From the Mousehole-December 2019

Holiday Edition

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What a wonderful December we have had! We finished our owl study – the Honeybees even dissected owl pellets to research what owls eat! They found lots of mouse and vole bones and fur. Each class worked on an Owl art piece for the Art Show in the spring.

Our Winter Celebration was a lovely success with every student present! Didn’t they do such a good job with their dancing? We look forward to seeing more dances at the Art Show in April.

Each class had a fun and cozy pajama day to finish off 2019. The Ladybugs watched “Frosty the Snowman”, and the Crickets and Bees watched “The Snowman”.

We got the wonderful news that the Board has invited Brin to stay on as Office Administrator through the end of the school year. We feel so lucky to have her be a part of our Garden staff!

We hope you can all come to the Auction Kick Off Party on January 10th at 6PM at Mirrormont Club House, where we will officially make the announcement and welcome and make a toast to Brin!

Thank you for all your thoughtful words, treats and presents – the greatest gift of all is having all of you in our Garden Community.

We wish you all a warm and wonderful holiday season, a grand finish to 2019 and a happy and love filled new year!



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