From the Mousehole 11/26/19

We all are so thankful for the opportunity to work with your children and to have you all in our community. We thank you for all that you do to support our program. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

Save the date for our Winter Celebration, coming up so soon! Wednesday, December 11, from 6:30 – 8pm. The children are invited to wear festive occasion clothes and good shoes for dancing. We are looking for two families to share their holiday traditions that evening. In past years we have heard about tree hunts, Hanukkah, Advent, Winter Solstice celebrations, etc. Please talk to a staff member if you would like to be a part of this sharing. Thank you Lauren Stephenson for chairing this event! Watch for a sign up sheet next week in the gazebo for set up help and treats.

We hope to see all the Garden Moms at the Jingle Mingle next weekend! Thank you so much for hosting, Katie and Lindsay! The staff is so excited to spend a festive evening with our beautiful Garden Mamas!

Read on for classroom notes:



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The Ladybugs have started learning their dance for the Winter Celebration. They are adorable and we can’t wait for you to see their performance!

We have all been talking about the things that we are thankful for. You should receive your child’s watercolor coffee filter leaf with what they told us they are grateful for.

These sweet bugs are growing and learning every day! Several of the students know their classmates names and are really feeling comfortable in the classroom. They are making great strides in sharing and playing with their friends. We are reading lots of books about Owls and are working on some beautiful art projects for our Art Show in April. We have also started making our holiday gifts.



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The Crickets have been having fun reading a few different versions of “The Little Red Hen”. On Monday, we acted it out, taking liberty to include a reindeer, bald eagle, raccoon and a turkey, just so that everyone could be a part of the production. As soon as the little red hen asked “who will help me plant the wheat?” Several of the characters went off script and gleefully shouted, “I will! I will!” It was so fun to watch all the actors ‘think on their feet’ to create their own version of the tale. Next week, we will begin reading “The Elves and the Shoemaker” to act out.

The children have loved their nature hike days, playing hide and seek, and exploring the new trails that the Honeybees are making. We had a fun day on Friday running off our energy before coming in to the classroom to make butter for our Harvest Feast. Wasn’t their table so lovely with their handmade placemats and their little toilet paper owls? At the feast, we enjoyed “Stone Soup” (chicken noodle soup) that the Honeybee class made for us. We also had lots of delicious corn bread, cookies and popcorn. Thank you all for coming.

We have been learning about owls, the names for the different parts of the owl, beak, talons, wings and feathers. We’ve also been working on some lovely art pieces for the Art Show in April. When we return after the Thanksgiving weekend, we will begin making our holiday gifts and working on our dances for the Winter Celebration.



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The Honeybees have learned one of their dances for the Winter Celebration and are beginning to learn a second one this week. Their dances are pretty complex and they are doing such a great job. Next week, we will begin making our family holiday gifts.

We have been learning about Owls, and are working on a beautiful art piece for the Art Show in April. Next week, we will be learning about what owls eat and how their bodies digest their food.

We are learning how to keep a steady beat on our laps at circle as we say poems or sing songs or listen to music. When we finish learning our dances for the Winter Celebration, we begin our weekly music lessons with “Miss Melody”, a curriculum that was gifted to the school by an alum family, the Kinzer’s.

The Bees are really bonding so nicely and really becoming a team. They love to plan their outside play all while they are engaged in a group game inside the classroom. Their favorite these days is “dog catcher.”

They too love their Nature Hike Days. The Bees have been going in small groups to help clear some new trails and love building stick houses.

Wasn’t their Harvest Feast and Gratitude circle lovely? They worked hard on making patterns on their placemats, and making their little toilet paper roll owls. They also enjoyed doing the beading on their necklaces. This week they are bringing home their beautiful watercolor coffee filter leaves. We read several versions of “Stone Soup” and made our own stone soup for both of our feasts. The Bees also made butter and made popcorn for their feast and enjoyed cornbread muffins and cupcakes and other treats. Thank you all for helping us make our feast so lovely.

We’re on to December when we return from our Thanksgiving break, and deep into preparations for our Winter Celebration. Please let us know if your child will be missing this event so that we can make arrangements for partner dancing. Thank you!

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