Camp Tree Circle


Good news! We still have a few openings left for camp. We are lifting the one week per student limit, so if your child is interested in multiple camps we would love to have them! 

Welcome to Camp Tree Circle!
Camp Tree Circle will be held on our six acres of beautiful forested land here at The Children’s Garden.  This camp will capitalize on the children’s natural curiosity, inquiry and love of play to lead our group though the week. Campers will have an opportunity to grow though hands on activities, songs, games and exploration.  Each day will be full of new adventures with the possibility of making new friends, learning new skills and having lots and lots of fun.

Enrollment is open for next year’s Crickets, Honeybees and 2020 Grads.

Camp Staff will include Teacher Brook, Donna, Cara, and Garden Alumni Anya Matanovic (class of ’86) and Thea Campbell (Class of ’07)

Camp 1: June 22-25 from 9-12 (open to incoming Crickets, Honeybees and ’20 grads) Staff: Brook, Anya and Thea
Camp 2: June 29-July 2 from 9-12 (open to incoming Crickets, Honeybees and ’20 Grads) Staff: Brook, Anya and Thea
Camp 3: July 6-9 from 9-12 (Open to incoming Crickets and Honeybees) Staff: Donna, Cara and Thea

How to Register:
Sign up forms  are available in the office. Turn in to the office. First come first served. Cost: 275 a session.

You know our amazing teachers Brook, Donna and Cara. Now meet the rest of our Camp Tree Circle Staff, Anya and Thea.

Anya Matanovic
Anya Matanovic graduated from the Children’s Garden in 1986. She has carried the spark of magic and creativity, honed and encouraged in those years, in her heart as she has journeyed far and wide as a professional opera singer. Recent seasons include leading roles and concerts with the Seattle Opera, Santa Fe Opera, New York City Opera,  New Israeli Opera, and the Cleveland Orchestra. When not performing, she loves filling her days with her 4-year-old daughter, Zara, with music, art, outdoor exploration, food, and dance parties – sometimes all at the same time.

Anya remembers dipping her feet in the creek, counting to 1000 with Debbie, circle time, the overnight and the art projects. But mostly she remembers the feeling of support, kindness, and belief that Bonnie and Debbie had in her, and how they made her feel important.

She is thrilled to be a part of these weeks of exploration and fun, and to be there to support and believe in these kids.

Thea Campbell
Thea is currently a freshman the University of Hawaii at Hilo studying Astronomy.

“Having been a true outdoorsy child, camps that assist and encourage a love and respect for nature are something I owe a lot of my favorite childhood memories to, being able to give that to the next generation and help pass along the joy of exploring the outdoors is something I’m very honored to be a part of. Having been a student at the Garden myself, graduating in 2007, I have memories and friendships that I cherish now and will forever. My favorite memories from the Garden include meeting my first best friend on my very first day of the 3s class, a girl who was so kind when I was so scared, hers is a friendship I still have and cherish to this day. She was by my side through all the best times at the Garden, from Easter egg hunts and looking for golden rocks left by mischievous leprechauns to the day we took our handmade paper mache sun, moon, and star masks and graduated side by side. I am very excited to help the kids develop a love for both the outdoors and each other as they form some of the most important friendships they may ever have”