Closure and Inclement Weather Policy

Closure & Inclement Weather Policy

Because your child’s safety and learning experience is paramount to us, there may be an occasion when inclement weather may cause the limitation or cancellation of school hours independent of the public school system.  We closely monitor Issaquah School District’s inclement weather closings, while also considering the conditions at The Children’s Garden. If conditions are safe at The Children’s Garden, classes will operate on a normal schedule despite any closure that may occur in surrounding school districts. Any schedule changes or closures will be communicated to families at the earliest opportunity via text and email.

Assessments of the weather, the weather forecast, and road conditions all factor into the school’s decision to close school. The School’s primary concern regarding closures is always the safety of our students, families, and staff. However, the final decision about coming to school or staying during inclement weather is yours. Our families live across a broad geographical area and conditions in your neighborhood or on your route to/from school may differ from that at The Children’s Garden. If you are concerned that it is not safe for you or your child to be on the road, please do not hesitate to stay home.

Please note the following school closure policies and considerations:

  • If severe weather is forecasted (including but not limited to AQI, high winds, flooding, snow or extreme temperatures), The Children’s Garden will make every effort to cancel classes by 6:00 p.m. the evening prior or, in the case of snow, by 6:00 a.m. on the morning of classes. Notification of cancellation will be sent via text and email.
  • If unexpected severe weather occurs at/immediately before drop-off (lightning, hail, etc.), in lieu of health checks, teachers will send parents a text message requesting that they either:
    1. wait in their cars for up to 30 minutes to evaluate if the weather will pass
    2. return home if it is deemed unsafe to hold classes
  • If unexpected severe weather/conditions occur during the school day (hail, lightning, earthquake, fire), teachers will seek shelter with students as is appropriate and, if necessary, parents will be contacted to provide emergency pick-up if it is deemed unsafe to remain outdoors for the remainder of the scheduled class time.

Air Quality

AQI-Children are typically outside for up to 45 minutes. If the AQI reaches upwards of 150 we will hold class indoors with limited to no outdoor time. Air filters will remain on and classroom and office windows will be closed until AQI is under 100, and the smell of smoke/very visible poor air quality has passed. Parents can choose to mask their child due to the decreased ventilation but masks will not be required.