A Letter From Our President

To the Children’s Garden Community,

As our community embarks on this “new normal,” I am feeling bittersweet tidings. At times, I get caught up in what I perceive as a sad loss for our community. However, I am so in awe about all the positivity and love that has been shared in so many creative ways. The staff has done an amazing job at bringing our community together through the Seesaw tool. Absent being together in the classroom, Seesaw allows all of our kids to experience some familiarity with the classroom from the comfort of home! The board has also been hard at work through long zoom meetings to determine how to balance the needs of our school and those of our families. I have admired everyone’s dedication thus far.

The closure of our school, and other businesses that we rely on, has no doubt brought on stress, in both financial and mental ways for many. Even so, many families in our community have been asking how they can help the school succeed in these unprecedented times. Our fundraising and auction team has, like everyone else, been very hard at work to figure out how to proceed. Over the next week, we will be in touch with more information on that, along with donation options if you are in a position to be able to provide any assistance. 

While we are all unsure of what the future will bring, the board will continue to examine and consider the state of the community and consider the well being of our school as situations change. Regardless of what happens in our physical classroom, the staff is determined to continue to provide the connection to our community that hopefully your family can enjoy. We all love our community, and we will do what it takes to come out on the other side of this stronger and more connected, even if we have to be physically farther apart. 

Together, our staff and community have been working hard to create great citizens, and that mission has not changed. It has been an honor to work on behalf of the school as President, even more so now in these difficult times as it is very clear that we are all in this together. 

Take care and stay well,

Kim Griffin

Children’s Garden Board President



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