We will be back in class next week starting on Wednesday! Please check your email for a message from our Board of Trustees for details.

December 7-11
Monday: Cricket and Honeybee Zoom Class*
Tuesday: Ladybug Zoom*
Wednesday: Crickets and Honeybees in-person @ Children’s Garden
Thursday: Ladybugs and Honeybees in-person @ Children’s Garden
Friday: Crickets in-person @ Children’s Garden
*Links to Monday and Tuesday Zoom classes will be e-mailed from your Teachers later this weekend
From the Mousehole

Oh, how we missed you guys and seeing you in person this past week! But what a joy to see all of your sweet and smiling faces on Zoom!    

On each of our last few days on campus, the teachers packed everything up and brought it down to the Movement Room, wondering if the next day would be cancelled because the Covid positive percentage numbers were getting so close to our cut off. Then we had the scare with Bonnie  ( our founder and Brook’s mum. ) showing symptoms and having to get tested. My goodness, what a rollercoaster for all of   Us! Bonnie’s tests came back negative but numbers kept steady at too high. Luckily, we will be able to see you all in person soon!

We weren’t sure how the zoom circles were going to work out, but the teachers have all reported how thrilled we all are to see each of our students and how fun it is to see the kiddos check in with each other! Thea and Donna figured out how to mute everyone except who is talking! And Cara and Brook have mastered having little Eddy be a part of their opening and closing circles! Cari is still as popular as ever, reading lots of stories at circle time. It’s so sweet you guys, and the next best thing to being in person. We hope we can get back to in person soon, but in the meantime, we hope you can join us on zoom. 

Check your mailboxes for packets for each week for supplemental materials to compliment our zoom sessions. The teachers worked hard on Monday to plan out a few weeks of online teaching and hope you find the curriculum easy to understand and entertaining to your little ones.

We hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are in full on holiday decoration mode at your homes! We love to hear about all of the tree hunts and favorite decorations at our morning circles. The teachers have your child’s ‘family gift’ ready and they will go home next week. We so hope you enjoy them. 

Of course at this time of year, we are missing our very special celebrations, Harvest Feast, Winter Celebration, etc. but we are trying to do something special for each time of the year. We had full plans for a virtual winter celebration, but we will get that started as soon as we can be in person, and hopefully, it will still take place in WINTER! 

You parents are amazing. We so appreciate all that you are doing, out of the ordinary, and everyday routines that just help your child BE! Take time to just sit and enjoy the calm, talk about their dreams and wishes, and maybe make a project of how your little one can do something for community. Maybe pick out a pair of mittens, or maybe choose 5 things for the Food Bank. When my children were little, they looked through their toys to put items under the tree on Christmas Eve that they no longer played with. Santa picked them up to take to other children and left new toys for them. (This worked for several years until one year on a day in March, they discovered the toys that Santa took in my trunk!)

Anyway, we are full on appreciating all of our families and missing our kiddos. Hope to see you all next week on Zoom at the beginning of the week and in person later in the week and hope you continue to make memories with your little families that will last a lifetime. 

Belleamie and Luna’s Library

Visit our online library of stories read by your teachers at Belleamie and Luna’s Library. We will update this anytime we can’t be at school with each other. You 

Garden Wear

Our popular Woodgrain Garden Sign artwork by teacher Donna is now available for you to order on a t-shirt as well a lovely and snuggly Patagonia fleece embroidered with The Children’s Garden School

These lovely items are not part of any fundraiser and we are excited to be able to offer them at cost.

Visit our Shop page to order now through Friday December  11, 2020. 

*While there is a chance we may have orders back before the holidays there is also a chance they won’t be ready until January.

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