Garden Gazette 1 15 2021

Running late? No problem!

We all have those mornings that don’t go as planned.  This week alone our families have navigated downed trees, power outages and mornings that were just stuck in slow motion. 

Here at The Garden we want you to know it’s not a big deal. We have a routine in place for these mornings. We are here for you.

If you arrive at school during check in after the bridge has been coned off that means kids are out of cars and in the parking lot. To keep moving cars away from the kids we ask that you please park in the lower lot (the grass area is just fine) and text us at our school number (425) 392-1563 that you are at school. We will respond to let you know when it’s safe to drive up and check in your child as usual. 

Our late arrival routine ensures everyone’s safety by keeping moving cars away from families and families safely distanced by staying in their cars.

Look for new signage on the bridge and in the lower lot next week to guide you through the process if you find yourself running late.

Additionally, if you arrive after the kids are in class please park as usual and let us know you’ve arrived at school via text. One of us will come check you in and walk your child to class.

In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day we will not have school Monday, January 18, 2021

Visit Belleamie and Luna’s Library on Monday for a teacher story video of one of the racial equality and MLK stories we have been reading in class.

From the Mousehole

Oh, my goodness! The staff was just about to build an ark by Wednesday, but the sun popped out and gave us an opportunity to dry out! We took the opportunity to finish off some beautiful art pieces and have started some lovely class auction projects. The teachers are becoming masters at using our outdoor covered spaces on the two campuses, as well as the decks surrounding the movement room for focused circle discussions and our Second Step curriculum. We had our first Honeybee Class “Tea with the Teachers” Zoom call last Friday and will have our first Cricket class call today. (Friday) Next Friday, will be the Ladybug’s turn. The teachers are happy to visit with the parents who join us to answer questions, talk about curriculum plans, or just to be social! We so miss our gazebo time and we hope these calls help us get to know each other a little bit better. Watch for your invite in the few days before your Friday call. Honeybees are the first Friday of the month, Crickets are the second Friday of the month and Ladybugs are the third Friday of the month. Don’t forget no school this coming Monday, January 18th in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday.

Sqeaks and Hoots from Cari, Thea and Donna

Ladybugs: The little Bugs have been such troopers in this rain! We have had no tears for a few sessions now, and the handwarmers are a big hit! We had fun acting out Hey Diddle Diddle again and finished one of our beautiful art projects for our portfolios. We also started painting a cute bird for our class auction project. We had fun feeding the chickens this week while on the playground, and really enjoyed having Joaquin, our new friend, in our class. These Ladybugs love to dance and ask for “Ring Around the Rosey” again and again. We’ve also introduced “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. We had some fun making playdough on the deck and the kids have fun keeping their ball of playdough in their own bag. We’ve been missing Porter these first few weeks back and hope she can join us again soon.

Crickets: Our Crickets have been so busy this week! We were going to celebrate Makodyn’s Thanksgiving week birthday(!) on Monday, but we were so busy accomplishing so many little catch up tasks, that time got away from us. We finally got to celebrate our friend’s birthday on Wednesday and watch him walk 4 times around the sun. We started reading several versions of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and enjoy having the students compare and contrast the different versions. We will continue to focus on this classic folk tale and act it out in the next few sessions. We had some fun making playdough on the deck and the kids have fun keeping their own personal ball of playdough in their own bag. The Crickets finished a beautiful art piece for their portfolios and started a new one with a fun winter theme. Now if it would only snow, instead of rain, all of our curriculum plans would be a lot more fun!

Honeybees: The Bees have started doing one on one name writing practice with the teachers and truly focusing on the writing of each letter – making sure that they start at the top, pay attention to the lines on the page and proper pencil grip. Once they master all of the letters of their name in upper case, we will move on to lower case. All of our Honeybees could use some extra practice and we will occasionally send home a practice paper focusing on one letter. If the parents could be our partners in helping the kids practice even once or twice each night, it would help tremendously as we prepare our students for Kindergarten.

Our letter of the week was “n” and most of the students got a star for the “Months of the Year” poem. This week, we are sending home a beautiful poem by Langston Hughes, called “Dreams” in honor of Martin Luther King. We are beginning to talk to the children about ‘Heroes’ and next week, the teachers will do sample reports of their heroes, to prepare the Honeybees for their first report presentation of the school year. More details to come. We had some fun making playdough on the deck and the kids have fun keeping their own personal ball of playdough in their own bag. The Bees completed a beautiful art piece for their portfolio and started a new art project with a winter theme.

All in all, a wet, but very productive week!




Squeaks and Hoots from Brook and Cara

Due to numerous requests, we sent home a page with all the children’s pictures on it for each class with names labeled on them.  It would be wonderful if you could ask your children how many students they know by name.  Of course, it is a little bit more challenging due to everyone wearing masks.

We sure do miss many of our friends who are staying home during this pandemic.  We just hope that the vaccine is administered to all of us soon so that we can go back to our regular Children’s Garden program.

We sure do miss many of our friends who are staying home during this pandemic.  We just hope that the vaccine is administered to all of us soon so that we can go back to our regular Children’s Garden program.

Ladybugs: When you get a heavy rain in the forest, watch out for MUD MUD MUD!!!!!  Our ladybugs had so much fun jumping in all the mud puddles and playing with the toy dinosaurs and turtles, as well as all of the trucks and cars.  It was a mess – and it was beautiful.  We had so much fun acting out Hey Diddle Diddle with the kiddos.  Please ask your children if they can recite the poem to you at home.  On Tuesday, which was a very cold day, they children got to take turns adding ingredients into a large bowl to make play dough.  It was warm and squishy and wonderful.  The recipe is in The Garden library.  Please check it out if you need a great recipe.  We were so happy to have all of our Ladybugs back at school and have all 9 students on campus.  It seemed like our life was getting back to a little bit of normal.

Crickets: The quote of the week was from one of our Crickets and she said, “I just want to come to school this week, and next week, and the next week and forever.”  All the staff agree.  We all have so much fun together and being social together is so very important for our children’s development.  Again – MUD MUD MUD.  We had a few children sitting in the mud puddle laughing and playing with their friends.  This is what healthy childhood should include.  We started doing our Second Step curriculum which is a wonderful social emotional curriculum that The Children’s Garden has used for many years.  We will send more details about this curriculum soon.

Honeybees: Our Honeybees are hard at work and hard at play. All of your kiddos came home extremely wet – extremely muddy – and extremely happy on Thursday. We also made play dough with the Honeybees and sculpted many letters and shapes with our dough.  We have been reading a few different versions of Goldilocks and The Three Bears to our Honeybees and they each made a stamper book and came up with their own version of the story.  It is exciting to see how different the writing is between our Honeybees and Crickets.  Honeybees are showing that they can create a continual story line instead of listing what is on each page.  Brook and Cara really enjoyed the social/informational zoom call from last week.  We are incorporating many suggestions that the parents shared with us.  We believe that these zoom calls are not only fun but will bring our community together.  Laura Ford shared some worksheets that she does with Milo and she is willing to share them with the entire class.  Of course, you and your children can do them if you would like, but please do not feel that it is necessary.

With a heavy heart, our Honeybees wished Michael good luck at his new school.  Michael is transferring to the same school where his older sister goes to school.  The Carpinito family has been a strong, generous, and fun family in our community and they will be greatly missed.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of snuggle time with your little ones.




Tea with the Teachers

The teachers have been thinking about ways to stay connected with our parents and offer more time for communication, questions and just to chat with everyone.

Each teacher group will be hosting a once a month zoom for each of their classes on:
Friday afternoons at 1:00 p.m. Teachers will send out Zoom inviations.
1st Fridays – Honeybee Parents
2nd Fridays – Cricket Parents
3rd Fridays – Ladybug Parents
This is a casual open space for parents to chat with teachers, share stories and stay connected with the class and campus.
So grab a cup of tea and spend some time with us on your class’ Friday. We can’t wait to see you!

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