Community Saves School From Flood

Thank you to our amazing families, friends and alumni for protecting our school from flooding. On Wednesday our facilities support, Ted, began to remove debris that was blocking the culvert.  Unfortunately, late Wednesday night more work needed to be done to prevent flooding of the school property.

Mick Holsbeke (Brook’s husband), Gavin Hastings (a friend of Mick‘s), and Luke (the police officer that lives in front of the school) built a blockade out of railroad ties and a tarp across the driveway, to prevent flooding in case the water came over the driveway. Nick Nied arrived around 5:30am and all immediately began strengthening the weak areas of the stream. The flow below the bridge to the playground was nearly under the deck. They used a concrete parking bumper, a tarp and eight cinder blocks to prevent the water from eroding away under the deck. Thank you to Justin Ulland for showing up with the cinder blocks just in time! 

Mick, Nick, Gavin, and Luke then went to work clearing out the culvert just before the driveway, removing logs, giant rounds of firewood, boulders, and debris, lowering the water and assuring water stayed away from the driveway. That was a mighty and all-day effort to keep clear. This was the major concern, as any backup could have taken out the school and the driveway. Thankfully they were able to secure around 50 sandbags from the county crew on Issaquah Hobart Road. They built up a berm just a few feet from Bonnie and David’s backyard, to prevent further erosion from encroaching on the school.

Around lunch time, the water level was rising and the water creeping closer to the school. Folks on site engineered a “wing” out of lumber that they attached to Bonnie and David’s bridge behind the house to divert the water away from the school. This was a huge success and led to the water level lowering a couple of feet within minutes. Eric Greene arrived with 100 sandbags to fill. Neighbors and alum families started showing up to help fill sandbags. In an hour the bags were filled and placed, and almost all water was diverted away from the school by the evening. It was a very long night and day, but the school, house structures and playground were all saved from flooding.

A HUGE thank you to those that could help…

Ted Copler, Luke Tarp, Mick Holsbeke, Gavin Hastings, Nick and Sara Nied, Bennet Ashbaugh, Justin Ulland, Eric Greene, Dan Lapinski, Grandpa Mitch, Kelsey Erwin, Bill Erwin, Sara Tarp, Logan and Maddie Tarp, Mike Deletus, Amy Newmyer, Gabriella Deletus All in all five alumni parents, four alumni students, one current student, seven current parents and 3 community members saved the school!



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