Camp Tree Circle

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Camp Tree Circle Gazette-01

We are so excited to offer two sessions of Camp Tree Circle. 

June 20-23,  9 am-12 pm      June 27-30,  9 am-12 pm

Session cost $275

Come enjoy a week of forest fun with our teachers! Students in all of our classes are welcome to enroll for either session.

Campers will become nature masters and stewards of the forest by:

  • playing games in and about nature as we run, hide, play tag, jump, dance and enjoy the wonder of the forest

  • continue to practice our mutual respect for each other and the animals and plants of the forest by using teamwork to identify plants without picking them and walk like predators to pass through the forest quickly and quietly 

  • learn which summer berries and leaves we can eat, how to pick and eat them safely, and which ones are the yummiest! 

  • discover all that our own backyard can do for us from curing nettle stings to making natural pigments for  tie-dye and so much more!

This year’s Honeybees and next year’s incoming Crickets and Honeybees are welcome to sign up for either session.

Billing and registration forms for everyone signed up for Camp Tree Circle will be facilitated through your students Brightwheel account. 

We have twelve camper spots in each camp session. Registration is limited to one session per camper to begin with. Once everyone has had the opportunity to sign up we will be able to allow multiple sessions per camper as space. allows.