Garden Gazette 1/8/21

Tea with the Teachers

The teachers have been thinking about ways to stay connected with our parents and offer more time for communication, questions and just to chat with everyone.

Each teacher group will be hosting a once a month zoom for each of their classes on:
Friday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. Teachers will send out Zoom inviations.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
This is a casual open space for parents to chat with teachers, share stories and stay connected with the class and campus.
So grab a cup of tea and spend some time with us on your class’ Friday.
We can’t wait to see you!

From the Mousehole

Happy New Year everyone! Oh, my goodness! We are so excited to be back with our students! The world around us might be in turmoil, but our time here at The Children’s Garden is full of laughter, problem solving, cooperation, friendship, and joy. It is indeed a pleasure to spend our time here.

This week, we enjoyed hearing everyone’s news from the holidays, and had fun dancing and running in the rain. We welcomed some new students to our community and were happy to see some old friends return.

Branching Out is off to a wonderful beginning of 2021, and we hope you and your family are as well.

We want to thank you for your time and feedback that you provided for our survey, and appreciate your thoughtful responses. The staff has discussed several of the ideas and has already implemented some of them. 

We are so proud of the program that we are offering with Branching Out, for so many reasons. Having the support of our community, all of us being open to new ideas and strategies, and all of us working together to provide a blend of The Children’s Garden play based curriculum with the beautiful outdoor campuses that we have to offer. Study after study reports the necessity of a program like ours and we definitely feel that It is the best program for our students during this historical time – social emotional development and interaction, time spent with others so that we can continue to learn how to problem solve, using our words, advocating and developing self confidence when working and playing with others. Visit our new section in Belleamie and Luna’s Library, Teacher Recommended Articles,  to read about it.

The Children’s Garden is deeply rooted in the philosophy of early child development. Bonnie steussy Founded the school 40 years ago with the mission to create a program that lay a strong foundation of social emotional skills to support a hearty love of learning and active engagement with the world. We have not changed the mission statement of The Children’s Garden in 40+ years, 

To provide young children with a rich curriculum and caring atmosphere that celebrates individual uniqueness, promotes self-esteem and encourages cooperative and caring social interactions.

To encourage parent’s active involvement in the school, as a means to strengthen the family unit and increase community awareness and involvement.

because it is just as important today. We are proud to continue the magic of The Garden in our Branching Out program, ever emergent, ever evolving to serve our students in the best program available.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our staff and program. We so appreciate you all and look forward to continuing to Branch Out with you in 2021.


The Children’s Garden Staff

Squeaks and Hoots from Cari, Thea and Donna

Ladybugs: We welcomed a new friend Joaquin and his family to our community this week. The children had so much fun acting out “Hey Diddle Diddle” with lots of giggles and taking turns being the different characters. Several times, we had 6 cows jumping over one moon! A few of our ladybugs started working with our number bag, where they pull a wooden disc with a number written on it out of a bag and tell us what the number is. Then they practice writing the number on a chalkboard, and then go and find that number of the same items to put on our number mat. For example, they pull out a 2, name it, practice or learn how to write a 2 and then find 2 leaves or 2 sticks or 2 stones to place on the number mat. It was really cool to see how many of our Bugs were interested in doing this. Our Bugs love playing “Ring Around the Rosie” and other circle dance games. We had lots of fun on Thursday when it wasn’t raining, laughing and singing all day.

Crickets: We celebrated Barrett’s birthday on Friday as he turned 4! What a fun way to finish our week. We loved hearing all about the holidays from these children. They are at such a fun age and everything is so exciting! We also did our January calendars and made a sweet little book called ‘Ring in the New Year’. This book is made up of the lyrics of an old song. You can hear the tune here:  It’s really a catchy tune! Our letter of the week is “I” and that is a tricky one! You might help your student look for things that start with the sound like ‘iguana’ or think of words like ‘important’ that start with the ‘I’ sound.  The Crickets had such a fun time jumping in a large puddle that we took to calling “Lake Luna”. Thank you for sending your kiddos so well equipped for the elements!

Honeybees: What a great week with our oldest students! These kids really pumped out a lot of work with a new calendar, practicing our ‘m’s as our letter of the week and decorating our new poem. This poem is ‘ The Months of the Year’  and on today’s zoom, we will hum the tune for you. The kids learn poems so much faster when they are set to music, and we try to find catchy tunes for as many as we can. Most of the class knew this poem by the end of the day on Thursday. We decorated our poems by writing down “My birthday is….with the date”, and then they drew pictures of what they wanted for decorations for their birthday party. We also made sweet little books called “Ring in the New Year’, the lyrics from a song that you can hear sung here: and we celebrated not one, but two birthdays this week! Merritt turned 5 on December 29th and Mila turned 5 just yesterday! You couldn’t help but notice that our Bees also found a huge mud puddle that the teachers started calling ‘Lake Luna’. The teachers too had bath and laundry night every night this week! What fun, and What a busy week!





Squeaks and Hoots from Brook and Cara

We are so thrilled to welcome back the Vertrees family starting this new year.  Ember started in the Ladybug class on Thursday and Eva started in our Honeybee class on Wednesday.  Eva was a Ladybug 2 years ago and a Cricket last year.   Ellie, their mother, is on our Board and has been a strong community member since the day her family walked into to our school.  Dustin, their dad, has been a dedicated member of our community as well and has helped many many times make our school a better place.  Welcome back Vertrees family!!!

Ladybugs: It feels so amazingly wonderful to be back at school with all our friends.  We seem to notice each year how much the children grow and mature over the winter break and this is it is true again this year.   Ember had a wonderful first day at school on Thursday and it was so endearing to see the other classmates hold her hand and show her around the playground.  I felt so proud of how our Ladybugs were so kind and thoughtful.  We started to learn the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” and laughed at all the funny pages.  How can a cow jump over the moon?  How can a dish run away with a spoon?  We also worked on sharing which is a huge concept for 3 years olds and they had so much fun passing a ball back and forth to their friends.  We missed seeing Jamyson, Charlotte and Leo this week. 

Crickets: This week we were so happy to celebrate Reagan’s birthday as she turned 4 years old.  Everyone is so excited when our birthday puppet, Parsley Flakes, comes out.  We talked a lot about how the year has changed to 2021 and what a wonderful year it is going to be.  Everyone practiced their numbers while working on our new January calendar.  We continue to practice our letter writing and sounding out words.  This week is the letter “I”.  When we practice the sound of the week at circle, we will clap out the sound and then say the word.  For example, “I”, “I” “igloo”.  You might start to hear your children speak like this at home.  Have fun finding other words that start with the soft and hard sound of letter I.  We missed seeing Calla, Hugh and Signe this week.

Honeybees: Wow!  How did so many Honeybees get taller since we saw them last.  It is amazing how fast these children are also maturing.  We just love our class!  All the children were so happy to see each other on Tuesday and there was a lot of chatter about what they did over the break and how Santa had come to their homes.  We are so lucky to have our new Honeybee Eva join our group.  Eva has been coming to our school for the last 2 years and was thrilled to see many of her classmates from last year.  She has already formed wonderful friendships with our new students Jenna and Emerson.  This week in school we did a short assessment and sent home the Kindergarten Readiness flier from Issaquah School District.  We know that many parents had questions regarding this topic, and I look forward to discussing it during our zoom call today.  The children practiced writing their numbers while working on the calendar and we also practiced our new poem.  We continue to miss Owen A, Owen C and Malcolm and look forward to when we can see them next.





We are wrapping up our in house enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year and will open up enrollment to the public next week.

Registration fees will be added to your Brightwheel account to be paid on Brightwheel or by check in the school mailbox. 

Enrollment agreements will be sent in early February.

Belleamie and Luna’s Library is GROWING

Over the next week we will be adding two new sections to  Belleamie and Luna’s Library.  You will be able to view and download weekly classroom materials and read teacher recommended articles that you might find interesting to read.

In observance of MLK day we will not have school on Monday January 18, 2021

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