Garden Gazette – 10-30-20

Garden School Directory

The office is completing a school directory. Please review our first draft on this password protected page here. The password is included in the email sent for this week’s Gazette.

Please communicate any updates or changes to Brin by Friday, November 6, 2020.

We will publish our finalized directory both here  on our private Directory page and in print to be distributed via kidmail the week of November 9, 2020.

Squeaks n' Hoots

Once again, we had another fantastic week in our Branching Out School.  Thank goodness for better weather this week and not so many rainy and cold days.  But – to be honest – our kiddos seemed to be less affected by the rain than the teachers.  Our students are so resilient.  Thank you, parents, for truly setting up your children for success in the way that you are outfitting them for our weather.  Our students are arriving wearing many different layers, hats, waterproof outerwear and gloves.  We ask that you do not have your kiddos wearing gloves when they first arrive.  We always spray their hands first thing with an antibacterial liquid and then directly have them wash their hands when they first get on campus.  Please put their gloves either in their pockets or in their bags.  Thank you!

We are so incredibly lucky to have “Larry the Fish Man” join us each year.  Larry was a member of the founding Board at The Children’s Garden over 40 years ago.  He has volunteered at the Issaquah Fish Hatchery for many years and is deeply knowledgeable about the Salmon in our area.  This week he joined our school by bringing 2 Coho salmon – one male and one female.  Our classes have all been studying the life cycle and parts of a salmon and it was a valuable learning opportunity to see these salmon up close.

All our classes had a blast celebrating the up and coming Halloween.  The children came in adorable costumes.  We read many different Halloween stories, sang Halloween inspired songs and played games.

Please look out next week for the sign up for the optional Teacher Check In session that will take place in November.  The staff wants to connect with each family and make sure that any questions you might have are answered.  In many ways our lives have changed with COVID, but one thing that our school is missing tremendously is the community bonding that we have always had during our drop off and pick up times in the Movement Room and the Gazebo.   One of the many uniqueness’s of The Garden is our strong sense of community and friendship that we build during our years together.   Even though we can not spend time face to face with each other now, we still want our friendships to build and remain strong.

Squeaks and Hoots from Donna, Thea and Cari

What a fun week we had on the playground! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Ladybugs: We hunted for pumpkins and then colored them, and we made a cute pumpkin book about 5 Little Pumpkins! We did some apple stamping and tried to take a bite out of apple rings hanging from a witch’s broom! Woooooo went the wind and out went the light, and the 5 little pumpkins rolled out of sight! Our Bugs are really finding their groove at our school – and accepting the masks and social distancing. Hudson told us on Thursday that she needed a little mask off time, and went and sat in our mask off area by herself for a few minutes. Happy as a clam, she put her mask back on and rejoined the group to play.

Crickets:What adorable little costumed Crickets showed up for class on Friday! We love celebrations! The kids made some cute “5 Little Pumpkin” books, did some fun apple stamping, and hunted for little pumpkins. Then we colored the pumpkins and tried to take a bite out of donuts hanging from a witch’s  broom, without using our hands! Tricky! We had a visit from Larry the Fishman on Wednesday and he showed us a beautiful male sockeye salmon and a female. We watched him as he showed us how the eggs and milt come out of the bodies. Next week, we are up in the forest for the beginning of November!

Honeybees: WOW! What a fun week! We had Larry the Fishman on Wednesday, and he showed us two beautiful salmon, and also showed us eggs and milt coming out of the Sockeye. Our Bees really impressed Larry with all that they knew about salmon, and they also sang him our “I am a Salmon” song. We hunted for pumpkins and colored them, recited our “The Wind” poem, and tried to bite donuts from a witch’s broom!  We did apple stamping and had a great turnout of costumed characters on Thursday!

A new poem went home, “The Long Creaky Winding Stair” – please add it to their poetry notebook and help them practice. Notebooks stay home this year. We have a star chart hanging on campus that shows which poems they have recited and which ones they still need to work on. The kids are doing GREAT!

Squeaks and Hoots from Brook and Cara

Ladybugs: We are falling in love with our Ladybugs more and more each day.  Their friendships are blossoming, and we are seeing connections made between each of them every day.  We have one little friend who had a few tears and the start of school.  Many of her friends are now coming up to her saying, “I am so happy that you are not crying anymore.  We love you.”  It just makes our hearts melt.  Oh my goodness, did you see all of them in their Halloween costumes!!!!  Too adorable for words.   Our group of children certainly love to take adventures on hikes, play with the toy turtles and do project work with the teachers.
Crickets: We started off the week celebrating Signe’s birthday – which was a lot of fun.  Each child drew a picture for Signe and told her what birthday wishes they had for her.  They all learned a fun Halloween rhyme called “5 Little Pumpkins”.  Our Crickets are really working hard on learning many different age appropriate social skills – such as sharing, listening, reading other people’s body language, using their strong voice to communicate and checking in with another friend if they get hurt.  This is such an important time in life to learn so many social skills that will carry on throughout their lives.
Honeybees: All of our Honeybees stood up and recited The Wind in The Leaves poem this week.  This experience is the beginning of building confidence to become strong public speakers.  They each conducted a Nature Survey on how many fungi they found and what were their characteristics.  They are learning math skills such as tallying and the joy of being a scientist.  Our Bees are working on their social/emotional skills and using their strong voices to communicate their feelings.  These skills take a lot of practice and role modeling from their peers and teachers.

Our children showed great knowledge of salmon from identifying parts of the salmon to talking about the salmon cycle. Our guest, Larry the Fish Man, was very impressed with all that they have learned about these fish even though, for some, it was the first time seeing a salmon in person.

We thank Larry, a Garden Family Alum, for continuing  this Garden tradition and sharing with us his time, expertise and passion.

You can find out more about our local salmon and  how volunteers like Larry are working to Keep the Salmon Coming Home by visiting the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery here.

It’s Daylight Savings time!
Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour November 1.

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